Learn Japanese - Medical Phrases

Seeking Medical Attention When Visiting Japan

Seeking medical attention when visiting Japan can be a stressful experience, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the country's healthcare system. However, it's important to know that Japan has a highly advanced healthcare system with many world-class facilities and highly trained medical professionals.

If you do need medical attention during your stay, here are some things to keep in mind:

Travel Insurance and Preparation

Before you travel to Japan, make sure you have travel insurance that covers medical expenses, as well as any necessary vaccinations or medications. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, bring a copy of your medical records with you, along with a list of any medications you're currently taking.

Find an English-Speaking Doctor

While many Japanese doctors and medical staff speak at least some English, it's a good idea to look for a doctor or clinic that specializes in treating foreign patients. The Japan National Tourism Organization website has a list of recommended medical institutions that cater to foreign visitors, and many of these facilities have English-speaking staff and interpreters.

Be Prepared to Pay

While Japan's healthcare system is highly advanced, it can also be quite expensive. Even with travel insurance, you may still be required to pay upfront for medical treatment, so be sure to have a credit card or cash on hand. Keep all receipts and medical records in case you need to make a claim with your insurance company.

Be Aware of Medication Restrictions

Japan has strict regulations on the import and use of certain medications, so it's important to research what medications are allowed and what are not. Some over-the-counter medications that are legal in other countries, such as Sudafed, are not allowed to be brought into Japan, so be sure to check with a doctor or pharmacist before bringing any medications into the country.

Know When to Seek Emergency Care

In case of an emergency, dial 119 to contact an ambulance. Japan's emergency medical services are highly advanced, and ambulances are equipped with the latest medical technology. However, as mentioned above, be aware that emergency care can be quite expensive, so it's important to have travel insurance that covers emergency medical expenses.

Useful Phrases

Here are some phrases to help you if you are not feeling well and need some medical help.

Are you feeling bad ? « Kibun ga waruii no ? »

You look like you’re not well : « Kibu ga warusou desu yo »

I’m not ok « Genki ja nai. »

What is the problem ? « Doushita no ? »

It’s painful : « Itai desu »

I have a fever : « Netsu ga arimasu »

I want to throw up : « Hakisou desu »

I have diarrhea : « Geri shite imasu »

I can’t sleep : « Nemuremasen »

Do you want me to call a doctor ? : « Issha wo yobimashou ka ? »

I have to stay in bed : « bedo ni inakute ha narimasen »

I have to stay at home : « iie no naka ni inakute narimasen »

I have a cold : « Kaze wo hiita »

I have influenza : « Influenza ni kakatta »

Where does it hurt ? : « Doko ga  itai desu ka »

I have a stomach ache : « i ga itai desu »

My throat hurts : Nodo ga itai desu »

My lower back hurts : « Koshi ga itai desu »

My shoulders hurt :  « Kata ga itai desu »

My eyes hurt :  « Me ga itai desu »

I have throbbling pain :  « Sugisugi itami ga arimasu »

It’s very painful : « Sugoku kurushi desu »

I have hypertension : « Kouketsuatsu wo shite imasu »

I can’t breathe : « Iki wo suru koto ga dekinai »

I feel dizzy : « Memai ga shimasu »

I’ve lost appetite : « shokuyoku ga arimasen »

I get chills : « Okan ga shimasu »

I have a stuffy nose : « Hana ga tsumate imasu »

I have a runny nose :  «  hanamizu ga tomarimasen »

I have nausea : « Hakike ga shimasu »

I’m itching : « Kayui desu »

I burned my hand : « Te wo yakedo shimashita »

I can’t stop coughing : « Seki ga tomarimasen »

I’m bleeding : « Shukketsu suru »

I cut my finger : « yubi ni kitte shimatta »

I fainted : « Ki wo ushimashita »

Are you taking any prescription drugs ? : « Ima, kusuri wo nomushu desu ka »

Is it serious ? : « Hidoi desu ka »

It’s not serious, don’t worry : « Taishita koto arimasen, shinpai shinai de »

Can you write me letter for my insurance : « Hoken no tame no tegami wo kaite mo ii desu ka »

I have alleries : « Alergi ga arimasu »

Do I have to be hopsitalised ? « Nyuin shinakereba narimasen ka »

You’ll be better in 2 or 3 days : « Futsuka ka mika de naoru deshou »

You have to go to the drugstore very soon : « Sugu kusuriya he itte kudasai »

I would like to make an appointment : « Yoyaku shitai no desu ga »

My tooth is painful : «  Ha ga itai desu »

Is it a caries ? : « Mushiba desu ka »

I broke one of my tooth :  « Ha ga ippon kakemashita »

My gums are bleeding : « Haguki kara chi ga dete imasu »

I would like a drug for a cold : « Kazegusuri ga hoshii no desu ga »

Do you have something for an headache : « Nanika zutsuuyaku ha arimasu ka ? »

Do you have some bandage : « Houtai ha arimasu ka »

I want something to help me sleep : « Nanika neru tame no mono wo kudasai »

Do you have something for the digestion : « Shouka sokushin no tameni nani ka arimasu ka »

Get well soon : Hayaku naoshite ne

Take care of you : Odaijini

I’m feeling well : « Yoku narimashita »