Chinese Alphabet and Letters

Chinese Alphabet - Pinyin Characters

Chinese letters, also known as Chinese characters, are one of the oldest writing systems in the world, with a history that spans thousands of years. Chinese letters are a unique form of writing that combines visual art with language, with each character representing a specific word or concept.

Chinese letters on a white background with a pencil

Unlike the letters of the English alphabet, which are made up of a combination of symbols, Chinese letters are made up of a set of strokes that are combined in different ways to form a character. Each stroke has a specific meaning and order, with the placement and direction of each stroke playing a crucial role in the overall meaning of the character.

Learning to read and write Chinese letters can be challenging, as there are over 50,000 different characters in the Chinese language, although only about 20,000 are commonly used today. However, Chinese letters are also an incredibly rich and fascinating part of Chinese culture, reflecting the country's rich history and traditions.

Chinese letters are not only used in the Chinese language, but are also used in or influence other East Asian languages, including Japanese and Korean. Additionally, Chinese letters have also been adopted as a decorative element in Western culture, appearing in tattoos, artwork, and other forms of media.

Overall, Chinese letters are a fascinating and integral part of Chinese culture and history. While they may be difficult to learn, the study of Chinese letters can open up a world of understanding and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the Chinese language and culture.

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Here is a quick chart, but please read what comes after it to have a better understanding. Also, make sure to check out our Learn Chinese page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process.

English Chinese Character Pinyin
F艾弗ài fú
H艾尺ài chǐ
L艾勒ài lè
M艾马ài mǎ
N艾娜ài nà
Q吉吾jí wú
R艾儿ài ér
S艾丝ài sī
U伊吾yī wú
W豆贝尔维dòu bèi ěr wéi
X艾克斯yī kè sī
Y吾艾wú ài
Z贼德zéi dé

For a list of all characters, check out the complete list of all Chinese Characters further down this page.

There is no Chinese alphabet in the sense we understand it in the West. Chinese characters are not letters (with some exceptions); Chinese characters represent an idea, a concept or an object. While in the West each of the letters of our alphabet represents a sound that generally has no particular meaning. In modern Chinese there is a set of more than 400 syllables, made of two elements: an initial, the sheng and a final the yun. The first part, the sheng is the consonant that begins a syllable. The sheng is followed by a yun that is usually a vowel. The Chinese computerized fonts for words processor include 6500 characters for the simplified form.

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Chinese Phonetics

Pinyin is a Chinese system for transliterating Mandarin Chinese into 25 European characters (the letter “v” is not included).

In Chinese, each character corresponds to one syllable (which corresponds to a part of an English word, and entire word or more than one word). Chinese syllables consist of three elements: initial sound, final sound and tone. The initial sounds are consonants and the final sounds contain at least one vowel. Some syllables consist only of an initial sound or a final sound.

Note that "c", "ch", "j", "q", "r", "sh", "x", "z" and "zh" are spelt differently.

In Chinese (Mandarin) there are 21 initial sounds: b, c, ch, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, sh, t, x, z, zh

In Chinese (Mandarin) there are 35 final sounds:

6 simple finals: a, e, i, o, u, ü

13 compound finals: ai, ao, ei, ia, iao, ie, iou, ou, ua, uai, üe, uei, uo

16 nasal finals: 8 front nasals: an, en, ian, in, uan, üan, uen, ün

8 back nasals: ang, eng, iang, ing, iong, ong, uang, ueng

Additional syllables in Mandarin Chinese: 5 special cases: er, hm, hng, ng, ~r

The initial and final sounds make a total of 56 basic sounds. Combinations of initials and finals plus the special cases result in 411 possible combinations. Applying the four tones of Mandarin Chinese to this, we get a total of around 1,600 unique syllables.

Chinese Character Table

Here is our extensive Chinese character table, it's in an alphabetical order based on the Pinyin pronunciation.

Chinese Character Chinese Character Chinese
锕 a1副 fu4稇 kun3穹 qiong2龤 xie2
吖 a1付 fu4困 kun3/kun4邛 qiong2脅 xie2
啊 a1/a2/a3/a4/a附 fu4睏 kun4蛩 qiong2諧 xie2
阿 a1/a4/a/e1妇 fu4括 kuo4跫 qiong2綊 xie2
呵 a1/he1腹 fu4扩 kuo4筇 qiong2颉 xie2/jie2
嗄 a2/sha4赋 fu4阔 kuo4茕 qiong2写 xie3
埃 ai1覆 fu4廓 kuo4窮 qiong2藛 xie3
哀 ai1赴 fu4蛞 kuo4蛬 qiong2血 xie3/xue4
哎 ai1傅 fu4闊 kuo4藑 qiong2谢 xie4
锿 ai1咐 fu4筈 kuo4睘 qiong2械 xie4
挨 ai1/ai2阜 fu4霩 kuo4赹 qiong2泄 xie4
唉 ai1/ai4驸 fu4秳 kuo4秋 qiu1卸 xie4
皑 ai2蝮 fu4鞟 kuo4丘 qiu1屑 xie4
捱 ai2馥 fu4鞡 la邱 qiu1懈 xie4
騃 ai2讣 fu4蓝 la/lan2蚯 qiu1泻 xie4
癌 ai2/yan2鲋 fu4拉 la1鳅 qiu1蟹 xie4
矮 ai3褔 fu4垃 la1楸 qiu1亵 xie4
蔼 ai3赙 fu4邋 la1趥 qiu1榭 xie4
霭 ai3負 fu4啦 la1/la鞧 qiu1燮 xie4
靄 ai3袝 fu4喇 la1/la3鞦 qiu1邂 xie4
嗳 ai3/ai4賦 fu4旯 la2秌 qiu1獬 xie4
爱 ai4祔 fu4砬 la2鰌 qiu1瀣 xie4
艾 ai4鳆 fu4剌 la2/la4鹙 qiu1謝 xie4
碍 ai4禣 fu4藞 la3穐 qiu1榍 xie4
隘 ai4訃 fu4腊 la4龝 qiu1渫 xie4
暧 ai4鍑 fu4辣 la4求 qiu2廨 xie4
嗌 ai4蕧 fu4蜡 la4球 qiu2躞 xie4
砹 ai4縛 fu4瘌 la4囚 qiu2绁 xie4
嫒 ai4旮 ga1鱲 la4裘 qiu2薤 xie4
瑷 ai4噶 ga2镴 la4酋 qiu2韰 xie4
礙 ai4钆 ga2臘 la4虬 qiu2薢 xie4
鴱 ai4尜 ga2辢 la4泅 qiu2齛 xie4
靉 ai4嘎 ga2/ga1臈 la4遒 qiu2缷 xie4
賹 ai4尕 ga3蠟 la4俅 qiu2蠏 xie4
鑀 ai4尬 ga4落 la4/luo4逑 qiu2蝑 xie4
薆 ai4该 gai1来 lai2鰽 qiu2骱 xie4/jie4
安 an1赅 gai1莱 lai2巯 qiu2心 xin1
庵 an1垓 gai1涞 lai2犰 qiu2新 xin1
氨 an1陔 gai1徕 lai2赇 qiu2辛 xin1
鞍 an1該 gai1崃 lai2虯 qiu2欣 xin1
谙 an1荄 gai1铼 lai2絿 qiu2薪 xin1
鹌 an1賅 gai1萊 lai2蛷 qiu2芯 xin1
桉 an1改 gai3鶆 lai2銶 qiu2馨 xin1
鮟 an1概 gai4赖 lai4訅 qiu2锌 xin1
闇 an1丐 gai4睐 lai4肍 qiu2鑫 xin1
鶕 an1钙 gai4籁 lai4觓 qiu2忻 xin1
盦 an1溉 gai4濑 lai4蝤 qiu2/you2歆 xin1
盫 an1蓋 gai4癞 lai4糗 qiu3昕 xin1
韽 an1戤 gai4赉 lai4趋 qu1鋅 xin1
裺 an1鈣 gai4賴 lai4驱 qu1信 xin4
鴳 an1葢 gai4睞 lai4屈 qu1衅 xin4
鵪 an1盖 gai4/ge3賚 lai4躯 qu1囟 xin4
俺 an3甘 gan1鵣 lai4岖 qu1舋 xin4
铵 an3肝 gan1兰 lan2蛐 qu1星 xing1
埯 an3尴 gan1拦 lan2祛 qu1猩 xing1
揞 an3竿 gan1栏 lan2蛆 qu1腥 xing1
罯 an3柑 gan1篮 lan2诎 qu1惺 xing1
案 an4苷 gan1岚 lan2黢 qu1篂 xing1
按 an4矸 gan1澜 lan2麴 qu1骍 xing1
暗 an4酐 gan1婪 lan2袪 qu1兴 xing1/xing4
岸 an4泔 gan1阑 lan2趨 qu1形 xing2
黯 an4疳 gan1斓 lan2胠 qu1型 xing2
胺 an4坩 gan1褴 lan2驅 qu1刑 xing2
犴 an4筸 gan1镧 lan2麹 qu1邢 xing2
貋 an4粓 gan1谰 lan2麯 qu1硎 xing2
肮 ang1飦 gan1襕 lan2軀 qu1陉 xing2
骯 ang1杆 gan1/gan3蘭 lan2鰸 qu1铏 xing2
昂 ang2干 gan1/gan4讕 lan2曲 qu1/qu3饧 xing2/tang2
盎 ang4乾 gan1/qian2葻 lan2渠 qu2荥 xing2/ying2
凹 ao1感 gan3藍 lan2衢 qu2醒 xing3
鴢 ao1敢 gan3籣 lan2蠼 qu2擤 xing3
熬 ao1/ao2赶 gan3闌 lan2劬 qu2性 xing4
鳌 ao2橄 gan3繿 lan2朐 qu2幸 xing4
敖 ao2秆 gan3襽 lan2癯 qu2姓 xing4
嗷 ao2擀 gan3览 lan3蕖 qu2杏 xing4
翱 ao2鳡 gan3懒 lan3鸲 qu2悻 xing4
鏖 ao2簳 gan3揽 lan3璩 qu2荇 xing4
遨 ao2澉 gan3榄 lan3蘧 qu2興 xing4
螯 ao2鱤 gan3罱 lan3磲 qu2臖 xing4
獒 ao2趕 gan3漤 lan3鼩 qu2莕 xing4
聱 ao2稈 gan3烂 lan4菃 qu2兄 xiong1
鰲 ao2赣 gan4滥 lan4臒 qu2胸 xiong1
廒 ao2淦 gan4糷 lan4跼 qu2凶 xiong1
鼇 ao2绀 gan4缆 lan4/lan3氍 qu2匈 xiong1
鏕 ao2旰 gan4啷 lang1胊 qu2汹 xiong1
袄 ao3紺 gan4郎 lang2蠷 qu2芎 xiong1
媪 ao3刚 gang1狼 lang2臞 qu2詾 xiong1
蝹 ao3钢 gang1廊 lang2葋 qu2雄 xiong2
襖 ao3纲 gang1琅 lang2取 qu3熊 xiong2
奥 ao4冈 gang1螂 lang2娶 qu3诇 xiong4
澳 ao4缸 gang1榔 lang2龋 qu3詗 xiong4
傲 ao4肛 gang1阆 lang2齲 qu3修 xiu1
懊 ao4罡 gang1锒 lang2去 qu4休 xiu1
坳 ao4綱 gang1鎯 lang2趣 qu4羞 xiu1
鏊 ao4鋼 gang1艆 lang2觑 qu4馐 xiu1
骜 ao4罁 gang1郞 lang2阒 qu4咻 xiu1
岙 ao4釭 gang1稂 lang2闃 qu4庥 xiu1
謸 ao4杠 gang1/gang4閬 lang2閴 qu4鸺 xiu1
驁 ao4扛 gang1/kang2羮 lang2悛 quan1髹 xiu1
拗 ao4/niu4港 gang3朗 lang3腃 quan1貅 xiu1
八 ba1岗 gang3脼 lang3全 quan2髤 xiu1
巴 ba1筻 gang4浪 lang4权 quan2脙 xiu1
叭 ba1高 gao1莨 lang4泉 quan2鵂 xiu1
疤 ba1糕 gao1蒗 lang4拳 quan2饈 xiu1
芭 ba1膏 gao1捞 lao1痊 quan2銝 xiu1
笆 ba1睾 gao1粩 lao1蜷 quan2朽 xiu3
粑 ba1羔 gao1劳 lao2诠 quan2秀 xiu4
捌 ba1皋 gao1牢 lao2荃 quan2袖 xiu4
鲃 ba1篙 gao1崂 lao2颧 quan2绣 xiu4
岜 ba1槔 gao1痨 lao2铨 quan2嗅 xiu4
釟 ba1鷱 gao1醪 lao2醛 quan2锈 xiu4
吧 ba1/ba臯 gao1顟 lao2鬈 quan2岫 xiu4
扒 ba1/pa2韟 gao1铹 lao2筌 quan2溴 xiu4
拔 ba2搞 gao3蟧 lao2鳈 quan2螑 xiu4
跋 ba2稿 gao3唠 lao2/lao4鰁 quan2鏽 xiu4
魃 ba2槁 gao3老 lao3詮 quan2蓿 xu
菝 ba2杲 gao3佬 lao3譔 quan2需 xu1
茇 ba2缟 gao3铑 lao3絟 quan2须 xu1
釛 ba2藁 gao3栳 lao3辁 quan2虚 xu1
軷 ba2菒 gao3蛯 lao3硂 quan2墟 xu1
鼥 ba2筶 gao3荖 lao3葲 quan2嘘 xu1
靶 ba3縞 gao3潦 lao3/liao2銓 quan2胥 xu1
钯 ba3藳 gao3姥 lao3/mu3顴 quan2戌 xu1
把 ba3/ba4镐 gao3/hao4烙 lao4犬 quan3虛 xu1
爸 ba4告 gao4酪 lao4绻 quan3須 xu1
霸 ba4诰 gao4涝 lao4畎 quan3繻 xu1
坝 ba4锆 gao4耢 lao4券 quan4盱 xu1
鲅 ba4郜 gao4耮 lao4劝 quan4魆 xu1
灞 ba4誥 gao4络 lao4/luo4缺 que1谞 xu1
鲌 ba4祮 gao4饹 le炔 que1/gui4諝 xu1
鮊 ba4禞 gao4了 le/liao3/liao4阙 que1/que4譃 xu1
罷 ba4祰 gao4叻 le4瘸 que2虗 xu1
鮁 ba4哥 ge1泐 le4却 que4魖 xu1
覇 ba4割 ge1仂 le4确 que4鬚 xu1
跁 ba4戈 ge1鳓 le4鹊 que4蕦 xu1
罢 ba4/ba搁 ge1簕 le4榷 que4頊 xu1
耙 ba4/pa2胳 ge1韷 le4阕 que4吁 xu1/yu4
掰 bai1鸽 ge1勒 le4/lei1確 que4徐 xu2
白 bai2疙 ge1乐 le4/yue4悫 que4许 xu3
百 bai3圪 ge1嘞 lei鵲 que4栩 xu3
摆 bai3袼 ge1雷 lei2闕 que4诩 xu3
佰 bai3閤 ge1镭 lei2逡 qun1許 xu3
襬 bai3鴿 ge1羸 lei2踆 qun1糈 xu3
捭 bai3/bai4鴐 ge1嫘 lei2群 qun2鄦 xu3
柏 bai3/bo4紇 ge1缧 lei2裙 qun2醑 xu3
败 bai4歌 ge1/ge1ge蔂 lei2然 ran2訏 xu3
拜 bai4纥 ge1/he2檑 lei2燃 ran2盨 xu3
稗 bai4咯 ge1/lo/luo4磥 lei2髯 ran2续 xu4
粺 bai4格 ge2罍 lei2蚺 ran2序 xu4
贁 bai4革 ge2鐳 lei2髥 ran2绪 xu4
薭 bai4隔 ge2鑘 lei2袇 ran2叙 xu4
呗 bai4/bei阁 ge2累 lei2/lei3/lei4肰 ran2蓄 xu4
般 ban1骼 ge2擂 lei2/lei4染 ran3旭 xu4
班 ban1嗝 ge2垒 lei3冉 ran3婿 xu4
搬 ban1镉 ge2蕾 lei3苒 ran3絮 xu4
斑 ban1搿 ge2磊 lei3瓤 rang2恤 xu4
颁 ban1騔 ge2儡 lei3穰 rang2煦 xu4
瘢 ban1膈 ge2诔 lei3禳 rang2酗 xu4
癍 ban1鬲 ge2耒 lei3嚷 rang3勖 xu4
籓 ban1閣 ge2礌 lei3壤 rang3溆 xu4
螁 ban1詥 ge2絫 lei3攘 rang3續 xu4
頒 ban1轕 ge2蕌 lei3让 rang4藚 xu4
扳 ban1/pan1裓 ge2礨 lei3讓 rang4洫 xu4
版 ban3塥 ge2鸓 lei3饶 rao2緒 xu4
板 ban3鎘 ge2腂 lei3荛 rao2聟 xu4
阪 ban3葛 ge2/ge3蠝 lei3桡 rao2稸 xu4
坂 ban3蛤 ge2/ha2类 lei4饒 rao2訹 xu4
舨 ban3阖 ge2/he2泪 lei4娆 rao2/rao3盢 xu4
钣 ban3舸 ge3肋 lei4扰 rao3顼 xu4/xu1
覂 ban3哿 ge3類 lei4遶 rao3宣 xuan1
办 ban4鲄 ge3酹 lei4绕 rao4轩 xuan1
半 ban4魺 ge3纍 lei4繞 rao4喧 xuan1
伴 ban4合 ge3/he2埒 lei4/lie4惹 re3暄 xuan1
扮 ban4个 ge4棱 leng2喏 re3/nuo4煊 xuan1
瓣 ban4各 ge4楞 leng2热 re4萱 xuan1
绊 ban4铬 ge4塄 leng2人 ren2谖 xuan1
拌 ban4虼 ge4稜 leng2仁 ren2揎 xuan1
辦 ban4硌 ge4薐 leng2壬 ren2儇 xuan1
跘 ban4箇 ge4輘 leng2鵀 ren2譞 xuan1
絆 ban4給 gei3冷 leng3魜 ren2蕿 xuan1
帮 bang1给 gei3/ji3愣 leng4忍 ren3翧 xuan1
邦 bang1根 gen1睖 leng4稔 ren3軒 xuan1
梆 bang1跟 gen1哩 li1/li3/li荏 ren3矎 xuan1
浜 bang1哏 gen2离 li2秹 ren3禤 xuan1
邫 bang1亘 gen4黎 li2任 ren4諠 xuan1
傍 bang1/bang4艮 gen4璃 li2认 ren4睻 xuan1
绑 bang3茛 gen4厘 li2刃 ren4玄 xuan2
榜 bang3耕 geng1狸 li2韧 ren4悬 xuan2
膀 bang3/bang4/pang1/pang2庚 geng1梨 li2妊 ren4璇 xuan2
棒 bang4赓 geng1篱 li2纫 ren4漩 xuan2
镑 bang4羹 geng1犁 li2饪 ren4蜁 xuan2
谤 bang4絙 geng1漓 li2仞 ren4痃 xuan2
蚌 bang4鶊 geng1罹 li2衽 ren4旋 xuan2/xuan4
蒡 bang4鹒 geng1藜 li2認 ren4选 xuan3
稖 bang4縆 geng1蜊 li2轫 ren4癣 xuan3
艕 bang4賡 geng1骊 li2訒 ren4選 xuan3
蛖 bang4更 geng1/geng4嫠 li2韌 ren4眩 xuan4
磅 bang4/pang2耿 geng3鹂 li2袵 ren4炫 xuan4
包 bao1梗 geng3鲡 li2讱 ren4渲 xuan4
胞 bao1哽 geng3黧 li2靭 ren4绚 xuan4
褒 bao1埂 geng3喱 li2餁 ren4铉 xuan4
苞 bao1鲠 geng3缡 li2纴 ren4楦 xuan4
孢 bao1绠 geng3離 li2絍 ren4泫 xuan4
煲 bao1鯁 geng3釐 li2靱 ren4镟 xuan4
笣 bao1骾 geng3粚 li2飪 ren4衒 xuan4
雹 bao2公 gong1蓠 li2紝 ren4絃 xuan4
窇 bao2工 gong1醨 li2軔 ren4袨 xuan4
保 bao3功 gong1褵 li2恁 ren4/nin2縼 xuan4
宝 bao3攻 gong1謧 li2葚 ren4/shen4蔙 xuan4
饱 bao3宫 gong1鯏 li2扔 reng1駨 xuan4
葆 bao3恭 gong1鋫 li2仍 reng2薛 xue1
褓 bao3弓 gong1盠 li2礽 reng2靴 xue1
鸨 bao3躬 gong1邌 li2日 ri4学 xue2
飽 bao3龚 gong1鯬 li2鈤 ri4穴 xue2
賲 bao3蚣 gong1菞 li2容 rong2泶 xue2
藵 bao3觥 gong1筣 li2荣 rong2袕 xue2
堡 bao3/pu4肱 gong1籬 li2融 rong2鸴 xue2
报 bao4魟 gong1鱺 li2溶 rong2鷽 xue2
暴 bao4碽 gong1蠡 li2/li3绒 rong2雪 xue3
抱 bao4龔 gong1丽 li2/li4蓉 rong2鳕 xue3
爆 bao4供 gong1/gong4里 li3熔 rong2谑 xue4
鲍 bao4巩 gong3理 li3戎 rong2勋 xun1
豹 bao4拱 gong3李 li3镕 rong2熏 xun1
菢 bao4汞 gong3礼 li3茸 rong2薰 xun1
袌 bao4珙 gong3鲤 li3榕 rong2醺 xun1
趵 bao4/bo1鞏 gong3俚 li3嵘 rong2獯 xun1
刨 bao4/pao2共 gong4澧 li3肜 rong2埙 xun1
瀑 bao4/pu4贡 gong4锂 li3蝾 rong2曛 xun1
悲 bei1貢 gong4醴 li3絨 rong2纁 xun1
杯 bei1沟 gou1娌 li3鎔 rong2臐 xun1
卑 bei1钩 gou1逦 li3褣 rong2矄 xun1
碑 bei1篝 gou1裡 li3駥 rong2窨 xun1/yin4
鹎 bei1佝 gou1鳢 li3狨 rong2寻 xun2
藣 bei1鞲 gou1鱧 li3冗 rong3巡 xun2
背 bei1/bei4缑 gou1裏 li3穃 rong4询 xun2
北 bei3鉤 gou1粴 li3柔 rou2循 xun2
被 bei4袧 gou1禮 li3揉 rou2旬 xun2
备 bei4簼 gou1鋰 li3蹂 rou2荀 xun2
贝 bei4褠 gou1力 li4鞣 rou2洵 xun2
倍 bei4緱 gou1利 li4糅 rou2峋 xun2
辈 bei4枸 gou1/gou3/ju3立 li4腬 rou2鲟 xun2
惫 bei4勾 gou1/gou4历 li4葇 rou2浔 xun2
狈 bei4狗 gou3例 li4肉 rou4恂 xun2
悖 bei4苟 gou3厉 li4如 ru2鄩 xun2
钡 bei4笱 gou3励 li4儒 ru2詢 xun2
蓓 bei4岣 gou3粒 li4蠕 ru2郇 xun2
焙 bei4耈 gou3隶 li4茹 ru2紃 xun2
碚 bei4耇 gou3莉 li4孺 ru2蟳 xun2
鞴 bei4构 gou4吏 li4嚅 ru2驯 xun2/xun4
鐾 bei4够 gou4栗 li4濡 ru2训 xun4
褙 bei4购 gou4笠 li4薷 ru2迅 xun4
貝 bei4垢 gou4砾 li4铷 ru2讯 xun4
誖 bei4媾 gou4雳 li4襦 ru2逊 xun4
邶 bei4诟 gou4俐 li4颥 ru2殉 xun4
骳 bei4彀 gou4沥 li4顬 ru2汛 xun4
輩 bei4觏 gou4荔 li4袽 ru2徇 xun4
鐴 bei4遘 gou4痢 li4鴽 ru2巽 xun4
鋇 bei4購 gou4戾 li4乳 ru3訓 xun4
孛 bei4/bo2詬 gou4蛎 li4辱 ru3蕈 xun4
锛 ben1雊 gou4詈 li4汝 ru3訊 xun4
賁 ben1訽 gou4俪 li4入 ru4訙 xun4
奔 ben1/ben4覯 gou4栎 li4褥 ru4遜 xun4
贲 ben1/bi4姑 gu1砺 li4缛 ru4稄 xun4
本 ben3孤 gu1莅 li4洳 ru4顨 xun4
苯 ben3咕 gu1郦 li4溽 ru4馴 xun4
畚 ben3辜 gu1傈 li4蓐 ru4呀 ya/ya1
翉 ben3菇 gu1枥 li4鳰 ru4押 ya1
笨 ben4沽 gu1跞 li4込 ru4鸭 ya1
坌 ben4箍 gu1唳 li4软 ruan3鸦 ya1
輽 ben4轱 gu1粝 li4阮 ruan3丫 ya1
崩 beng1鸪 gu1疠 li4朊 ruan3桠 ya1
嘣 beng1蛄 gu1呖 li4軟 ruan3錏 ya1
繃 beng1菰 gu1溧 li4緛 ruan3铔 ya1
絣 beng1觚 gu1苈 li4蕤 rui2鴨 ya1

Chinese Character Chinese Character Chinese
绷 beng1/beng3酤 gu1猁 li4緌 rui2鴉 ya1
甭 beng2笟 gu1疬 li4蕊 rui3哑 ya1/ya3
鞛 beng3蓇 gu1轹 li4蘂 rui3压 ya1/ya4
蹦 beng4鴣 gu1篥 li4瑞 rui4牙 ya2
迸 beng4苽 gu1坜 li4锐 rui4涯 ya2
泵 beng4轂 gu1麗 li4睿 rui4芽 ya2
甏 beng4箛 gu1麜 li4芮 rui4衙 ya2
鏰 beng4毂 gu1/gu3隸 li4蚋 rui4伢 ya2
镚 beng4估 gu1/gu4蒞 li4枘 rui4蚜 ya2
跰 beng4呱 gu1/gua1脷 li4銳 rui4琊 ya2
錋 beng4古 gu3苙 li4润 run4睚 ya2
逼 bi1股 gu3磿 li4闰 run4岈 ya2
螕 bi1骨 gu3綟 li4閏 run4顔 ya2
鲾 bi1鼓 gu3讈 li4若 ruo4雅 ya3
匕 bi1/bi3蛊 gu3藶 li4弱 ruo4痖 ya3
鼻 bi2汩 gu3蠣 li4偌 ruo4亚 ya4
荸 bi2钴 gu3赲 li4箬 ruo4讶 ya4
笔 bi3诂 gu3俩 lia3/liang3鶸 ruo4娅 ya4
彼 bi3牯 gu3联 lian2蒻 ruo4氩 ya4
鄙 bi3罟 gu3连 lian2仨 sa1迓 ya4
俾 bi3瞽 gu3怜 lian2撒 sa1/sa3砑 ya4
吡 bi3臌 gu3廉 lian2洒 sa3揠 ya4
妣 bi3馉 gu3莲 lian2靸 sa3訝 ya4
筆 bi3脵 gu3帘 lian2萨 sa4穵 ya4
秕 bi3盬 gu3镰 lian2卅 sa4輵 ya4
舭 bi3糓 gu3涟 lian2飒 sa4襾 ya4
聛 bi3鹄 gu3/hu2濂 lian2脎 sa4窫 ya4
貏 bi3滑 gu3/hua2臁 lian2腮 sai1垭 ya4/ya1
粊 bi3贾 gu3/jia3鲢 lian2鳃 sai1轧 ya4/zha2
粃 bi3嘏 gu3/jia3裢 lian2噻 sai1崖 yai2/ya2
比 bi3/bi4谷 gu3/yu4蠊 lian2塞 sai1/sai4/se4龑 yan
必 bi4故 gu4奁 lian2赛 sai4烟 yan1
避 bi4顾 gu4連 lian2簺 sai4焉 yan1
毕 bi4固 gu4鐮 lian2三 san1淹 yan1
币 bi4雇 gu4蓮 lian2叁 san1嫣 yan1
闭 bi4锢 gu4聯 lian2毵 san1阉 yan1
壁 bi4梏 gu4簾 lian2彡 san1腌 yan1
臂 bi4崮 gu4鎌 lian2鬖 san1胭 yan1
蔽 bi4痼 gu4鬑 lian2糂 san1菸 yan1
碧 bi4顧 gu4聫 lian2伞 san3恹 yan1
弊 bi4鲴 gu4脸 lian3馓 san3鄢 yan1
毙 bi4鯝 gu4敛 lian3繖 san3崦 yan1
陛 bi4祻 gu4琏 lian3散 san3/san4硽 yan1
庇 bi4牿 gu4裣 lian3糁 san3/shen1醃 yan1
婢 bi4頋 gu4臉 lian3桑 sang1閹 yan1
敝 bi4瓜 gua1羷 lian3丧 sang1/sang4奄 yan1/yan3
痹 bi4刮 gua1练 lian4嗓 sang3燕 yan1/yan4
璧 bi4胍 gua1恋 lian4搡 sang3咽 yan1/yan4/ye4
弼 bi4鸹 gua1炼 lian4颡 sang3湮 yan1/yin1
愎 bi4栝 gua1链 lian4磉 sang3殷 yan1/yin1/yin3
蓖 bi4緺 gua1殓 lian4骚 sao1言 yan2
跸 bi4鴰 gua1楝 lian4搔 sao1研 yan2
毖 bi4騧 gua1練 lian4缫 sao1严 yan2
哔 bi4寡 gua3潋 lian4鰠 sao1延 yan2
薜 bi4剐 gua3鍊 lian4騷 sao1炎 yan2
嬖 bi4挂 gua4鏈 lian4鳋 sao1岩 yan2
畀 bi4卦 gua4稴 lian4臊 sao1/sao4颜 yan2
铋 bi4褂 gua4良 liang2艘 sao1/sou1盐 yan2
祕 bi4诖 gua4粮 liang2嫂 sao3阎 yan2
篦 bi4罣 gua4梁 liang2扫 sao3/sao4檐 yan2
髀 bi4詿 gua4凉 liang2埽 sao4蜒 yan2
濞 bi4絓 gua4粱 liang2瘙 sao4筵 yan2
閉 bi4乖 guai1椋 liang2矂 sao4妍 yan2
萆 bi4拐 guai3辌 liang2髞 sao4闫 yan2
襞 bi4怪 guai4墚 liang2瑟 se4硏 yan2
荜 bi4关 guan1綡 liang2涩 se4顏 yan2
筚 bi4官 guan1糧 liang2啬 se4鹽 yan2
狴 bi4棺 guan1量 liang2/liang4穑 se4綖 yan2
禆 bi4倌 guan1踉 liang2/liang4铯 se4麣 yan2
鸊 bi4關 guan1两 liang3繬 se4簷 yan2
邲 bi4鳏 guan1魉 liang3穯 se4閻 yan2
閟 bi4觀 guan1裲 liang3譅 se4莚 yan2
躄 bi4蒄 guan1蜽 liang3鎍 se4訮 yan2
滗 bi4窤 guan1亮 liang4銫 se4沿 yan2/yan4
苾 bi4莞 guan1/guan3/wan3辆 liang4色 se4/shai3眼 yan3
庳 bi4观 guan1/guan4谅 liang4森 sen1演 yan3
觱 bi4冠 guan1/guan4晾 liang4僧 seng1掩 yan3
诐 bi4管 guan3諒 liang4鬙 seng1衍 yan3
箅 bi4馆 guan3蹽 liao1杀 sha1俨 yan3
鶝 bi4鳤 guan3撩 liao1/liao2沙 sha1偃 yan3
綼 bi4筦 guan3疗 liao2纱 sha1魇 yan3
袐 bi4館 guan3聊 liao2砂 sha1兖 yan3
蜌 bi4輨 guan3辽 liao2鲨 sha1鼹 yan3
鼊 bi4錧 guan3僚 liao2铩 sha1琰 yan3
鴓 bi4惯 guan4寥 liao2裟 sha1厣 yan3
詖 bi4贯 guan4缭 liao2痧 sha1郾 yan3
髲 bi4灌 guan4燎 liao2閷 sha1罨 yan3
篳 bi4罐 guan4寮 liao2紗 sha1龂 yan3
罼 bi4鹳 guan4獠 liao2繺 sha1顩 yan3
肸 bi4盥 guan4嘹 liao2鯋 sha1蝘 yan3
繴 bi4涫 guan4鹩 liao2蔱 sha1菴 yan3
赑 bi4掼 guan4豂 liao2鯊 sha1酀 yan3
饆 bi4祼 guan4镠 liao2煞 sha1/sha4黡 yan3
鉍 bi4矔 guan4膫 liao2杉 sha1/shan1齗 yan3
駜 bi4雚 guan4繚 liao2莎 sha1/suo1鶠 yan3
鷩 bi4罆 guan4鏐 liao2啥 sha2黶 yan3
縪 bi4貫 guan4膋 liao2傻 sha3验 yan4
驆 bi4鏆 guan4竂 liao2繌 sha3厌 yan4
鮅 bi4鑵 guan4瞭 liao3霎 sha4艳 yan4
泌 bi4/mi4光 guang1钌 liao3歃 sha4宴 yan4
裨 bi4/pi2胱 guang1蓼 liao3/lu4唼 sha4焰 yan4
辟 bi4/pi4咣 guang1料 liao4翜 sha4雁 yan4
睥 bi4/pi4銧 guang1廖 liao4閯 sha4彦 yan4
边 bian1硄 guang1撂 liao4翣 sha4堰 yan4
编 bian1趪 guang1镣 liao4厦 sha4/xia4谚 yan4
鞭 bian1桄 guang1/guang4尥 liao4筛 shai1晏 yan4
蝙 bian1广 guang3鐐 liao4篩 shai1砚 yan4
砭 bian1犷 guang3鴷 lie酾 shai1赝 yan4
笾 bian1逛 guang4咧 lie1/lie3晒 shai4唁 yan4
鳊 bian1规 gui1列 lie4山 shan1驗 yan4
煸 bian1归 gui1烈 lie4衫 shan1餍 yan4
邊 bian1龟 gui1裂 lie4珊 shan1焱 yan4
編 bian1瑰 gui1猎 lie4删 shan1滟 yan4
邉 bian1硅 gui1劣 lie4煽 shan1酽 yan4
箯 bian1闺 gui1洌 lie4姗 shan1谳 yan4
贬 bian3圭 gui1冽 lie4跚 shan1鷃 yan4
褊 bian3皈 gui1趔 lie4苫 shan1軅 yan4
窆 bian3鲑 gui1鬣 lie4潸 shan1讞 yan4
碥 bian3妫 gui1捩 lie4舢 shan1顑 yan4
釆 bian3規 gui1躐 lie4芟 shan1艷 yan4
覵 bian3邽 gui1鬛 lie4膻 shan1醼 yan4
扁 bian3/pian1螝 gui1蛚 lie4钐 shan1饜 yan4
匾 bian3/pian2龜 gui1睙 lie4纔 shan1讌 yan4
变 bian4膭 gui1茢 lie4羶 shan1贋 yan4
遍 bian4雟 gui1脟 lie4釤 shan1艶 yan4
辩 bian4鴃 gui1林 lin2鯅 shan1諺 yan4
辨 bian4袿 gui1临 lin2羴 shan1鬳 yan4
辫 bian4鬶 gui1邻 lin2扇 shan1/shan4央 yang1
汴 bian4鴂 gui1琳 lin2埏 shan1/yan2秧 yang1
卞 bian4瞡 gui1麟 lin2闪 shan3殃 yang1
弁 bian4鮭 gui1鳞 lin2睒 shan3鸯 yang1
變 bian4傀 gui1/kui3磷 lin2閃 shan3泱 yang1
苄 bian4鬼 gui3霖 lin2陝 shan3鴦 yang1
缏 bian4轨 gui3粼 lin2陕 shan3/Shan3眏 yang1
辯 bian4诡 gui3嶙 lin2善 shan4阳 yang2
忭 bian4癸 gui3遴 lin2擅 shan4洋 yang2
覍 bian4庋 gui3啉 lin2膳 shan4杨 yang2
緶 bian4匦 gui3臨 lin2讪 shan4扬 yang2
艑 bian4宄 gui3辚 lin2汕 shan4羊 yang2
便 bian4/pian2晷 gui3箖 lin2赡 shan4疡 yang2
标 biao1簋 gui3鄰 lin2缮 shan4佯 yang2
彪 biao1軌 gui3麐 lin2蟮 shan4炀 yang2
镖 biao1祪 gui3粦 lin2鳝 shan4陽 yang2
飙 biao1詭 gui3驎 lin2嬗 shan4烊 yang2
镳 biao1贵 gui4瞵 lin2鄯 shan4蛘 yang2
膘 biao1桂 gui4鱗 lin2疝 shan4徉 yang2
飚 biao1跪 gui4鏻 lin2骟 shan4飏 yang2
髟 biao1刽 gui4隣 lin2笧 shan4諹 yang2
贆 biao1桧 gui4魿 lin2鱣 shan4钖 yang2
飑 biao1炅 gui4凛 lin3訕 shan4輰 yang2
麃 biao1刿 gui4懔 lin3繕 shan4颺 yang2
飆 biao1鱖 gui4廪 lin3剡 shan4/yan3鴹 yang2
鑣 biao1鳜 gui4檩 lin3商 shang1鍚 yang2
鏢 biao1貴 gui4赁 lin4伤 shang1养 yang3
臕 biao1鱥 gui4吝 lin4熵 shang1仰 yang3
脿 biao1瞆 gui4躏 lin4墒 shang1氧 yang3
藨 biao1禬 gui4蔺 lin4觞 shang1痒 yang3
杓 biao1/shao2蓕 gui4膦 lin4殇 shang1養 yang3
表 biao3赽 gui4藺 lin4謪 shang1駚 yang3
婊 biao3趹 gui4轥 lin4赏 shang3紻 yang3
裱 biao3襘 gui4淋 lin4/lin2晌 shang3鞅 yang3/yang1
諘 biao3柜 gui4/ju3拎 ling1/lin1垧 shang3样 yang4
鳔 biao4滚 gun3灵 ling2賞 shang3漾 yang4
憋 bie1衮 gun3零 ling2上 shang4恙 yang4
鳖 bie1鲧 gun3龄 ling2尚 shang4怏 yang4
鼈 bie1绲 gun3凌 ling2绱 shang4羕 yang4
鱉 bie1辊 gun3玲 ling2烧 shao1詇 yang4
蹩 bie2磙 gun3陵 ling2稍 shao1腰 yao1
穪 bie2袞 gun3铃 ling2梢 shao1邀 yao1
莂 bie2鮌 gun3菱 ling2捎 shao1妖 yao1
别 bie2/bie4緄 gun3伶 ling2艄 shao1夭 yao1
瘪 bie3鯀 gun3绫 ling2筲 shao1吆 yao1
宾 bin1輥 gun3翎 ling2蛸 shao1/xiao1幺 yao1
斌 bin1棍 gun4聆 ling2勺 shao2祅 yao1
滨 bin1謴 gun4羚 ling2韶 shao2訞 yao1
彬 bin1睴 gun4苓 ling2芍 shao2要 yao1/yao4
濒 bin1郭 guo1蛉 ling2少 shao3/shao4约 yao1/yue1
缤 bin1锅 guo1棂 ling2绍 shao4摇 yao2
傧 bin1蝈 guo1囹 ling2哨 shao4遥 yao2
豳 bin1聒 guo1鲮 ling2邵 shao4姚 yao2
镔 bin1崞 guo1泠 ling2劭 shao4窑 yao2
邠 bin1呙 guo1瓴 ling2紹 shao4谣 yao2
蠙 bin1埚 guo1酃 ling2潲 shao4瑶 yao2
賓 bin1鍋 guo1靈 ling2袑 shao4尧 yao2
訜 bin1涡 guo1/wo1鸰 ling2召 shao4/zhao4肴 yao2
砏 bin1国 guo2袊 ling2奢 she1爻 yao2
槟 bin1/bing1帼 guo2齡 ling2赊 she1徭 yao2
鬓 bin4虢 guo2舲 ling2猞 she1鳐 yao2
殡 bin4掴 guo2笭 ling2輋 she1踰 yao2
摈 bin4腘 guo2跉 ling2蛇 she2轺 yao2
膑 bin4馘 guo2柃 ling2舌 she2珧 yao2
髌 bin4膕 guo2齢 ling2佘 she2飖 yao2
鬂 bin4聝 guo2鈴 ling2蛥 she2遙 yao2
臏 bin4果 guo3秢 ling2揲 she2/die2蕘 yao2
髕 bin4裹 guo3祾 ling2折 she2/zhe2餆 yao2
鬢 bin4猓 guo3詅 ling2舍 she3/she4餚 yao2
兵 bing1馃 guo3醽 ling2社 she4窯 yao2
冰 bing1椁 guo3霝 ling2设 she4謡 yao2
柄 bing3蜾 guo3鴒 ling2射 she4謠 yao2
饼 bing3綶 guo3呤 ling2/ling4涉 she4颻 yao2
丙 bing3菓 guo3领 ling3摄 she4崤 yao2/xiao2
秉 bing3粿 guo3岭 ling3慑 she4繇 yao2/you2/zhou4
禀 bing3过 guo4領 ling3赦 she4咬 yao3
炳 bing3過 guo4令 ling4麝 she4杳 yao3
邴 bing3铪 ha1另 ling4厍 she4舀 yao3
稟 bing3哈 ha1/ha3溜 liu1設 she4窈 yao3
餅 bing3嗨 hai1/hei1熘 liu1蔎 she4崾 yao3
鈵 bing3咳 hai1/ke2蹓 liu1滠 she4闄 yao3
鉼 bing3孩 hai2流 liu2騇 she4窅 yao3
屏 bing3/ping2骸 hai2留 liu2歙 she4/xi1蓔 yao3
并 bing4還 hai2刘 liu2谁 shei2/shui2药 yao4
病 bing4还 hai2/huan2/huan4瘤 liu2身 shen1耀 yao4
摒 bing4海 hai3榴 liu2深 shen1藥 yao4
竝 bing4醢 hai3硫 liu2申 shen1鹞 yao4
啵 bo胲 hai3浏 liu2伸 shen1曜 yao4
蔔 bo酼 hai3琉 liu2绅 shen1籥 yao4
卜 bo/bu3害 hai4镏 liu2呻 shen1艞 yao4
波 bo1骇 hai4鎏 liu2娠 shen1靿 yao4
播 bo1亥 hai4旒 liu2砷 shen1葯 yao4
玻 bo1氦 hai4骝 liu2诜 shen1窔 yao4
拨 bo1餀 hai4鰡 liu2鲹 shen1矅 yao4
钵 bo1酣 han1飗 liu2蓡 shen1箹 yao4
饽 bo1憨 han1駵 liu2詵 shen1鑰 yao4
菠 bo1鼾 han1飀 liu2蔘 shen1钥 yao4/yue4
磻 bo1蚶 han1鹠 liu2鯵 shen1耶 ye1
缽 bo1顸 han1藰 liu2籶 shen1椰 ye1
袚 bo1谽 han1驑 liu2紳 shen1噎 ye1
蹳 bo1魽 han1柳 liu3葠 shen1掖 ye1/ye4
剥 bo1/bao1含 han2绺 liu3鯓 shen1爷 ye2
伯 bo2韩 han2锍 liu3莘 shen1/xin1揶 ye2
博 bo2寒 han2罶 liu3神 shen2也 ye3
勃 bo2函 han2羀 liu3鰰 shen2野 ye3
驳 bo2涵 han2綹 liu3什 shen2/shi2冶 ye3
泊 bo2邯 han2六 liu4审 shen3虵 ye3
脖 bo2晗 han2鹨 liu4婶 shen3业 ye4
舶 bo2焓 han2霤 liu4哂 shen3夜 ye4
搏 bo2邗 han2鬸 liu4渖 shen3叶 ye4
膊 bo2肣 han2遛 liu4/liu2谂 shen3页 ye4
帛 bo2韓 han2馏 liu4/liu2矧 shen3液 ye4
渤 bo2喊 han3陆 liu4/lu4谉 shen3曳 ye4
箔 bo2罕 han3隆 long1/long2瞫 shen3谒 ye4
铂 bo2蔊 han3龙 long2魫 shen3腋 ye4
礴 bo2糮 han3笼 long2邥 shen3邺 ye4
钹 bo2汉 han4胧 long2甚 shen4晔 ye4
鹁 bo2汗 han4聋 long2慎 shen4烨 ye4
亳 bo2翰 han4咙 long2肾 shen4靥 ye4
茀 bo2憾 han4珑 long2渗 shen4葉 ye4
髆 bo2旱 han4窿 long2蜃 shen4頁 ye4
駮 bo2撼 han4茏 long2腎 shen4鐷 ye4
踣 bo2悍 han4砻 long2胂 shen4緤 ye4
镈 bo2捍 han4眬 long2祳 shen4鍱 ye4
礡 bo2瀚 han4栊 long2眘 shen4拽 ye4/zhuai1/zhuai4
艊 bo2焊 han4龍 long2椹 shen4/zhen1膶 yen
鑮 bo2颔 han4癃 long2生 sheng1一 yi1
鈸 bo2菡 han4鑨 long2声 sheng1医 yi1
穛 bo2頷 han4籠 long2升 sheng1依 yi1
髉 bo2睅 han4襱 long2牲 sheng1伊 yi1
豰 bo2鋎 han4霳 long2甥 sheng1揖 yi1
薄 bo2/bo4/bao2銲 han4躘 long2笙 sheng1醫 yi1
跛 bo3夯 hang1/ben4驡 long2聲 sheng1漪 yi1
箥 bo3航 hang2礱 long2陞 sheng1噫 yi1
蚾 bo3杭 hang2蠪 long2苼 sheng1壹 yi1
簸 bo3/bo4颃 hang2篭 long2鼪 sheng1咿 yi1
擘 bo4蚢 hang2龓 long2鍟 sheng1铱 yi1
檗 bo4迒 hang2聾 long2胜 sheng1/sheng4猗 yi1
逋 bu1笐 hang2泷 long2/shuang1绳 sheng2欹 yi1
晡 bu1绗 hang2垄 long3繩 sheng2祎 yi1
陠 bu1吭 hang2/keng1拢 long3渑 sheng2/mian3黟 yi1
钸 bu1行 hang2/xing2/xing4陇 long3眚 sheng3袆 yi1
鯆 bu1沆 hang4垅 long3省 sheng3/xing3蛜 yi1
餔 bu1蒿 hao1衖 long4圣 sheng4鷖 yi1
鵏 bu1薅 hao1弄 long4/nong4剩 sheng4衣 yi1/yi4
鈽 bu1嚆 hao1搂 lou1/lou3嵊 sheng4疑 yi2
哺 bu1/bu3毫 hao2楼 lou2晟 sheng4移 yi2
醭 bu2豪 hao2髅 lou2聖 sheng4遗 yi2
补 bu3壕 hao2娄 lou2賸 sheng4仪 yi2
捕 bu3嚎 hao2蝼 lou2蕂 sheng4宜 yi2
補 bu3嗥 hao2蒌 lou2鳾 shi姨 yi2
卟 bu3蚝 hao2耧 lou2师 shi1夷 yi2
鳪 bu3濠 hao2謱 lou2失 shi1怡 yi2
部 bu4蠔 hao2蔞 lou2施 shi1颐 yi2
步 bu4籇 hao2髏 lou2诗 shi1咦 yi2
布 bu4号 hao2/hao4鞻 lou2尸 shi1胰 yi2
怖 bu4貉 hao2/he2/mo4喽 lou2/lou湿 shi1贻 yi2
簿 bu4郝 hao3偻 lou2/lv3狮 shi1彝 yi2
埠 bu4好 hao3/hao4篓 lou3虱 shi1沂 yi2
钚 bu4耗 hao4嵝 lou3蓍 shi1诒 yi2
瓿 bu4浩 hao4簍 lou3絁 shi1饴 yi2
蔀 bu4皓 hao4漏 lou4邿 shi1痍 yi2
篰 bu4昊 hao4陋 lou4詩 shi1眙 yi2
踄 bu4颢 hao4镂 lou4鍦 shi1遺 yi2
不 bu4/bu2灏 hao4瘘 lou4葹 shi1嶷 yi2
擦 ca1鄗 hao4鏤 lou4鰤 shi1圯 yi2
礤 ca3號 hao4氇 lu鶳 shi1讉 yi2
猜 cai1薃 hao4驴 lu:2/lv2魳 shi1迻 yi2
才 cai2诃 he1榈 lu:2/lv2蝨 shi1頉 yi2
财 cai2嗬 he1闾 lu:2/lv2时 shi2貤 yi2
材 cai2蠚 he1捋 lu:3/luo1/lv3实 shi2簃 yi2
裁 cai2喝 he1/he4旅 lu:3/lv3十 shi2訑 yi2
財 cai2何 he2吕 lu:3/lv3拾 shi2頤 yi2
彩 cai3河 he2履 lu:3/lv3蚀 shi2詒 yi2
踩 cai3核 he2屡 lu:3/lv3炻 shi2箷 yi2
睬 cai3盒 he2侣 lu:3/lv3鲥 shi2袘 yi2
綵 cai3颌 he2缕 lu:3/lv3識 shi2貽 yi2

Chinese Character Chinese Character Chinese
采 cai3/cai4禾 he2铝 lu:3/lv3祏 shi2鴺 yi2
菜 cai4劾 he2褛 lu:3/lv3埘 shi2羠 yi2
蔡 cai4涸 he2膂 lu:3/lv3辻 shi2迤 yi2/yi3
縩 cai4阂 he2律 lu:4/lv4鉐 shi2以 yi3
餐 can1龢 he2虑 lu:4/lv4蝕 shi2已 yi3
骖 can1菏 he2绿 lu:4/lv4鼫 shi2椅 yi3
驂 can1曷 he2氯 lu:4/lv4遈 shi2乙 yi3
参 can1/shen1盍 he2滤 lu:4/lv4鉽 shi2矣 yi3
残 can2翮 he2率 lu:4/shuai4/lv4莳 shi2/shi4蚁 yi3
蚕 can2饸 he2噜 lu1食 shi2/si4倚 yi3
惭 can2龁 he2撸 lu1识 shi2/zhi4旖 yi3
蠶 can2盇 he2卢 lu2使 shi3苡 yi3
惨 can3鞨 he2炉 lu2始 shi3钇 yi3
黪 can3粭 he2芦 lu2史 shi3锜 yi3
灿 can4鶡 he2庐 lu2驶 shi3螘 yi3
璨 can4麧 he2颅 lu2矢 shi3顗 yi3
粲 can4覈 he2鲈 lu2屎 shi3齮 yi3
孱 can4/chan2鹖 he2鸬 lu2豕 shi3蟻 yi3
苍 cang1礉 he2胪 lu2駛 shi3笖 yi3
舱 cang1頜 he2泸 lu2鉂 shi3艤 yi3
仓 cang1盉 he2舻 lu2是 shi4舣 yi3
沧 cang1荷 he2/he4轳 lu2事 shi4阤 yi3
伧 cang1和 he2/he4/huo2/huo4栌 lu2世 shi4肊 yi3
蒼 cang1赫 he4垆 lu2市 shi4釔 yi3
螥 cang1贺 he4顱 lu2式 shi4礒 yi3
艙 cang1鹤 he4鈩 lu2士 shi4意 yi4
藏 cang2/zang4褐 he4蘆 lu2示 shi4义 yi4
操 cao1壑 he4纑 lu2视 shi4议 yi4
糙 cao1賀 he4艫 lu2势 shi4易 yi4
曹 cao2翯 he4臚 lu2试 shi4益 yi4
槽 cao2隺 he4鑪 lu2适 shi4异 yi4
嘈 cao2鸖 he4鲁 lu3室 shi4艺 yi4
漕 cao2鶴 he4虏 lu3释 shi4亦 yi4
螬 cao2黑 hei1掳 lu3氏 shi4亿 yi4
艚 cao2嘿 hei1卤 lu3饰 shi4译 yi4
蓸 cao2黒 hei1橹 lu3侍 shi4役 yi4
草 cao3痕 hen2镥 lu3誓 shi4翼 yi4
艸 cao3鞎 hen2蓾 lu3逝 shi4忆 yi4
肏 cao4很 hen3虜 lu3轼 shi4抑 yi4
策 ce4狠 hen3艣 lu3嗜 shi4疫 yi4
测 ce4詪 hen3磠 lu3仕 shi4毅 yi4
册 ce4恨 hen4路 lu4恃 shi4谊 yi4
厕 ce4亨 heng1录 lu4噬 shi4逸 yi4
恻 ce4脝 heng1鹿 lu4拭 shi4溢 yi4
粣 ce4哼 heng1/hng禄 lu4柿 shi4裔 yi4
萗 ce4衡 heng2碌 lu4谥 shi4懿 yi4
箣 ce4恒 heng2赂 lu4舐 shi4绎 yi4
蓛 ce4珩 heng2戮 lu4視 shi4奕 yi4
侧 ce4/zhai1桁 heng2麓 lu4弑 shi4邑 yi4
膥 cen1蘅 heng2漉 lu4筮 shi4诣 yi4
岑 cen2鸻 heng2璐 lu4適 shi4驿 yi4
涔 cen2鴴 heng2辘 lu4釋 shi4翌 yi4
噌 ceng1/cheng1横 heng2/heng4箓 lu4試 shi4臆 yi4
层 ceng2轰 hong1潞 lu4铈 shi4佚 yi4
蹭 ceng2/ceng4烘 hong1鹭 lu4諡 shi4屹 yi4
曾 ceng2/zeng1訇 hong1渌 lu4贳 shi4轶 yi4
插 cha1薨 hong1逯 lu4眎 shi4熠 yi4
嚓 cha1鍧 hong1辂 lu4籂 shi4弋 yi4
锸 cha1軣 hong1陸 lu4鉃 shi4弈 yi4
艖 cha1轟 hong1簏 lu4襫 shi4翊 yi4
肞 cha1哄 hong1/hong3/hong4錄 lu4鈰 shi4呓 yi4
臿 cha1红 hong2蕗 lu4飾 shi4蜴 yi4
鍤 cha1洪 hong2菉 lu4螫 shi4/zhe1薏 yi4
叉 cha1/cha2/cha3宏 hong2盝 lu4收 shou1刈 yi4
杈 cha1/cha4鸿 hong2録 lu4手 shou3羿 yi4
差 cha1/cha4/chai1/ci1弘 hong2鴼 lu4首 shou3缢 yi4
喳 cha1/zha1泓 hong2祿 lu4守 shou3翳 yi4
察 cha2荭 hong2簬 lu4艏 shou3镒 yi4
茶 cha2竑 hong2粶 lu4受 shou4峄 yi4
茬 cha2闳 hong2騼 lu4授 shou4悒 yi4
碴 cha2紅 hong2膟 lu4售 shou4肄 yi4
搽 cha2纮 hong2騄 lu4兽 shou4挹 yi4
槎 cha2黉 hong2睩 lu4寿 shou4癔 yi4
檫 cha2翃 hong2稑 lu4瘦 shou4仡 yi4
猹 cha2鋐 hong2醁 lu4狩 shou4義 yi4
褨 cha2鴻 hong2賂 lu4绶 shou4議 yi4
查 cha2/zha1紭 hong2籙 lu4鏉 shou4怿 yi4
楂 cha2/zha1紘 hong2鷺 lu4醻 shou4佾 yi4
镲 cha3竤 hong2露 lu4/lou4膄 shou4瘗 yi4
衩 cha3/cha4谼 hong2挛 luan2书 shu1埸 yi4
诧 cha4虹 hong2/jiang4峦 luan2输 shu1劓 yi4
岔 cha4讧 hong4鸾 luan2殊 shu1鎰 yi4
姹 cha4闀 hong4銮 luan2叔 shu1袣 yi4
汊 cha4訌 hong4孪 luan2舒 shu1镱 yi4
刹 cha4/sha1閧 hong4栾 luan2疏 shu1殪 yi4
拆 chai1蕻 hong4/hong2滦 luan2枢 shu1睪 yi4
钗 chai1侯 hou2脔 luan2淑 shu1齸 yi4
柴 chai2喉 hou2娈 luan2梳 shu1詣 yi4
豺 chai2猴 hou2鑾 luan2蔬 shu1藙 yi4
侪 chai2糇 hou2羉 luan2倏 shu1蓺 yi4
虿 chai4骺 hou2卵 luan3抒 shu1鮨 yi4
袃 chai4篌 hou2乱 luan4纾 shu1鷧 yi4
蠆 chai4睺 hou2釠 luan4菽 shu1絏 yi4
瘥 chai4/cuo2腄 hou2略 lue4殳 shu1藝 yi4
搀 chan1瘊 hou2锊 lue4姝 shu1譯 yi4
掺 chan1/shan3餱 hou2掠 lue4/lue3摅 shu1蛡 yi4
缠 chan2翭 hou2抡 lun1/lun2輸 shu1鶃 yi4
蝉 chan2葔 hou2伦 lun2毹 shu1褹 yi4
馋 chan2吼 hou3轮 lun2紓 shu1裛 yi4
蟾 chan2后 hou4仑 lun2鵨 shu1耴 yi4
婵 chan2候 hou4沦 lun2綀 shu1輗 yi4
潺 chan2厚 hou4纶 lun2熟 shu2饐 yi4
谗 chan2後 hou4囵 lun2赎 shu2豷 yi4
廛 chan2逅 hou4輪 lun2孰 shu2鶍 yi4
澶 chan2鲎 hou4菕 lun2塾 shu2鷁 yi4
蟬 chan2堠 hou4鯩 lun2秫 shu2苅 yi4
躔 chan2郈 hou4腀 lun2署 shu3謚 yi4
酁 chan2乎 hu1论 lun2/lun4鼠 shu3鐿 yi4
繟 chan2呼 hu1論 lun4蜀 shu3讛 yi4
镵 chan2忽 hu1罗 luo1/luo2暑 shu3贀 yi4
鋋 chan2惚 hu1逻 luo2薯 shu3驛 yi4
鑱 chan2唿 hu1螺 luo2曙 shu3螠 yi4
纒 chan2滹 hu1萝 luo2黍 shu3鮣 yin
禪 chan2烀 hu1锣 luo2籔 shu3因 yin1
纏 chan2虖 hu1骡 luo2数 shu3/shu4/shuo4音 yin1
鄽 chan2轷 hu1椤 luo2属 shu3/zhu3阴 yin1
单 chan2/dan1/shan4胡 hu2箩 luo2述 shu4姻 yin1
禅 chan2/shan4湖 hu2猡 luo2树 shu4茵 yin1
产 chan3狐 hu2镙 luo2束 shu4氤 yin1
阐 chan3壶 hu2騾 luo2恕 shu4喑 yin1
铲 chan3蝴 hu2驘 luo2竖 shu4陰 yin1
谄 chan3弧 hu2脶 luo2墅 shu4洇 yin1
蒇 chan3瑚 hu2羅 luo2庶 shu4堙 yin1
冁 chan3葫 hu2蘿 luo2漱 shu4铟 yin1
諂 chan3斛 hu2鸁 luo2戍 shu4骃 yin1
鏟 chan3囫 hu2鏍 luo2術 shu4禋 yin1
閳 chan3鹕 hu2邏 luo2澍 shu4秵 yin1
闡 chan3槲 hu2裸 luo3腧 shu4絪 yin1
骣 chan3觳 hu2倮 luo3沭 shu4闉 yin1
忏 chan4猢 hu2瘰 luo3豎 shu4駰 yin1
羼 chan4煳 hu2蠃 luo3裋 shu4裀 yin1
顫 chan4醐 hu2蓏 luo3蒁 shu4霠 yin1
韂 chan4縠 hu2砢 luo3鶐 shu4銦 yin1
硟 chan4餬 hu2躶 luo3术 shu4/zhu2蒑 yin1
昌 chang1魱 hu2洛 luo4唰 shua1陻 yin1
猖 chang1鍸 hu2骆 luo4刷 shua1/shua4银 yin2
娼 chang1礐 hu2摞 luo4耍 shua3吟 yin2
菖 chang1鹘 hu2/gu3珞 luo4摔 shuai1淫 yin2
伥 chang1糊 hu2/hu4雒 luo4缞 shuai1寅 yin2
阊 chang1虎 hu3荦 luo4甩 shuai3垠 yin2
鲳 chang1唬 hu3絡 luo4帅 shuai4夤 yin2
閶 chang1浒 hu3泺 luo4蟀 shuai4鄞 yin2
常 chang2琥 hu3茖 luo4栓 shuan1狺 yin2
偿 chang2虝 hu3笿 luo4拴 shuan1霪 yin2
尝 chang2护 hu4閭 lv2闩 shuan1銀 yin2
肠 chang2户 hu4藘 lv2涮 shuan4蟫 yin2
嫦 chang2互 hu4驢 lv2腨 shuan4粌 yin2
長 chang2沪 hu4瞜 lv2双 shuang1訚 yin2
苌 chang2扈 hu4馿 lv2霜 shuang1鷣 yin2
腸 chang2笏 hu4絽 lv3孀 shuang1齦 yin2
徜 chang2祜 hu4稆 lv3雙 shuang1訔 yin2
鲿 chang2怙 hu4郘 lv3騻 shuang1誾 yin2
裳 chang2/shang岵 hu4縷 lv3艭 shuang1碒 yin2
长 chang2/zhang3瓠 hu4褸 lv3鸘 shuang1訡 yin2
场 chang3鹱 hu4葎 lv4驦 shuang1引 yin3
厂 chang3護 hu4綠 lv4爽 shuang3隐 yin3
敞 chang3戽 hu4鑢 lv4誰 shui2饮 yin3
昶 chang3鱯 hu4繂 lv4脽 shui2尹 yin3
氅 chang3鄠 hu4嘛 ma水 shui3瘾 yin3
鋹 chang3粐 hu4么 ma/me/yao1税 shui4蚓 yin3
惝 chang3/tang3鳠 hu4妈 ma1睡 shui4縯 yin3
唱 chang4穫 hu4蚂 ma1/ma3/ma4稅 shui4飲 yin3
畅 chang4冱 hu4嬷 ma1/mo2説 shui4隱 yin3
倡 chang4綔 hu4麻 ma2说 shui4/shuo1吲 yin3
怅 chang4花 hua1麼 ma2吮 shun3飮 yin3
鬯 chang4砉 hua1蔴 ma2顺 shun4釿 yin3
超 chao1糀 hua1蟆 ma2/ma瞬 shun4靷 yin3
抄 chao1哗 hua1/hua2马 ma3舜 shun4印 yin4
钞 chao1猾 hua2玛 ma3順 shun4胤 yin4
焯 chao1骅 hua2码 ma3蕣 shun4茚 yin4
怊 chao1铧 hua2犸 ma3說 shuo1隂 yin4
剿 chao1/jiao3華 hua2馬 ma3硕 shuo4酳 yin4
潮 chao2驊 hua2碼 ma3烁 shuo4荫 yin4/yin1
巢 chao2螖 hua2螞 ma3朔 shuo4英 ying1
晁 chao2华 hua2/hua4吗 ma3/ma槊 shuo4鹰 ying1
鄛 chao2划 hua2/hua4骂 ma4铄 shuo4婴 ying1
朝 chao2/zhao1豁 hua2/huo1/huo4杩 ma4蒴 shuo4樱 ying1
嘲 chao2/zhao1话 hua4祃 ma4妁 shuo4莺 ying1
吵 chao3化 hua4罵 ma4搠 shuo4瑛 ying1
炒 chao3画 hua4駡 ma4矟 shuo4鹦 ying1
麨 chao3桦 hua4禡 ma4碩 shuo4膺 ying1
耖 chao4話 hua4唛 ma4/mai4斯 si1缨 ying1
砗 che1繣 hua4霾 mai2司 si1嘤 ying1
車 che1怀 huai2貍 mai2思 si1罂 ying1
车 che1/ju1淮 huai2埋 mai2/man2私 si1璎 ying1
扯 che3徊 huai2买 mai3丝 si1撄 ying1
彻 che4槐 huai2買 mai3撕 si1韺 ying1
撤 che4踝 huai2荬 mai3嘶 si1鷹 ying1
澈 che4褱 huai2蕒 mai3厮 si1锳 ying1
掣 che4坏 huai4卖 mai4咝 si1軈 ying1
坼 che4欢 huan1麦 mai4蛳 si1譻 ying1
辙 che4/zhe2獾 huan1脉 mai4锶 si1罃 ying1
琛 chen1驩 huan1迈 mai4鸶 si1应 ying1/ying4
嗔 chen1貛 huan1劢 mai4缌 si1营 ying2
抻 chen1讙 huan1脈 mai4澌 si1迎 ying2
郴 chen1环 huan2麥 mai4鷉 si1赢 ying2
綝 chen1桓 huan2賣 mai4絲 si1盈 ying2
陈 chen2寰 huan2邁 mai4鼶 si1莹 ying2
沉 chen2洹 huan2颟 man1飔 si1蝇 ying2
臣 chen2萑 huan2蛮 man2禠 si1荧 ying2
晨 chen2鬟 huan2瞒 man2鷥 si1萤 ying2
尘 chen2鹮 huan2馒 man2緦 si1瀛 ying2
辰 chen2锾 huan2鳗 man2禗 si1萦 ying2
忱 chen2缳 huan2鞔 man2死 si3嬴 ying2
谌 chen2轘 huan2鬘 man2四 si4滢 ying2
宸 chen2阛 huan2蠻 man2似 si4楹 ying2
陳 chen2镮 huan2饅 man2寺 si4潆 ying2
蔯 chen2繯 huan2鰻 man2饲 si4茔 ying2
麎 chen2萈 huan2瞞 man2肆 si4蓥 ying2
茞 chen2綄 huan2蔓 man2/man4嗣 si4蝿 ying2
沈 chen2/shen3瞏 huan2谩 man2/man4祀 si4贏 ying2
碜 chen3圜 huan2/yuan2满 man3巳 si4縈 ying2
贂 chen3缓 huan3螨 man3俟 si4藀 ying2
踸 chen3緩 huan3慢 man4泗 si4蠅 ying2
磣 chen3睆 huan3曼 man4笥 si4螢 ying2
趁 chen4换 huan4漫 man4姒 si4影 ying3
衬 chen4患 huan4幔 man4驷 si4颖 ying3
谶 chen4幻 huan4缦 man4汜 si4颍 ying3
榇 chen4唤 huan4熳 man4耜 si4郢 ying3
龀 chen4焕 huan4墁 man4兕 si4瘿 ying3
称 chen4/cheng1/cheng4宦 huan4镘 man4覗 si4硬 ying4
撑 cheng1痪 huan4蔄 man4飼 si4映 ying4
瞠 cheng1豢 huan4忙 mang2蕼 si4媵 ying4
稱 cheng1奂 huan4茫 mang2竢 si4哟 yo/yo1
蛏 cheng1涣 huan4盲 mang2禩 si4唷 yo1
柽 cheng1浣 huan4芒 mang2螦 so拥 yong1
赪 cheng1逭 huan4邙 mang2松 song1庸 yong1
頳 cheng1漶 huan4硭 mang2嵩 song1雍 yong1
鏿 cheng1鲩 huan4铓 mang2淞 song1臃 yong1
铛 cheng1/dang1擐 huan4龒 mang2凇 song1邕 yong1
程 cheng2藧 huan4駹 mang2崧 song1慵 yong1
城 cheng2鯶 huan4笀 mang2菘 song1痈 yong1
承 cheng2瞣 huan4氓 mang2/meng2耸 song3饔 yong1
诚 cheng2荒 huang1莽 mang3悚 song3壅 yong1
乘 cheng2慌 huang1蟒 mang3怂 song3镛 yong1
呈 cheng2肓 huang1莾 mang3竦 song3墉 yong1
惩 cheng2黄 huang2蠎 mang3駷 song3鳙 yong1
丞 cheng2皇 huang2漭 mang3送 song4鄘 yong1
橙 cheng2煌 huang2茻 mang3宋 song4佣 yong1/yong4
裎 cheng2惶 huang2猫 mao1讼 song4喁 yong2
枨 cheng2凰 huang2貓 mao1颂 song4鰫 yong2
铖 cheng2蝗 huang2毛 mao2诵 song4永 yong3
塍 cheng2簧 huang2矛 mao2鬆 song4勇 yong3
酲 cheng2磺 huang2茅 mao2頌 song4涌 yong3
埕 cheng2徨 huang2髦 mao2訟 song4泳 yong3
郕 cheng2璜 huang2锚 mao2搜 sou1咏 yong3
脭 cheng2隍 huang2牦 mao2嗖 sou1踊 yong3
誠 cheng2潢 huang2蟊 mao2飕 sou1恿 yong3
絾 cheng2湟 huang2茆 mao2馊 sou1蛹 yong3
碀 cheng2黃 huang2髳 mao2锼 sou1甬 yong3
成 cheng2/cheng4遑 huang2鶜 mao2溲 sou1俑 yong3
澄 cheng2/deng4篁 huang2錨 mao2螋 sou1鯒 yong3
盛 cheng2/sheng4鳇 huang2旄 mao2/mao4蒐 sou1禜 yong3
逞 cheng3蟥 huang2蝥 mao2/mou2颼 sou1詠 yong3
骋 cheng3锽 huang2卯 mao3鎪 sou1踴 yong3
騁 cheng3鰉 huang2峁 mao3蓃 sou1鲬 yong3
秤 cheng3/cheng4鐄 huang2铆 mao3叟 sou3筩 yong3
痴 chi1艎 huang2昴 mao3擞 sou3用 yong4
嗤 chi1癀 huang2泖 mao3薮 sou3优 you1
哧 chi1葟 huang2贸 mao4嗾 sou3忧 you1
蚩 chi1谎 huang3冒 mao4瞍 sou3幽 you1
笞 chi1恍 huang3貌 mao4嗽 sou4悠 you1
魑 chi1幌 huang3帽 mao4苏 su1攸 you1
媸 chi1詤 huang3茂 mao4稣 su1呦 you1
螭 chi1晃 huang3/huang4袤 mao4酥 su1逌 you1
鸱 chi1挥 hui1懋 mao4窣 su1麀 you1
眵 chi1灰 hui1耄 mao4蘇 su1耰 you1
鴟 chi1恢 hui1瑁 mao4鯂 su1由 you2
鵄 chi1辉 hui1瞀 mao4蘓 su1游 you2
吃 chi1/ji2徽 hui1鄚 mao4俗 su2油 you2
郗 chi1/xi1晖 hui1貿 mao4诉 su4尤 you2
持 chi2诙 hui1鄮 mao4速 su4犹 you2
迟 chi2麾 hui1芼 mao4素 su4邮 you2
池 chi2咴 hui1梅 mei2肃 su4铀 you2
驰 chi2隳 hui1眉 mei2塑 su4疣 you2
弛 chi2詼 hui1媒 mei2溯 su4鱿 you2
篪 chi2翬 hui1煤 mei2粟 su4猷 you2
墀 chi2翚 hui1枚 mei2愫 su4莜 you2
踟 chi2輝 hui1玫 mei2簌 su4莸 you2
茌 chi2豗 hui1霉 mei2谡 su4蝣 you2
遲 chi2虺 hui1/hui3酶 mei2夙 su4蚰 you2
馳 chi2回 hui2湄 mei2嗉 su4輶 you2
竾 chi2蛔 hui2嵋 mei2僳 su4鲉 you2
筂 chi2洄 hui2楣 mei2涑 su4莤 you2
坻 chi2/di3茴 hui2莓 mei2觫 su4遊 you2
匙 chi2/shi迴 hui2镅 mei2蔌 su4鈾 you2
尺 chi3鮰 hui2鹛 mei2骕 su4蚘 you2
齿 chi3毁 hui3郿 mei2餗 su4郵 you2
耻 chi3悔 hui3黴 mei2訴 su4鮋 you2
侈 chi3汇 hui4猸 mei2肅 su4蓧 you2
褫 chi3慧 hui4矀 mei2遡 su4有 you3
豉 chi3惠 hui4蘪 mei2驌 su4友 you3
齒 chi3绘 hui4鋂 mei2藗 su4黝 you3
赤 chi4贿 hui4禖 mei2鷫 su4酉 you3
斥 chi4讳 hui4鎇 mei2粛 su4莠 you3
翅 chi4晦 hui4没 mei2/mo4膆 su4牖 you3
叱 chi4秽 hui4美 mei3宿 su4/xiu3/xiu4卣 you3
炽 chi4卉 hui4每 mei3酸 suan1脩 you3
敕 chi4诲 hui4镁 mei3狻 suan1铕 you3
饬 chi4彗 hui4浼 mei3算 suan4羑 you3
啻 chi4恚 hui4羙 mei3蒜 suan4蜏 you3
瘛 chi4喙 hui4妹 mei4笇 suan4脜 you3
傺 chi4荟 hui4媚 mei4筭 suan4苃 you3
趩 chi4蕙 hui4昧 mei4祘 suan4羗 you3
飭 chi4烩 hui4魅 mei4虽 sui1又 you4
鶒 chi4蟪 hui4寐 mei4睢 sui1右 you4
鷘 chi4缋 hui4袂 mei4濉 sui1幼 you4
踅 chi4/xue2翙 hui4眊 mei4荽 sui1诱 you4
充 chong1阓 hui4跊 mei4雖 sui1佑 you4
忡 chong1顪 hui4篃 mei4眭 sui1釉 you4
憧 chong1篲 hui4鬽 mei4鞖 sui1祐 you4
舂 chong1譓 hui4祙 mei4簑 sui1柚 you4
艟 chong1詯 hui4们 men尿 sui1/niao4囿 you4
衝 chong1賄 hui4闷 men1/men4随 sui2宥 you4
翀 chong1諱 hui4门 men2绥 sui2蚴 you4
茺 chong1銊 hui4扪 men2隋 sui2鼬 you4
蹖 chong1穢 hui4钔 men2隨 sui2侑 you4
冲 chong1/chong4鐬 hui4門 men2綏 sui2誘 you4
虫 chong2鏸 hui4穈 men2髓 sui3褏 you4
崇 chong2会 hui4/kuai4虋 men2岁 sui4褎 you4
蟲 chong2婚 hun1懑 men4碎 sui4迂 yu1
重 chong2/zhong4昏 hun1焖 men4隧 sui4淤 yu1
宠 chong3荤 hun1蒙 meng1/meng2/meng3穗 sui4瘀 yu1
铳 chong4阍 hun1盟 meng2祟 sui4纡 yu1
抽 chou1葷 hun1朦 meng2邃 sui4穻 yu1
紬 chou1睧 hun1萌 meng2燧 sui4盓 yu1
瘳 chou1閽 hun1檬 meng2谇 sui4於 yu1/yu2
跾 chou1魂 hun2虻 meng2繸 sui4于 yu2
筹 chou2浑 hun2艨 meng2譢 sui4余 yu2
酬 chou2馄 hun2瞢 meng2繐 sui4鱼 yu2
愁 chou2繉 hun2礞 meng2禭 sui4渔 yu2
绸 chou2轋 hun2甍 meng2鐩 sui4愚 yu2
畴 chou2珲 hun2/hui1鄳 meng2穟 sui4愉 yu2
踌 chou2混 hun2/hun4矒 meng2遂 sui4/sui2舆 yu2
稠 chou2诨 hun4猛 meng3孙 sun1娱 yu2
惆 chou2溷 hun4懵 meng3荪 sun1逾 yu2
俦 chou2锪 huo1锰 meng3飧 sun1瑜 yu2
雠 chou2攉 huo1蠓 meng3狲 sun1虞 yu2
雔 chou2劐 huo1蜢 meng3蕵 sun1禺 yu2
籌 chou2活 huo2勐 meng3损 sun3俞 yu2
絒 chou2火 huo3矇 meng3笋 sun3榆 yu2
帱 chou2/dao4伙 huo3艋 meng3隼 sun3隅 yu2
仇 chou2/qiu2夥 huo3梦 meng4榫 sun3渝 yu2
丑 chou3钬 huo3孟 meng4筍 sun3欤 yu2
瞅 chou3或 huo4咪 mi1缩 suo1谀 yu2
醜 chou3获 huo4瞇 mi1梭 suo1盂 yu2
臭 chou4/xiu4货 huo4眯 mi1/mi3嗦 suo1馀 yu2
出 chu1霍 huo4迷 mi2唆 suo1觎 yu2
初 chu1惑 huo4弥 mi2娑 suo1腴 yu2
樗 chu1祸 huo4谜 mi2蓑 suo1臾 yu2
貙 chu1蠖 huo4糜 mi2挲 suo1揄 yu2
齣 chu1藿 huo4猕 mi2嗍 suo1竽 yu2
除 chu2嚯 huo4麋 mi2羧 suo1萸 yu2
厨 chu2镬 huo4醚 mi2睃 suo1嵛 yu2
橱 chu2禍 huo4縻 mi2縮 suo1窬 yu2
躇 chu2貨 huo4蘼 mi2桫 suo1顒 yu2
雏 chu2臛 huo4祢 mi2鮻 suo1蝓 yu2
锄 chu2靃 huo4醿 mi2髿 suo1餘 yu2
刍 chu2鑊 huo4蒾 mi2所 suo3颙 yu2
蜍 chu2机 ji1麊 mi2索 suo3雩 yu2
蹰 chu2基 ji1醾 mi2锁 suo3狳 yu2
滁 chu2击 ji1詸 mi2琐 suo3舁 yu2
鉏 chu2激 ji1罙 mi2唢 suo3妤 yu2
鋤 chu2积 ji1鸍 mi2鎖 suo3魚 yu2
蒭 chu2鸡 ji1禰 mi2鏁 suo3隃 yu2
豠 chu2肌 ji1籋 mi2逤 suo4邘 yu2
耡 chu2玑 ji1靡 mi2/mi3他 ta1諛 yu2
芻 chu2饥 ji1米 mi3她 ta1輿 yu2
篨 chu2圾 ji1弭 mi3它 ta1貗 yu2
楚 chu3姬 ji1敉 mi3塌 ta1魣 yu2
础 chu3讥 ji1芈 mi3趿 ta1鱮 yu2
储 chu3畸 ji1脒 mi3铊 ta1荢 yu2
褚 chu3叽 ji1粎 mi3祂 ta1釪 yu2
杵 chu3矶 ji1葞 mi3溻 ta1羭 yu2
禇 chu3羁 ji1密 mi4蹹 ta2畲 yu2/she1
楮 chu3唧 ji1秘 mi4塔 ta3予 yu2/yu3
礎 chu3跻 ji1蜜 mi4鳎 ta3与 yu2/yu3/yu4
齼 chu3嵇 ji1觅 mi4獭 ta3雨 yu3
处 chu3/chu4箕 ji1谧 mi4鰨 ta3宇 yu3
触 chu4畿 ji1宓 mi4踏 ta4羽 yu3
矗 chu4乩 ji1汨 mi4榻 ta4屿 yu3
搐 chu4犄 ji1嘧 mi4蹋 ta4禹 yu3
黜 chu4屐 ji1幂 mi4沓 ta4與 yu3
怵 chu4咭 ji1蓂 mi4挞 ta4龉 yu3
绌 chu4赍 ji1覓 mi4闼 ta4俣 yu3
處 chu4齑 ji1鼏 mi4阘 ta4庾 yu3
憷 chu4笄 ji1覛 mi4遝 ta4圄 yu3
觸 chu4積 ji1棉 mian2闒 ta4窳 yu3
臅 chu4墼 ji1眠 mian2禢 ta4伛 yu3
踀 chu4谿 ji1绵 mian2誻 ta4語 yu3
竌 chu4雞 ji1綿 mian2嗒 ta4/da1圉 yu3
畜 chu4/xu4飢 ji1矊 mian2漯 ta4/luo4瘐 yu3
搋 chuai1剞 ji1緜 mian2遢 ta4/ta1貐 yu3
揣 chuai1/chuai3踦 ji1免 mian3拓 ta4/tuo4頨 yu3
膗 chuai2韲 ji1勉 mian3胎 tai1蝺 yu3
踹 chuai4齏 ji1缅 mian3苔 tai1/tai2藇 yu3
膪 chuai4績 ji1冕 mian3台 tai2祤 yu3
嘬 chuai4/zuo1羇 ji1腼 mian3抬 tai2蘌 yu3
穿 chuan1鄿 ji1湎 mian3跆 tai2语 yu3/yu4
川 chuan1虀 ji1沔 mian3薹 tai2育 yu4
氚 chuan1觭 ji1靦 mian3邰 tai2预 yu4
巛 chuan1羈 ji1眄 mian3炱 tai2域 yu4
船 chuan2鐖 ji1娩 mian3/wan3鲐 tai2遇 yu4
椽 chuan2鞿 ji1面 mian4臺 tai2玉 yu4
遄 chuan2稘 ji1靣 mian4菭 tai2欲 yu4
舡 chuan2緝 ji1麵 mian4颱 tai2愈 yu4
传 chuan2/zhuan4覊 ji1喵 miao1骀 tai2/dai4御 yu4
喘 chuan3磯 ji1描 miao2呔 tai3狱 yu4
舛 chuan3禨 ji1苗 miao2太 tai4誉 yu4
荈 chuan3賷 ji1瞄 miao2态 tai4郁 yu4
串 chuan4几 ji1/ji3鹋 miao2泰 tai4豫 yu4
钏 chuan4迹 ji1/ji4鶓 miao2汰 tai4裕 yu4
窗 chuang1绩 ji1/ji4秒 miao3钛 tai4寓 yu4
疮 chuang1奇 ji1/qi2渺 miao3肽 tai4喻 yu4
创 chuang1/chuang4稽 ji1/qi3藐 miao3酞 tai4浴 yu4
床 chuang2及 ji2缈 miao3鈦 tai4谕 yu4
幢 chuang2/zhuang4即 ji2淼 miao3粏 tai4毓 yu4
闯 chuang3极 ji2邈 miao3舦 tai4驭 yu4
怆 chuang4集 ji2眇 miao3贪 tan1聿 yu4
吹 chui1级 ji2杪 miao3滩 tan1煜 yu4
炊 chui1急 ji2緲 miao3摊 tan1芋 yu4
垂 chui2吉 ji2妙 miao4瘫 tan1峪 yu4
锤 chui2疾 ji2庙 miao4坍 tan1钰 yu4
捶 chui2辑 ji2繆 miao4貪 tan1昱 yu4
槌 chui2籍 ji2缪 miao4/mou2谈 tan2阈 yu4
陲 chui2嫉 ji2咩 mie1坛 tan2妪 yu4
棰 chui2棘 ji2乜 mie1/nie4谭 tan2鹬 yu4
箠 chui2汲 ji2灭 mie4潭 tan2饫 yu4
顀 chui2笈 ji2蔑 mie4痰 tan2鬻 yu4
菙 chui2瘠 ji2篾 mie4檀 tan2鹆 yu4
椎 chui2/zhui1岌 ji2蠛 mie4昙 tan2蜮 yu4
春 chun1楫 ji2民 min2覃 tan2肀 yu4
蝽 chun1蒺 ji2岷 min2郯 tan2預 yu4
輴 chun1嵴 ji2缗 min2锬 tan2穀 yu4
椿 chun1/chun2佶 ji2珉 min2镡 tan2燠 yu4
纯 chun2殛 ji2苠 min2談 tan2遹 yu4
唇 chun2戢 ji2鈱 min2醰 tan2鬱 yu4
醇 chun2級 ji2盿 min2罈 tan2蓣 yu4
淳 chun2鹡 ji2賯 min2藫 tan2鴥 yu4
鹑 chun2蕺 ji2玟 min2/wen2蕁 tan2矞 yu4
莼 chun2蹐 ji2敏 min3坦 tan3禦 yu4
純 chun2鶺 ji2悯 min3毯 tan3鋊 yu4
陙 chun2脨 ji2闽 min3袒 tan3鴪 yu4
鯙 chun2踖 ji2闵 min3忐 tan3轝 yu4
脣 chun2谻 ji2抿 min3钽 tan3礜 yu4
醕 chun2蝍 ji2皿 min3襢 tan3譽 yu4
蠢 chun3鍓 ji2泯 min3探 tan4軉 yu4
賰 chun3箿 ji2愍 min3叹 tan4鴧 yu4
戳 chuo1鞊 ji2緡 min3炭 tan4籲 yu4
踔 chuo1趌 ji2鳘 min3碳 tan4翑 yu4
啜 chuo4芨 ji2/ji1簢 min3汤 tang1鈺 yu4
辍 chuo4藉 ji2/jie4緍 min3蹚 tang1閾 yu4
龊 chuo4亟 ji2/qi4閔 min3羰 tang1籞 yu4
辵 chuo4己 ji3鰵 min3鼞 tang1隩 yu4
磭 chuo4挤 ji3黾 min3/mian3耥 tang1鐍 yu4
绰 chuo4/chao1脊 ji3明 ming2闛 tang1驈 yu4
疵 ci1戟 ji3名 ming2鞺 tang1衘 yu4
呲 ci1麂 ji3鸣 ming2镗 tang1/tang2袬 yu4
跐 ci1虮 ji3铭 ming2唐 tang2錥 yu4
词 ci2鱾 ji3冥 ming2堂 tang2礇 yu4
辞 ci2掎 ji3茗 ming2糖 tang2蕷 yu4
慈 ci2计 ji4瞑 ming2塘 tang2鳿 yu4
磁 ci2记 ji4溟 ming2棠 tang2熨 yu4/yun4
茨 ci2济 ji4螟 ming2膛 tang2渊 yuan1
瓷 ci2技 ji4暝 ming2搪 tang2冤 yuan1
雌 ci2际 ji4鳴 ming2螳 tang2鸳 yuan1
祠 ci2纪 ji4眳 ming2瑭 tang2鸢 yuan1
鹚 ci2继 ji4銘 ming2醣 tang2眢 yuan1
糍 ci2既 ji4眀 ming2樘 tang2箢 yuan1
詞 ci2季 ji4鄍 ming2溏 tang2鹓 yuan1
餈 ci2剂 ji4酩 ming3螗 tang2蝝 yuan1
鈶 ci2寄 ji4命 ming4磄 tang2蜎 yuan1
辭 ci2寂 ji4詺 ming4躺 tang3葾 yuan1
鴜 ci2忌 ji4谬 miu4倘 tang3鋺 yuan1
飺 ci2冀 ji4謬 miu4淌 tang3鳶 yuan1
茈 ci2/zi3妓 ji4摸 mo1/mo2傥 tang3鼘 yuan1
此 ci3伎 ji4模 mo2帑 tang3原 yuan2
次 ci4悸 ji4摩 mo2矘 tang3员 yuan2
刺 ci4暨 ji4魔 mo2鎲 tang3元 yuan2
赐 ci4骥 ji4膜 mo2趟 tang4源 yuan2
莿 ci4稷 ji4摹 mo2烫 tang4园 yuan2
賜 ci4髻 ji4谟 mo2涛 tao1圆 yuan2
伺 ci4/si4鲫 ji4蘑 mo2掏 tao1援 yuan2
匆 cong1蓟 ji4馍 mo2滔 tao1缘 yuan2
聪 cong1觊 ji4嫫 mo2韬 tao1袁 yuan2
葱 cong1霁 ji4糢 mo2饕 tao1猿 yuan2
囱 cong1芰 ji4謨 mo2绦 tao1垣 yuan2
枞 cong1鲚 ji4饝 mo2絛 tao1辕 yuan2
苁 cong1計 ji4謩 mo2飸 tao1沅 yuan2
骢 cong1跽 ji4麽 mo2/me謟 tao1爰 yuan2
璁 cong1繼 ji4磨 mo2/mo4縚 tao1鼋 yuan2

Chinese Character Chinese Character Chinese
茐 cong1記 ji4麿 mo3縧 tao1芫 yuan2
聦 cong1洎 ji4抹 mo3/mo4逃 tao2螈 yuan2
鏦 cong1際 ji4莫 mo4陶 tao2塬 yuan2
聰 cong1紀 ji4默 mo4桃 tao2橼 yuan2
蔥 cong1罽 ji4末 mo4萄 tao2緣 yuan2
驄 cong1蹟 ji4墨 mo4淘 tao2鈨 yuan2
聡 cong1繫 ji4漠 mo4啕 tao2贠 yuan2
从 cong1/cong2/zong4穊 ji4陌 mo4洮 tao2鶢 yuan2
丛 cong2跡 ji4沫 mo4鼗 tao2黿 yuan2
淙 cong2哜 ji4寞 mo4迯 tao2縁 yuan2
琮 cong2鯚 ji4蓦 mo4绹 tao2褑 yuan2
賨 cong2臮 ji4茉 mo4鋾 tao2薗 yuan2
誴 cong2蟿 ji4殁 mo4蜪 tao2笎 yuan2
謥 cong4茍 ji4秣 mo4醄 tao2媛 yuan2/yuan4
凑 cou4訐 ji4镆 mo4祹 tao2远 yuan3
辏 cou4穄 ji4貘 mo4駣 tao2遠 yuan3
腠 cou4繋 ji4貊 mo4騊 tao2院 yuan4
輳 cou4鵋 ji4耱 mo4讨 tao3愿 yuan4
楱 cou4驥 ji4驀 mo4討 tao3怨 yuan4
粗 cu1鯽 ji4瘼 mo4套 tao4苑 yuan4
麄 cu1鰿 ji4瞐 mo4特 te2/te4掾 yuan4
麤 cu1鱀 ji4眜 mo4忑 te4瑗 yuan4
徂 cu2偈 ji4/jie2藦 mo4慝 te4垸 yuan4
殂 cu2荠 ji4/qi2艒 mo4螣 te4願 yuan4
促 cu4祭 ji4/zhai4粖 mo4铽 te4肙 yuan4
簇 cu4家 jia1哞 mou1脦 te4禐 yuan4
醋 cu4加 jia1谋 mou2貣 te4曰 yue1
猝 cu4佳 jia1牟 mou2忒 te4/tui1約 yue1
蹙 cu4嘉 jia1眸 mou2鰧 teng哕 yue3
蹴 cu4迦 jia1鍪 mou2膯 teng1月 yue4
顣 cu4枷 jia1蛑 mou2腾 teng2越 yue4
蔟 cu4袈 jia1侔 mou2疼 teng2阅 yue4
卒 cu4/zu2痂 jia1鴾 mou2藤 teng2跃 yue4
蹿 cuan1浃 jia1麰 mou2滕 teng2岳 yue4
撺 cuan1珈 jia1鞪 mou2誊 teng2悦 yue4
汆 cuan1跏 jia1謀 mou2邆 teng2粤 yue4
镩 cuan1笳 jia1某 mou3籐 teng2樾 yue4
氽 cuan1/tun3葭 jia1母 mu3縢 teng2刖 yue4
攒 cuan2/zan3镓 jia1姆 mu3騰 teng2钺 yue4
窜 cuan4筴 jia1亩 mu3謄 teng2閱 yue4
篡 cuan4麚 jia1牡 mu3梯 ti1龠 yue4
爨 cuan4豭 jia1拇 mu3踢 ti1瀹 yue4
竄 cuan4貑 jia1坶 mu3剔 ti1躍 yue4
催 cui1腵 jia1砪 mu3锑 ti1籆 yue4
摧 cui1夹 jia1/jia2目 mu4軆 ti1趯 yue4
崔 cui1挟 jia1/xie2木 mu4题 ti2軏 yue4
榱 cui1颊 jia2幕 mu4蹄 ti2粵 yue4
磪 cui1荚 jia2牧 mu4啼 ti2礿 yue4
衰 cui1/shuai1戛 jia2穆 mu4題 ti2躒 yue4
璀 cui3郏 jia2墓 mu4缇 ti2氲 yun1
繀 cui3袷 jia2慕 mu4绨 ti2赟 yun1
粹 cui4蛱 jia2募 mu4鹈 ti2贇 yun1
脆 cui4铗 jia2暮 mu4醍 ti2頵 yun1
翠 cui4恝 jia2睦 mu4鳀 ti2蒕 yun1
悴 cui4頰 jia2沐 mu4虒 ti2晕 yun1/yun4
萃 cui4莢 jia2苜 mu4遆 ti2云 yun2
瘁 cui4郟 jia2钼 mu4穉 ti2匀 yun2
啐 cui4甲 jia3仫 mu4趧 ti2芸 yun2
淬 cui4钾 jia3雮 mu4綈 ti2鋆 yun2
粋 cui4岬 jia3霂 mu4鶗 ti2耘 yun2
膬 cui4胛 jia3拿 na2騠 ti2纭 yun2
臎 cui4鉀 jia3镎 na2緹 ti2郧 yun2
膵 cui4瘕 jia3蒘 na2磃 ti2昀 yun2
毳 cui4賈 jia3誽 na2蕛 ti2雲 yun2
脺 cui4假 jia3/jia4秅 na2荑 ti2/yi2蒷 yun2
翆 cui4架 jia4哪 na3/na/nei3体 ti3筼 yun2
村 cun1驾 jia4那 na3/na4/nei4衹 ti3眃 yun2
邨 cun1嫁 jia4纳 na4體 ti3繧 yun2
皴 cun1稼 jia4钠 na4替 ti4縜 yun2
存 cun2駕 jia4捺 na4惕 ti4筠 yun2/jun1
忖 cun3价 jia4/jie衲 na4涕 ti4允 yun3
寸 cun4坚 jian1肭 na4屉 ti4陨 yun3
搓 cuo1尖 jian1納 na4剃 ti4殒 yun3
磋 cuo1肩 jian1靹 na4嚏 ti4狁 yun3
撮 cuo1兼 jian1袦 na4倜 ti4馻 yun3
蹉 cuo1艰 jian1鈉 na4悌 ti4霣 yun3
痤 cuo2歼 jian1篛 na4逖 ti4运 yun4
矬 cuo2奸 jian1呐 na4/ne/na裼 ti4孕 yun4
鹾 cuo2煎 jian1螚 nai2薙 ti4韵 yun4
嵯 cuo2笺 jian1乃 nai3逷 ti4蕴 yun4
虘 cuo2缄 jian1奶 nai3鬀 ti4酝 yun4
脞 cuo3鞯 jian1氖 nai3天 tian1愠 yun4
错 cuo4間 jian1艿 nai3添 tian1恽 yun4
措 cuo4菅 jian1迺 nai3黇 tian1郓 yun4
挫 cuo4犍 jian1釢 nai3田 tian2韫 yun4
厝 cuo4缣 jian1耐 nai4填 tian2運 yun4
锉 cuo4篯 jian1奈 nai4甜 tian2韻 yun4
錯 cuo4湔 jian1鼐 nai4恬 tian2腪 yun4
搭 da1鹣 jian1萘 nai4阗 tian2緷 yun4
哒 da1鞬 jian1柰 nai4瞋 tian2醖 yun4
耷 da1戋 jian1褦 nai4畋 tian2韗 yun4
褡 da1蒹 jian1囡 nan1餂 tian2賱 yun4
矺 da1搛 jian1南 nan2鴫 tian2醞 yun4
鎝 da1鰜 jian1男 nan2碵 tian2餫 yun4
答 da1/da2鵳 jian1喃 nan2舔 tian3咂 za1
达 da2閒 jian1楠 nan2腆 tian3匝 za1
瘩 da2钘 jian1難 nan2忝 tian3臜 za1
鞑 da2葌 jian1难 nan2/nan4殄 tian3紮 za1
靼 da2鲣 jian1赧 nan3铦 tian3臢 za1
妲 da2監 jian1蝻 nan3鍩 tian3鉔 za1
笪 da2麉 jian1腩 nan3觍 tian3扎 za1/zha1/zha2
怛 da2鰹 jian1囔 nang1覥 tian3杂 za2
跶 da2鳒 jian1囊 nang2紾 tian3砸 za2
達 da2鋻 jian1馕 nang2掭 tian4雜 za2
荅 da2蕳 jian1曩 nang3佻 tiao1襍 za2
迏 da2鐧 jian1攮 nang3祧 tiao1雑 za2
繨 da2銒 jian1孬 nao1挑 tiao1/tiao3韴 za2
荙 da2葏 jian1挠 nao2条 tiao2咱 za2/zan2
打 da2/da3虃 jian1呶 nao2迢 tiao2灾 zai1
大 da4/dai4箋 jian1蛲 nao2笤 tiao2栽 zai1
呆 dai1间 jian1/jian4硇 nao2龆 tiao2哉 zai1
待 dai1/dai4监 jian1/jian4铙 nao2苕 tiao2甾 zai1
歹 dai3渐 jian1/jian4猱 nao2蓚 tiao2賳 zai1
傣 dai3浅 jian1/qian3蟯 nao2髫 tiao2宰 zai3
逮 dai3/dai4简 jian3脑 nao3鲦 tiao2崽 zai3
代 dai4检 jian3恼 nao3蜩 tiao2載 zai3
带 dai4减 jian3瑙 nao3鞗 tiao2载 zai3/zai4
戴 dai4剪 jian3腦 nao3鰷 tiao2在 zai4
袋 dai4捡 jian3垴 nao3蓨 tiao2再 zai4
贷 dai4碱 jian3脳 nao3鯈 tiao2縡 zai4
黛 dai4俭 jian3闹 nao4窕 tiao3酨 zai4
怠 dai4拣 jian3淖 nao4跳 tiao4簪 zan1
殆 dai4柬 jian3臑 nao4眺 tiao4糌 zan1
岱 dai4茧 jian3鬧 nao4粜 tiao4篸 zan1
迨 dai4睑 jian3呢 ne/ni2頫 tiao4昝 zan3
玳 dai4锏 jian3讷 ne4贴 tie1趱 zan3
甙 dai4翦 jian3眲 ne4萜 tie1拶 zan3/za1
绐 dai4笕 jian3馁 nei3貼 tie1赞 zan4
埭 dai4謇 jian3鮾 nei3帖 tie1/tie3/tie4暂 zan4
轪 dai4蹇 jian3餒 nei3铁 tie3瓒 zan4
艜 dai4戬 jian3鯘 nei3鐵 tie3錾 zan4
襶 dai4硷 jian3内 nei4驖 tie3讚 zan4
簤 dai4裥 jian3嫩 nen4餮 tie4酂 zan4
貸 dai4趼 jian3能 neng2厅 ting1酇 zan4
鮘 dai4簡 jian3莻 neus汀 ting1蹔 zan4
丹 dan1囝 jian3鈪 ngag烃 ting1贊 zan4
耽 dan1谫 jian3妮 ni1聽 ting1饡 zan4
眈 dan1鹼 jian3尼 ni2綎 ting1赃 zang1
郸 dan1鹹 jian3倪 ni2鞓 ting1臧 zang1
殚 dan1枧 jian3霓 ni2聴 ting1髒 zang1
聃 dan1瞼 jian3怩 ni2听 ting1/ting4脏 zang1/zang4
儋 dan1鬋 jian3猊 ni2停 ting2驵 zang3
箪 dan1醎 jian3鲵 ni2庭 ting2葬 zang4
酖 dan1蠒 jian3铌 ni2廷 ting2臟 zang4
聸 dan1建 jian4坭 ni2亭 ting2臓 zang4
簞 dan1件 jian4麑 ni2霆 ting2奘 zang4/zhuang3
躭 dan1舰 jian4蜺 ni2婷 ting2遭 zao1
襌 dan1剑 jian4貎 ni2蜓 ting2糟 zao1
担 dan1/dan4健 jian4齯 ni2葶 ting2蹧 zao1
瘅 dan1/dan4键 jian4泥 ni2/ni4閮 ting2鑿 zao2
胆 dan3箭 jian4你 ni3莛 ting2凿 zao2/zuo4
掸 dan3践 jian4拟 ni3鼮 ting2早 zao3
膽 dan3鉴 jian4旎 ni3艇 ting3藻 zao3
赕 dan3荐 jian4薿 ni3挺 ting3澡 zao3
黮 dan3贱 jian4聻 ni3梃 ting3枣 zao3
疸 dan3/da溅 jian4逆 ni4颋 ting3蚤 zao3
但 dan4谏 jian4匿 ni4町 ting3/ding1造 zao4
淡 dan4僭 jian4腻 ni4通 tong1躁 zao4
旦 dan4涧 jian4昵 ni4嗵 tong1燥 zao4
蛋 dan4饯 jian4睨 ni4同 tong2灶 zao4
诞 dan4腱 jian4伲 ni4童 tong2噪 zao4
氮 dan4見 jian4膩 ni4铜 tong2皂 zao4
惮 dan4毽 jian4溺 ni4/niao4桐 tong2唣 zao4
啖 dan4鑑 jian4拈 nian1佟 tong2譟 zao4
萏 dan4鍵 jian4蔫 nian1瞳 tong2趮 zao4
霮 dan4踐 jian4年 nian2酮 tong2艁 zao4
禫 dan4艦 jian4黏 nian2潼 tong2竈 zao4
蜑 dan4薦 jian4鲇 nian2彤 tong2则 ze2
饏 dan4踺 jian4鲶 nian2砼 tong2责 ze2
駳 dan4楗 jian4鮎 nian2仝 tong2泽 ze2
誕 dan4瞷 jian4粘 nian2/zhan1茼 tong2啧 ze2
贉 dan4諓 jian4捻 nian3粡 tong2赜 ze2
髧 dan4礀 jian4碾 nian3秱 tong2笮 ze2
石 dan4/shi2鍳 jian4撵 nian3蚒 tong2舴 ze2
弹 dan4/tan2趝 jian4辇 nian3穜 tong2帻 ze2
澹 dan4/tan2繝 jian4蹨 nian3餇 tong2迮 ze2
裆 dang1臶 jian4輾 nian3眮 tong2責 ze2
簹 dang1槛 jian4/kan3跈 nian3銅 tong2箦 ze2
当 dang1/dang4见 jian4/xian4輦 nian3鲖 tong2礋 ze2
党 dang3江 jiang1念 nian4峒 tong2/dong4齰 ze2
谠 dang3疆 jiang1廿 nian4僮 tong2/zhuang4蠌 ze2
黨 dang3僵 jiang1埝 nian4统 tong3咋 ze2/zha4/za3
讜 dang3姜 jiang1娘 niang2筒 tong3择 ze2/zhai2
挡 dang3/dang4缰 jiang1酿 niang4桶 tong3仄 ze4
荡 dang4豇 jiang1釀 niang4捅 tong3昃 ze4
档 dang4薑 jiang1鸟 niao3統 tong3贼 zei2
宕 dang4礓 jiang1袅 niao3綂 tong3鲗 zei2
凼 dang4鳉 jiang1茑 niao3痛 tong4蠈 zei2
砀 dang4螀 jiang1嬲 niao3恸 tong4賊 zei2
菪 dang4鱂 jiang1蔦 niao3偷 tou1怎 zen3
逿 dang4将 jiang1/jiang4脲 niao4鍮 tou1谮 zen4
簜 dang4浆 jiang1/jiang4捏 nie1投 tou2增 zeng1
趤 dang4讲 jiang3涅 nie4骰 tou2憎 zeng1
碭 dang4蒋 jiang3聂 nie4頭 tou2罾 zeng1
盪 dang4奖 jiang3孽 nie4緰 tou2矰 zeng1
礑 dang4桨 jiang3蹑 nie4头 tou2/tou譄 zeng1
刀 dao1講 jiang3嗫 nie4钭 tou3鄫 zeng1
氘 dao1耩 jiang3啮 nie4紏 tou3繒 zeng1
忉 dao1蔣 jiang3镍 nie4飳 tou3磳 zeng1
裯 dao1匠 jiang4颞 nie4透 tou4缯 zeng1/zeng4
鱽 dao1酱 jiang4臬 nie4突 tu1赠 zeng4
魛 dao1绛 jiang4镊 nie4秃 tu1锃 zeng4
叨 dao1/tao1犟 jiang4蘖 nie4凸 tu1甑 zeng4
导 dao3糨 jiang4陧 nie4鋵 tu1贈 zeng4
岛 dao3洚 jiang4菍 nie4禿 tu1馇 zha
祷 dao3絳 jiang4齧 nie4葖 tu1渣 zha1
蹈 dao3謽 jiang4糵 nie4图 tu2揸 zha1
捣 dao3降 jiang4/xiang2顳 nie4徒 tu2蹅 zha1
禱 dao3交 jiao1苶 nie4途 tu2齄 zha1
隝 dao3焦 jiao1鑷 nie4涂 tu2哳 zha1
倒 dao3/dao4娇 jiao1糱 nie4屠 tu2札 zha2
到 dao4胶 jiao1蠥 nie4荼 tu2闸 zha2
道 dao4骄 jiao1鋷 nie4酴 tu2铡 zha2
盗 dao4郊 jiao1聶 nie4鶟 tu2霅 zha2
稻 dao4浇 jiao1您 nin2鍎 tu2譗 zha2
悼 dao4礁 jiao1宁 ning2稌 tu2炸 zha2/zha4
纛 dao4蕉 jiao1凝 ning2鷵 tu2眨 zha3
盜 dao4椒 jiao1狞 ning2土 tu3砟 zha3
稲 dao4蛟 jiao1柠 ning2钍 tu3鲝 zha3
衟 dao4跤 jiao1咛 ning2吐 tu3/tu4鲊 zha3
翢 dao4姣 jiao1甯 ning2兔 tu4苲 zha3
軇 dao4鲛 jiao1聍 ning2堍 tu4诈 zha4
焘 dao4/tao1艽 jiao1聹 ning2莵 tu4乍 zha4
的 de/di2/di4鹪 jiao1拧 ning2/ning3/ning4菟 tu4/tu2榨 zha4
底 de/di3茭 jiao1矃 ning3湍 tuan1蚱 zha4
地 de/di4僬 jiao1泞 ning4貒 tuan1咤 zha4
德 de2膠 jiao1佞 ning4团 tuan2吒 zha4
锝 de2萩 jiao1妞 niu1抟 tuan2醡 zha4
得 de2/de/dei3蟭 jiao1牛 niu2蓴 tuan2痄 zha4
登 deng1膲 jiao1纽 niu3糰 tuan2詐 zha4
灯 deng1骹 jiao1扭 niu3鱄 tuan2栅 zha4/shan1
簦 deng1簥 jiao1钮 niu3疃 tuan3摘 zhai1
噔 deng1轇 jiao1忸 niu3彖 tuan4斋 zhai1
等 deng3鐎 jiao1狃 niu3推 tui1齋 zhai1
戥 deng3驕 jiao1紐 niu3藬 tui1宅 zhai2
邓 deng4鷦 jiao1鈕 niu3蓷 tui1窄 zhai3
瞪 deng4教 jiao1/jiao4靵 niu3颓 tui2债 zhai4
凳 deng4嚼 jiao2/jue2农 nong2魋 tui2寨 zhai4
镫 deng4缴 jiao3浓 nong2隤 tui2砦 zhai4
嶝 deng4狡 jiao3侬 nong2頹 tui2瘵 zhai4
磴 deng4绞 jiao3脓 nong2頺 tui2沾 zhan1
鄧 deng4搅 jiao3哝 nong2腿 tui3詹 zhan1
隥 deng4矫 jiao3膿 nong2脮 tui3瞻 zhan1
蹬 deng4/deng1饺 jiao3秾 nong2蹆 tui3毡 zhan1
低 di1佼 jiao3農 nong2退 tui4旃 zhan1
滴 di1皎 jiao3醲 nong2蜕 tui4谵 zhan1
堤 di1铰 jiao3襛 nong2煺 tui4霑 zhan1
羝 di1敫 jiao3羺 nou2蛻 tui4饘 zhan1
鞮 di1矯 jiao3耨 nou4吞 tun1鹯 zhan1
磾 di1腳 jiao3女 nu:3/nv3暾 tun1邅 zhan1
袛 di1蹻 jiao3钕 nu:3/nv3臀 tun2鳣 zhan1
隄 di1挢 jiao3衄 nu:4/nv4豚 tun2驙 zhan1
镝 di1/di2筊 jiao3恧 nu:4/nv4饨 tun2譫 zhan1
氐 di1/di3餃 jiao3奴 nu2鲀 tun2鸇 zhan1
提 di1/ti2繳 jiao3驽 nu2飩 tun2薝 zhan1
敌 di2絞 jiao3孥 nu2臋 tun2詀 zhan1
迪 di2蟜 jiao3砮 nu2軘 tun2觇 zhan1/chan1
狄 di2釥 jiao3努 nu3屯 tun2/zhun1占 zhan1/zhan4
笛 di2徼 jiao3/jiao4弩 nu3褪 tun4/tui4讝 zhan2
涤 di2角 jiao3/jue2胬 nu3托 tuo1展 zhan3
嫡 di2脚 jiao3/jue2怒 nu4脱 tuo1斩 zhan3
荻 di2湫 jiao3/qiu1暖 nuan3拖 tuo1盏 zhan3
籴 di2侥 jiao3/yao2虐 nue4乇 tuo1崭 zhan3
觌 di2叫 jiao4疟 nue4/yao4脫 tuo1搌 zhan3
踧 di2较 jiao4挪 nuo2託 tuo1飐 zhan3
篴 di2轿 jiao4傩 nuo2讬 tuo1盞 zhan3
糴 di2窖 jiao4娜 nuo2/na4袥 tuo1醆 zhan3
靮 di2酵 jiao4诺 nuo4舃 tuo1辗 zhan3/nian3
鬄 di2醮 jiao4懦 nuo4飥 tuo1战 zhan4
嘀 di2/di1較 jiao4糯 nuo4陀 tuo2站 zhan4
翟 di2/zhai2覺 jiao4锘 nuo4驼 tuo2绽 zhan4
抵 di3轎 jiao4搦 nuo4鸵 tuo2湛 zhan4
邸 di3噍 jiao4耎 nuo4沱 tuo2栈 zhan4
砥 di3藠 jiao4稬 nuo4橐 tuo2蘸 zhan4
诋 di3覐 jiao4衂 nv4佗 tuo2菚 zhan4
骶 di3訆 jiao4筽 o砣 tuo2颤 zhan4/chan4
柢 di3覚 jiao4噢 o1跎 tuo2张 zhang1
菧 di3觉 jiao4/jue2喔 o1/wo1鼍 tuo2章 zhang1
聜 di3峤 jiao4/qiao2欧 ou1坨 tuo2彰 zhang1
軧 di3校 jiao4/xiao4殴 ou1酡 tuo2璋 zhang1
第 di4接 jie1鸥 ou1柁 tuo2漳 zhang1
帝 di4阶 jie1讴 ou1陁 tuo2樟 zhang1
弟 di4街 jie1瓯 ou1鮀 tuo2蟑 zhang1
蒂 di4皆 jie1鏂 ou1袉 tuo2鄣 zhang1
递 di4揭 jie1沤 ou1/ou4駝 tuo2獐 zhang1
缔 di4秸 jie1区 ou1/qu1迆 tuo2嫜 zhang1
谛 di4節 jie1偶 ou3駞 tuo2餦 zhang1
棣 di4階 jie1呕 ou3鼉 tuo2麞 zhang1
娣 di4喈 jie1藕 ou3砤 tuo2粻 zhang1
睇 di4袓 jie1耦 ou3鱓 tuo2鏱 zhang1
碲 di4脻 jie1蕅 ou3妥 tuo3蔁 zhang1
遞 di4稭 jie1怄 ou4椭 tuo3騿 zhang1
禘 di4菨 jie1啪 pa1庹 tuo3掌 zhang3
菂 di4结 jie1/jie2趴 pa1軃 tuo3鐣 zhang3
締 di4嗟 jie1/jue1葩 pa1唾 tuo4仉 zhang3
釱 di4偕 jie1/xie2爬 pa2箨 tuo4鞝 zhang3
腣 di4杰 jie2琶 pa2柝 tuo4涨 zhang3/zhang4
逓 di4洁 jie2杷 pa2跅 tuo4障 zhang4
諦 di4截 jie2筢 pa2籜 tuo4丈 zhang4
祶 di4捷 jie2怕 pa4萚 tuo4帐 zhang4
嗲 dia3劫 jie2帕 pa4躼 uu仗 zhang4
颠 dian1竭 jie2拍 pai1艈 uu胀 zhang4
癫 dian1诘 jie2牌 pai2蓞 uu账 zhang4
滇 dian1睫 jie2徘 pai2聣 uu杖 zhang4
巅 dian1桀 jie2俳 pai2虲 uu瘴 zhang4
掂 dian1拮 jie2簰 pai2挖 wa1嶂 zhang4
齻 dian1孑 jie2排 pai2/pai3蛙 wa1幛 zhang4
顛 dian1碣 jie2派 pai4洼 wa1脹 zhang4
蹎 dian1婕 jie2湃 pai4娲 wa1瞕 zhang4
点 dian3羯 jie2哌 pai4窪 wa1招 zhao1
典 dian3結 jie2潘 pan1窊 wa1昭 zhao1
碘 dian3讦 jie2攀 pan1哇 wa1/wa钊 zhao1
踮 dian3絜 jie2眅 pan1娃 wa2鼂 zhao1
點 dian3蛣 jie2盘 pan2譁 wa2謿 zhao1
蒧 dian3鲒 jie2磐 pan2瓦 wa3駋 zhao1
电 dian4蓵 jie2蹒 pan2佤 wa3着 zhao1/zhao2/zhe/zhu4/zhuo2
店 dian4蜐 jie2蟠 pan2袜 wa4找 zhao3
殿 dian4詰 jie2盤 pan2靺 wa4沼 zhao3
甸 dian4节 jie2/jie1膰 pan2腽 wa4照 zhao4
垫 dian4疖 jie2/jie1蹣 pan2韈 wa4赵 zhao4
奠 dian4桔 jie2/ju2踫 pan2襪 wa4罩 zhao4
淀 dian4姐 jie3闆 pan3歪 wai1兆 zhao4
佃 dian4飷 jie3盻 pan3外 wai4诏 zhao4
惦 dian4解 jie3/jie4/xie4判 pan4湾 wan1肇 zhao4
玷 dian4界 jie4叛 pan4弯 wan1笊 zhao4
癜 dian4介 jie4盼 pan4蜿 wan1鮡 zhao4
靛 dian4借 jie4畔 pan4豌 wan1趙 zhao4
簟 dian4届 jie4袢 pan4剜 wan1遮 zhe1
電 dian4戒 jie4泮 pan4睕 wan1蜇 zhe1/zhe2
坫 dian4诫 jie4襻 pan4関 wan1哲 zhe2
蜔 dian4芥 jie4鋬 pan4完 wan2辄 zhe2
鈿 dian4疥 jie4眫 pan4顽 wan2摺 zhe2
磹 dian4蚧 jie4拚 pan4/pin1丸 wan2谪 zhe2
钿 dian4/tian2褯 jie4乓 pang1烷 wan2磔 zhe2
阽 dian4/yan2誡 jie4滂 pang1芄 wan2謺 zhe2
雕 diao1衸 jie4雱 pang1纨 wan2袩 zhe2
刁 diao1蛶 jie4旁 pang2蚖 wan2粍 zhe2
碉 diao1金 jin1庞 pang2貦 wan2詟 zhe2
凋 diao1今 jin1彷 pang2玩 wan2/wan4輒 zhe2
叼 diao1津 jin1螃 pang2晚 wan3蛰 zhe2/zhi2
貂 diao1斤 jin1逄 pang2碗 wan3者 zhe3
鲷 diao1筋 jin1鳑 pang2挽 wan3赭 zhe3
鵰 diao1巾 jin1趽 pang2宛 wan3锗 zhe3
鯛 diao1襟 jin1鰟 pang2婉 wan3浙 zhe4
颩 diao1矜 jin1蠭 pang2皖 wan3蔗 zhe4
矵 diao1钅 jin1龎 pang2惋 wan3這 zhe4
鸼 diao3衿 jin1耪 pang3畹 wan3鹧 zhe4
掉 diao4觔 jin1胖 pang4绾 wan3柘 zhe4
吊 diao4砛 jin1抛 pao1琬 wan3蟅 zhe4
钓 diao4禁 jin1/jin4脬 pao1菀 wan3这 zhe4/zhei4
調 diao4仅 jin3泡 pao1/pao4脘 wan3真 zhen1
铞 diao4紧 jin3袍 pao2輓 wan3针 zhen1
訋 diao4谨 jin3咆 pao2盌 wan3珍 zhen1
釣 diao4锦 jin3庖 pao2鍐 wan3侦 zhen1
窎 diao4瑾 jin3匏 pao2万 wan4贞 zhen1
调 diao4/tiao2馑 jin3狍 pao2腕 wan4斟 zhen1
铫 diao4/yao2槿 jin3麅 pao2萬 wan4臻 zhen1
跌 die1堇 jin3鞄 pao2翫 wan4桢 zhen1
爹 die1卺 jin3褜 pao2鄤 wan4祯 zhen1
叠 die2緊 jin3龅 pao2/bao1脕 wan4甄 zhen1
蝶 die2廑 jin3跑 pao3輐 wan4箴 zhen1
谍 die2謹 jin3炮 pao4汪 wang1砧 zhen1
碟 die2菫 jin3疱 pao4尢 wang1/you2榛 zhen1
迭 die2蓳 jin3砲 pao4王 wang2針 zhen1
喋 die2錦 jin3窌 pao4亡 wang2胗 zhen1
牒 die2尽 jin3/jin4礮 pao4网 wang3蓁 zhen1
堞 die2进 jin4萢 pao4枉 wang3鉁 zhen1
蹀 die2近 jin4胚 pei1惘 wang3禛 zhen1
鲽 die2晋 jin4呸 pei1罔 wang3鎭 zhen1
垤 die2浸 jin4醅 pei1魍 wang3鱵 zhen1
绖 die2烬 jin4肧 pei1網 wang3貞 zhen1
褋 die2靳 jin4培 pei2辋 wang3禎 zhen1
瓞 die2噤 jin4陪 pei2菵 wang3眞 zhen1
蜨 die2荩 jin4赔 pei2蝄 wang3溱 zhen1/qin2
眣 die2觐 jin4裴 pei2往 wang3/wang4诊 zhen3
耊 die2缙 jin4锫 pei2望 wang4枕 zhen3
镻 die2妗 jin4配 pei4忘 wang4疹 zhen3
詄 die2進 jin4佩 pei4妄 wang4缜 zhen3
眰 die4盡 jin4沛 pei4旺 wang4稹 zhen3
耋 die4/die2赆 jin4辔 pei4盳 wang4診 zhen3
丁 ding1賮 jin4旆 pei4迋 wang4畛 zhen3
盯 ding1齽 jin4帔 pei4威 wei1轸 zhen3
叮 ding1祲 jin4霈 pei4微 wei1袗 zhen3
仃 ding1劲 jin4/jing4茷 pei4危 wei1覙 zhen3
玎 ding1经 jing1喷 pen1/pen4薇 wei1眕 zhen3
疔 ding1精 jing1盆 pen2巍 wei1阵 zhen4
耵 ding1京 jing1湓 pen2偎 wei1镇 zhen4
虰 ding1惊 jing1翸 pen3煨 wei1震 zhen4
钉 ding1/ding4睛 jing1砰 peng1逶 wei1振 zhen4
顶 ding3晶 jing1抨 peng1葳 wei1圳 zhen4
鼎 ding3荆 jing1烹 peng1隈 wei1朕 zhen4
酊 ding3鲸 jing1怦 peng1鳂 wei1赈 zhen4
頂 ding3茎 jing1嘭 peng1葨 wei1鸩 zhen4
艼 ding3兢 jing1軿 peng1崴 wei1/wai3鎮 zhen4
鐤 ding3菁 jing1閛 peng1委 wei1/wei3陣 zhen4
鼑 ding3經 jing1磞 peng1萎 wei1/wei3絼 zhen4
定 ding4旌 jing1輧 peng1维 wei2紖 zhen4
订 ding4泾 jing1朋 peng2围 wei2眹 zhen4
锭 ding4粳 jing1彭 peng2违 wei2争 zheng1
啶 ding4驚 jing1鹏 peng2韦 wei2征 zheng1
碇 ding4腈 jing1蓬 peng2惟 wei2睁 zheng1
腚 ding4莖 jing1膨 peng2帷 wei2怔 zheng1
訂 ding4鼱 jing1棚 peng2桅 wei2蒸 zheng1
釘 ding4麖 jing1篷 peng2闱 wei2铮 zheng1
饤 ding4秔 jing1澎 peng2潍 wei2筝 zheng1
碠 ding4荊 jing1硼 peng2嵬 wei2狰 zheng1
磸 ding4鯨 jing1蟛 peng2帏 wei2峥 zheng1
錠 ding4警 jing3堋 peng2維 wei2钲 zheng1
铤 ding4/ting3景 jing3纄 peng2涠 wei2箏 zheng1
丢 diu1井 jing3芃 peng2鮠 wei2篜 zheng1
铥 diu1颈 jing3髼 peng2鍏 wei2正 zheng1/zheng4
东 dong1阱 jing3韼 peng2鄬 wei2症 zheng1/zheng4
冬 dong1憬 jing3鵬 peng2違 wei2挣 zheng1/zheng4
咚 dong1儆 jing3鬅 peng2觿 wei2徵 zheng1/zhi3
氡 dong1肼 jing3捧 peng3沩 wei2整 zheng3
鸫 dong1頸 jing3碰 peng4觽 wei2拯 zheng3
岽 dong1刭 jing3批 pi1唯 wei2/wei3政 zheng4
鶇 dong1蟼 jing3披 pi1为 wei2/wei4证 zheng4
蝀 dong1穽 jing3霹 pi1圩 wei2/xu1郑 zheng4
笗 dong1境 jing4丕 pi1伟 wei3诤 zheng4
鶫 dong1竟 jing4坯 pi1尾 wei3證 zheng4
菄 dong1静 jing4噼 pi1伪 wei3証 zheng4
懂 dong3竞 jing4砒 pi1纬 wei3帧 zheng4/zhen1
董 dong3敬 jing4纰 pi1苇 wei3之 zhi1
箽 dong3镜 jing4邳 pi1娓 wei3知 zhi1
动 dong4径 jing4鲏 pi1猥 wei3支 zhi1
洞 dong4净 jing4魾 pi1诿 wei3织 zhi1
冻 dong4靖 jing4鮍 pi1痿 wei3枝 zhi1
栋 dong4痉 jing4錃 pi1炜 wei3芝 zhi1
恫 dong4胫 jing4秠 pi1隗 wei3脂 zhi1
胴 dong4迳 jing4匹 pi1/pi3玮 wei3肢 zhi1
胨 dong4鏡 jing4劈 pi1/pi3韪 wei3汁 zhi1
硐 dong4婧 jing4皮 pi2艉 wei3蜘 zhi1
霘 dong4獍 jing4疲 pi2鲔 wei3祗 zhi1
衕 dong4靜 jing4脾 pi2洧 wei3胝 zhi1
垌 dong4競 jing4啤 pi2頠 wei3卮 zhi1
詷 dong4脛 jing4毗 pi2薳 wei3栀 zhi1
侗 dong4/tong2逕 jing4琵 pi2緯 wei3織 zhi1
兜 dou1竸 jing4枇 pi2葦 wei3隻 zhi1
蔸 dou1靓 jing4/liang4罴 pi2骫 wei3鴲 zhi1
篼 dou1扃 jiong1鼙 pi2磈 wei3胑 zhi1
都 dou1/du1絅 jiong1铍 pi2硊 wei3衼 zhi1
抖 dou3駉 jiong1蚍 pi2趡 wei3禔 zhi1
陡 dou3炯 jiong3貔 pi2骩 wei3鼅 zhi1
蚪 dou3窘 jiong3蜱 pi2蔿 wei3鳷 zhi1
斗 dou3/dou4迥 jiong3芘 pi2諉 wei3禵 zhi1
豆 dou4颎 jiong3郫 pi2蜼 wei3直 zhi2
逗 dou4褧 jiong3埤 pi2鮪 wei3值 zhi2
窦 dou4蘔 jiong3陴 pi2位 wei4职 zhi2
痘 dou4綗 jiong3腗 pi2未 wei4执 zhi2
饾 dou4究 jiu1篺 pi2卫 wei4植 zhi2
餖 dou4纠 jiu1隦 pi2味 wei4殖 zhi2
竇 dou4揪 jiu1陂 pi2/po1/bei1谓 wei4侄 zhi2
閗 dou4鸠 jiu1癖 pi3慰 wei4踯 zhi2
脰 dou4啾 jiu1痞 pi3魏 wei4摭 zhi2
荳 dou4赳 jiu1圮 pi3胃 wei4跖 zhi2
读 dou4/du2阄 jiu1庀 pi3喂 wei4蹠 zhi2
督 du1鬏 jiu1仳 pi3畏 wei4絷 zhi2
嘟 du1糺 jiu1擗 pi3尉 wei4埴 zhi2
阇 du1鳩 jiu1屁 pi4渭 wei4職 zhi2
闍 du1九 jiu3譬 pi4猬 wei4鉄 zhi2
独 du2久 jiu3僻 pi4鳚 wei4禃 zhi2
毒 du2酒 jiu3媲 pi4衛 wei4膱 zhi2
渎 du2灸 jiu3甓 pi4謂 wei4指 zhi3
犊 du2韭 jiu3淠 pi4霨 wei4止 zhi3
牍 du2玖 jiu3闢 pi4蝟 wei4纸 zhi3
黩 du2紤 jiu3鷿 pi4苿 wei4旨 zhi3
髑 du2韮 jiu3篇 pian1讏 wei4址 zhi3
讀 du2就 jiu4偏 pian1硙 wei4趾 zhi3
椟 du2救 jiu4翩 pian1鏏 wei4咫 zhi3
讟 du2旧 jiu4犏 pian1軎 wei4酯 zhi3
韥 du2舅 jiu4片 pian1/pian4餵 wei4芷 zhi3
鑟 du2疚 jiu4骈 pian2磑 wei4祉 zhi3
碡 du2/zhou2咎 jiu4胼 pian2藯 wei4枳 zhi3
赌 du3臼 jiu4蹁 pian2躛 wei4阯 zhi3
堵 du3厩 jiu4骿 pian2錗 wei4黹 zhi3
睹 du3鹫 jiu4谝 pian3鮇 wei4紙 zhi3
笃 du3柩 jiu4骗 pian4蔚 wei4/yu4轵 zhi3
覩 du3僦 jiu4騙 pian4温 wen1觝 zhi3
篤 du3桕 jiu4魸 pian4瘟 wen1茝 zhi3
陼 du3舊 jiu4飘 piao1蕰 wen1絺 zhi3
肚 du3/du4鷲 jiu4剽 piao1藴 wen1藢 zhi3
度 du4居 ju1螵 piao1鳁 wen1制 zhi4
杜 du4拘 ju1磦 piao1缊 wen1至 zhi4
渡 du4鞠 ju1縹 piao1辒 wen1治 zhi4
妒 du4狙 ju1魒 piao1縕 wen1质 zhi4
镀 du4驹 ju1漂 piao1/piao3/piao4薀 wen1致 zhi4
蠹 du4疽 ju1嫖 piao2緼 wen1志 zhi4
芏 du4掬 ju1瓢 piao2文 wen2置 zhi4
詫 du4雎 ju1瞟 piao3闻 wen2智 zhi4
鍍 du4鞫 ju1殍 piao3纹 wen2秩 zhi4
秺 du4裾 ju1醥 piao3蚊 wen2滞 zhi4
端 duan1苴 ju1缥 piao3/piao1雯 wen2掷 zhi4
短 duan3鮈 ju1票 piao4阌 wen2稚 zhi4
断 duan4琚 ju1嘌 piao4聞 wen2帜 zhi4
段 duan4椐 ju1骠 piao4/biao1闅 wen2挚 zhi4
锻 duan4踘 ju1瞥 pie1閺 wen2峙 zhi4
缎 duan4臄 ju1氕 pie1鼤 wen2窒 zhi4
椴 duan4跔 ju1撇 pie1/pie3紋 wen2炙 zhi4
煅 duan4艍 ju1苤 pie3閿 wen2痔 zhi4
鍛 duan4罝 ju1拼 pin1螡 wen2痣 zhi4
緞 duan4锔 ju1/ju2姘 pin1魰 wen2蛭 zhi4
葮 duan4据 ju1/ju4贫 pin2稳 wen3郅 zhi4
堆 dui1俱 ju1/ju4频 pin2吻 wen3觯 zhi4
鎚 dui1锯 ju1/ju4嫔 pin2刎 wen3雉 zhi4
鴭 dui1趄 ju1/qie4颦 pin2穩 wen3栉 zhi4
对 dui4局 ju2頻 pin2脗 wen3桎 zhi4
队 dui4菊 ju2蘋 pin2紊 wen3/wen4質 zhi4
兑 dui4橘 ju2貧 pin2问 wen4鸷 zhi4
怼 dui4鼰 ju2苹 pin2/ping2汶 wen4帙 zhi4
碓 dui4粷 ju2品 pin3璺 wen4贽 zhi4
隊 dui4閰 ju2榀 pin3顐 wen4陟 zhi4
憝 dui4駶 ju2聘 pin4翁 weng1骘 zhi4
鐓 dui4輂 ju2牝 pin4嗡 weng1彘 zhi4
錞 dui4举 ju3乒 ping1鹟 weng1轾 zhi4
祋 dui4矩 ju3娉 ping1鶲 weng1踬 zhi4
鋭 dui4沮 ju3俜 ping1聬 weng3製 zhi4
陮 dui4咀 ju3平 ping2蓊 weng3忮 zhi4
敦 dun1榘 ju3评 ping2瓮 weng4誌 zhi4
蹲 dun1榉 ju3凭 ping2蕹 weng4铚 zhi4
墩 dun1龃 ju3瓶 ping2罋 weng4袠 zhi4
礅 dun1莒 ju3萍 ping2齆 weng4胵 zhi4
蹾 dun1踽 ju3坪 ping2窝 wo1芖 zhi4
镦 dun1/dui4舉 ju3鲆 ping2倭 wo1紩 zhi4
吨 dun1/dun4蒟 ju3枰 ping2蜗 wo1鑕 zhi4
盹 dun3筥 ju3評 ping2莴 wo1翐 zhi4
趸 dun3具 ju4聠 ping2窩 wo1秲 zhi4
躉 dun3句 ju4蛢 ping2萵 wo1緻 zhi4
顿 dun4剧 ju4蓱 ping2蝸 wo1騺 zhi4
盾 dun4巨 ju4缾 ping2我 wo3跱 zhi4
钝 dun4距 ju4坡 po1握 wo4鋕 zhi4
遁 dun4聚 ju4颇 po1沃 wo4袟 zhi4
沌 dun4拒 ju4泼 po1卧 wo4锧 zhi4
炖 dun4惧 ju4钋 po1斡 wo4稙 zhi4
砘 dun4炬 ju4攴 po1渥 wo4覟 zhi4
遯 dun4踞 ju4頗 po1龌 wo4贄 zhi4
鈍 dun4遽 ju4釙 po1幄 wo4驇 zhi4
逇 dun4飓 ju4酦 po1硪 wo4隲 zhi4
頓 dun4钜 ju4醱 po1肟 wo4鴙 zhi4

Chinese Character Chinese Character Chinese
囤 dun4/tun2苣 ju4婆 po2臥 wo4终 zhong1
多 duo1倨 ju4鄱 po2馧 wo4钟 zhong1
哆 duo1讵 ju4皤 po2艧 wo4忠 zhong1
咄 duo1醵 ju4叵 po3雘 wo4衷 zhong1
掇 duo1窭 ju4笸 po3屋 wu1盅 zhong1
裰 duo1虡 ju4钷 po3乌 wu1锺 zhong1
夺 duo2屦 ju4破 po4污 wu1螽 zhong1
踱 duo2鐻 ju4迫 po4巫 wu1舯 zhong1
铎 duo2犋 ju4魄 po4呜 wu1終 zhong1
朵 duo3秬 ju4珀 po4诬 wu1鐘 zhong1
躲 duo3鉅 ju4粕 po4钨 wu1螤 zhong1
缍 duo3鋸 ju4蒪 po4邬 wu1蹱 zhong1
哚 duo3簴 ju4朴 po4/pu3圬 wu1鈡 zhong1
躱 duo3粔 ju4剖 pou1鴮 wu1忪 zhong1/song1
垛 duo3/duo4瞿 ju4/qu2裒 pou2趶 wu1中 zhong1/zhong4
堕 duo4捐 juan1掊 pou2/pou3螐 wu1肿 zhong3
舵 duo4娟 juan1扑 pu1鰞 wu1冢 zhong3
惰 duo4鹃 juan1噗 pu1无 wu2踵 zhong3
跺 duo4涓 juan1鋪 pu1吴 wu2種 zhong3
剁 duo4镌 juan1仆 pu1/pu2吾 wu2腫 zhong3
沲 duo4蠲 juan1铺 pu1/pu4毋 wu2种 zhong3/zhong4
饳 duo4脧 juan1葡 pu2芜 wu2众 zhong4
驮 duo4/tuo2鎸 juan1菩 pu2梧 wu2仲 zhong4
婀 e1圈 juan1/juan4/quan1蒲 pu2蜈 wu2眾 zhong4
屙 e1踡 juan3璞 pu2浯 wu2諥 zhong4
额 e2臇 juan3匍 pu2鼯 wu2茽 zhong4
俄 e2錈 juan3濮 pu2鹀 wu2周 zhou1
鹅 e2蕋 juan3莆 pu2禑 wu2洲 zhou1
娥 e2卷 juan3/juan4酺 pu2铻 wu2州 zhou1
峨 e2倦 juan4镤 pu2茣 wu2舟 zhou1
蛾 e2绢 juan4襆 pu2祦 wu2粥 zhou1
讹 e2眷 juan4穙 pu2莁 wu2啁 zhou1
莪 e2鄄 juan4纀 pu2五 wu3週 zhou1
锇 e2狷 juan4菐 pu2武 wu3赒 zhou1
鰪 e2睊 juan4贌 pu2午 wu3诪 zhou1
額 e2睠 juan4普 pu3舞 wu3辀 zhou1
訛 e2絹 juan4浦 pu3伍 wu3盩 zhou1
譌 e2絭 juan4谱 pu3侮 wu3輈 zhou1
睋 e2罥 juan4埔 pu3捂 wu3輖 zhou1
鵝 e2锩 juan4/juan3圃 pu3鹉 wu3諏 zhou1
蚵 e2/ke1撅 jue1溥 pu3妩 wu3譸 zhou1
哦 e2/o2/o4噘 jue1蹼 pu3庑 wu3妯 zhou2
恶 e3/e4/wu4繑 jue1氆 pu3忤 wu3軸 zhou2
饿 e4决 jue2镨 pu3迕 wu3轴 zhou2/zhu2
厄 e4绝 jue2譜 pu3怃 wu3肘 zhou3
遏 e4爵 jue2曝 pu4仵 wu3帚 zhou3
愕 e4掘 jue2舖 pu4牾 wu3箒 zhou3
扼 e4厥 jue2期 qi1膴 wu3宙 zhou4
噩 e4诀 jue2七 qi1碔 wu3皱 zhou4
鳄 e4崛 jue2欺 qi1物 wu4骤 zhou4
颚 e4抉 jue2漆 qi1务 wu4咒 zhou4
萼 e4攫 jue2戚 qi1误 wu4昼 zhou4
谔 e4獗 jue2凄 qi1悟 wu4胄 zhou4
垩 e4蕨 jue2沏 qi1雾 wu4纣 zhou4
鹗 e4谲 jue2嘁 qi1勿 wu4绉 zhou4
锷 e4橛 jue2萋 qi1晤 wu4籀 zhou4
轭 e4珏 jue2桤 qi1坞 wu4驟 zhou4
腭 e4噱 jue2柒 qi1戊 wu4酎 zhou4
苊 e4矍 jue2碕 qi1鋈 wu4籒 zhou4
阨 e4镢 jue2郪 qi1骛 wu4紂 zhou4
齾 e4桷 jue2諆 qi1鹜 wu4荮 zhou4
蕚 e4劂 jue2鶈 qi1婺 wu4诸 zhu1
顎 e4孓 jue2缉 qi1/ji1寤 wu4朱 zhu1
詻 e4絕 jue2妻 qi1/qi4焐 wu4珠 zhu1
軛 e4爝 jue2溪 qi1/xi1芴 wu4猪 zhu1
阸 e4钁 jue2栖 qi1/xi1杌 wu4株 zhu1
頞 e4觖 jue2其 qi2誤 wu4蛛 zhu1
鶚 e4觼 jue2齐 qi2靰 wu4诛 zhu1
鍔 e4蕝 jue2骑 qi2霚 wu4铢 zhu1
蘁 e4蹷 jue2旗 qi2痦 wu4侏 zhu1
礘 e4矡 jue2歧 qi2霧 wu4潴 zhu1
讍 e4芵 jue2棋 qi2阢 wu4茱 zhu1
餓 e4訣 jue2祈 qi2鶩 wu4洙 zhu1
呃 e4/e蟨 jue2崎 qi2兀 wu4/wu1橥 zhu1
鄂 e4/E4穱 jue2鳍 qi2西 xi1槠 zhu1
阏 e4/yan1絶 jue2琪 qi2息 xi1諸 zhu1
诶 ei1躩 jue2琦 qi2希 xi1邾 zhu1
恩 en1蹶 jue2/jue3祁 qi2吸 xi1硃 zhu1
蒽 en1倔 jue2/jue4祺 qi2析 xi1豬 zhu1
嗯 en1/ng/en4誳 jue4耆 qi2悉 xi1藷 zhu1
唔 en2菌 jun1/jun4脐 qi2惜 xi1鼄 zhu1
摁 en4军 jun1uu岐 qi2稀 xi1秼 zhu1
而 er2均 jun1uu淇 qi2牺 xi1蠩 zhu1
鸸 er2君 jun1uu芪 qi2晰 xi1逐 zhu2
粫 er2钧 jun1uu麒 qi2膝 xi1竹 zhu2
鲕 er2麇 jun1uu畦 qi2昔 xi1烛 zhu2
輀 er2皲 jun1uu蛴 qi2嘻 xi1竺 zhu2
胹 er2軍 jun1uu圻 qi2熙 xi1躅 zhu2
儿 er2/er麕 jun1uu颀 qi2兮 xi1舳 zhu2
尔 er3鲪 jun1uu祇 qi2熄 xi1蠋 zhu2
耳 er3袀 jun1uu蕲 qi2嬉 xi1钃 zhu2
饵 er3碅 jun1uu綦 qi2奚 xi1蠾 zhu2
珥 er3麏 jun1uu亓 qi2犀 xi1鸀 zhu2
迩 er3覠 jun1uu骐 qi2螅 xi1茿 zhu2
洱 er3莙 jun1uu萁 qi2曦 xi1笜 zhu2
铒 er3浚 jun4/xun4臍 qi2蟋 xi1筑 zhu2/zhu4
薾 er3俊 jun4uu碁 qi2熹 xi1主 zhu3
邇 er3郡 jun4uu蜞 qi2羲 xi1嘱 zhu3
餌 er3峻 jun4uu饑 qi2汐 xi1煮 zhu3
趰 er3骏 jun4uu鯕 qi2烯 xi1瞩 zhu3
二 er4竣 jun4uu鲯 qi2蜥 xi1拄 zhu3
贰 er4隽 jun4uu跂 qi2皙 xi1渚 zhu3
佴 er4捃 jun4uu齊 qi2醯 xi1麈 zhu3
貮 er4葰 jun4uu軙 qi2唏 xi1詝 zhu3
髪 fa1馂 jun4uu騎 qi2淅 xi1矚 zhu3
发 fa1/fa4箘 jun4uu麡 qi2僖 xi1砫 zhu3
罚 fa2雋 jun4uu禥 qi2硒 xi1住 zhu4
乏 fa2蜠 jun4uu鬐 qi2窸 xi1注 zhu4
伐 fa2咖 ka1鬿 qi2浠 xi1助 zhu4
阀 fa2喀 ka1蚑 qi2矽 xi1驻 zhu4
筏 fa2咔 ka1竒 qi2舾 xi1祝 zhu4
垡 fa2胩 ka3纃 qi2穸 xi1柱 zhu4
瞂 fa2佧 ka3艩 qi2欷 xi1铸 zhu4
罰 fa2卡 ka3/qia3粸 qi2樨 xi1贮 zhu4
法 fa3开 kai1螧 qi2粞 xi1蛀 zhu4
砝 fa3揩 kai1只 qi2/zhi1/zhi3菥 xi1伫 zhu4
珐 fa4開 kai1起 qi3豨 xi1杼 zhu4
髮 fa4锎 kai1企 qi3鼷 xi1箸 zhu4
蕟 fa4凯 kai3启 qi3訢 xi1炷 zhu4
翻 fan1慨 kai3岂 qi3鸂 xi1苎 zhu4
帆 fan1恺 kai3乞 qi3錫 xi1翥 zhu4
藩 fan1楷 kai3绮 qi3豀 xi1纻 zhu4
幡 fan1铠 kai3杞 qi3糦 xi1貯 zhu4
轓 fan1闿 kai3芑 qi3鏭 xi1跓 zhu4
番 fan1/pan1锴 kai3綮 qi3睎 xi1麆 zhu4
凡 fan2剀 kai3豈 qi3礂 xi1疰 zhu4
烦 fan2蒈 kai3屺 qi3鑴 xi1築 zhu4
繁 fan2垲 kai3簯 qi3饻 xi1苧 zhu4
樊 fan2忾 kai4邔 qi3翖 xi1竚 zhu4
燔 fan2刊 kan1气 qi4蹊 xi1/qi1紵 zhu4
矾 fan2堪 kan1器 qi4夕 xi1/xi4鑄 zhu4
钒 fan2勘 kan1弃 qi4习 xi2駐 zhu4
蘩 fan2龛 kan1汽 qi4席 xi2羜 zhu4
蹯 fan2戡 kan1契 qi4袭 xi2註 zhu4
鐇 fan2看 kan1/kan4泣 qi4媳 xi2祩 zhu4
繙 fan2砍 kan3迄 qi4檄 xi2著 zhu4/zhe
鷭 fan2坎 kan3砌 qi4習 xi2抓 zhua1
蠜 fan2侃 kan3憩 qi4隰 xi2膼 zhua1
薠 fan2竷 kan3讫 qi4觋 xi2髽 zhua1
緐 fan2轗 kan3碛 qi4郋 xi2挝 zhua1/wo1
笲 fan2瞰 kan4槭 qi4襲 xi2爪 zhua3/zhao3
蕃 fan2/fan1阚 kan4葺 qi4鳛 xi2睉 zhuai4
反 fan3磡 kan4碶 qi4騽 xi2专 zhuan1
返 fan3矙 kan4汔 qi4霫 xi2砖 zhuan1
攵 fan3康 kang1磜 qi4蓆 xi2颛 zhuan1
范 fan4慷 kang1磩 qi4薂 xi2顓 zhuan1
犯 fan4糠 kang1鼜 qi4鎴 xi2磚 zhuan1
饭 fan4闶 kang1掐 qia1锡 xi2/xi1耑 zhuan1
泛 fan4鱇 kang1葜 qia1褶 xi2/zhe3鄟 zhuan1
贩 fan4躿 kang1跒 qia3喜 xi3轉 zhuan3
梵 fan4抗 kang4恰 qia4洗 xi3転 zhuan3
畈 fan4炕 kang4洽 qia4禧 xi3转 zhuan3/zhuan4
範 fan4亢 kang4髂 qia4徙 xi3撰 zhuan4
飯 fan4伉 kang4硈 qia4玺 xi3篆 zhuan4
販 fan4钪 kang4千 qian1葸 xi3馔 zhuan4
訉 fan4鈧 kang4签 qian1屣 xi3啭 zhuan4
軓 fan4尻 kao1迁 qian1蓰 xi3蒃 zhuan4
盕 fan4訄 kao1牵 qian1銑 xi3簨 zhuan4
飰 fan4考 kao3谦 qian1蟢 xi3饌 zhuan4
軬 fan4烤 kao3铅 qian1系 xi4赚 zhuan4/zuan4
方 fang1拷 kao3骞 qian1细 xi4装 zhuang1
芳 fang1栲 kao3阡 qian1戏 xi4庄 zhuang1
坊 fang1靠 kao4愆 qian1隙 xi4桩 zhuang1
枋 fang1铐 kao4仟 qian1阋 xi4妆 zhuang1
钫 fang1犒 kao4悭 qian1饩 xi4裝 zhuang1
邡 fang1鲓 kao4佥 qian1細 xi4莊 zhuang1
匚 fang1/qu1科 ke1芊 qian1禊 xi4荘 zhuang1
房 fang2颗 ke1扦 qian1舄 xi4粧 zhuang1
防 fang2柯 ke1钎 qian1衋 xi4状 zhuang4
妨 fang2棵 ke1褰 qian1绤 xi4壮 zhuang4
肪 fang2磕 ke1搴 qian1钑 xi4撞 zhuang4
鲂 fang2苛 ke1籤 qian1闟 xi4戆 zhuang4/gang4
访 fang3珂 ke1遷 qian1餼 xi4追 zhui1
仿 fang3轲 ke1竏 qian1翕 xi4/xi1锥 zhui1
纺 fang3瞌 ke1鹐 qian1瞎 xia1骓 zhui1
舫 fang3蝌 ke1蚈 qian1虾 xia1隹 zhui1
髣 fang3窠 ke1藖 qian1鰕 xia1錐 zhui1
訪 fang3髁 ke1騫 qian1蝦 xia1坠 zhui4
眆 fang3稞 ke1韆 qian1呷 xia1/ga1缀 zhui4
放 fang4疴 ke1箞 qian1侠 xia2赘 zhui4
非 fei1簻 ke1簽 qian1辖 xia2惴 zhui4
飞 fei1顆 ke1鉛 qian1峡 xia2缒 zhui4
菲 fei1钶 ke1鈆 qian1狭 xia2贅 zhui4
啡 fei1窼 ke1岍 qian1霞 xia2醊 zhui4
妃 fei1趷 ke1前 qian2暇 xia2礈 zhui4
绯 fei1薖 ke1钱 qian2匣 xia2錣 zhui4
扉 fei1軻 ke1潜 qian2瑕 xia2縋 zhui4
霏 fei1頦 ke1虔 qian2遐 xia2諈 zhui4
鲱 fei1颏 ke1/ke2钳 qian2黠 xia2笍 zhui4
飛 fei1壳 ke2/qiao4黔 qian2郃 xia2綴 zhui4
鯡 fei1可 ke3荨 qian2狎 xia2餟 zhui4
騛 fei1渴 ke3掮 qian2硖 xia2谆 zhun1
裶 fei1坷 ke3钤 qian2柙 xia2肫 zhun1
緋 fei1岢 ke3箝 qian2祫 xia2窀 zhun1
肥 fei2克 ke4錢 qian2陜 xia2諄 zhun1
腓 fei2客 ke4葴 qian2鎋 xia2迍 zhun1
淝 fei2刻 ke4鍼 qian2翈 xia2准 zhun3
匪 fei3课 ke4軡 qian2睱 xia2桌 zhuo1
斐 fei3恪 ke4鰬 qian2縀 xia2捉 zhuo1
诽 fei3缂 ke4遣 qian3下 xia4涿 zhuo1
翡 fei3氪 ke4谴 qian3夏 xia4倬 zhuo1
榧 fei3溘 ke4肷 qian3吓 xia4棹 zhuo1/zhao4
悱 fei3锞 ke4缱 qian3罅 xia4卓 zhuo2
篚 fei3課 ke4蜸 qian3先 xian1灼 zhuo2
蕜 fei3骒 ke4欠 qian4仙 xian1琢 zhuo2
蜚 fei3/fei1艐 ke4歉 qian4掀 xian1酌 zhuo2
费 fei4袔 ke4倩 qian4酰 xian1浊 zhuo2
废 fei4碦 ke4嵌 qian4暹 xian1啄 zhuo2
肺 fei4礊 ke4茜 qian4锨 xian1镯 zhuo2
沸 fei4騍 ke4堑 qian4跹 xian1茁 zhuo2
狒 fei4嗑 ke4/ke1芡 qian4籼 xian1擢 zhuo2
吠 fei4肯 ken3椠 qian4氙 xian1斫 zhuo2
痱 fei4恳 ken3蒨 qian4祆 xian1濯 zhuo2
镄 fei4垦 ken3篟 qian4莶 xian1浞 zhuo2
費 fei4啃 ken3慊 qian4/qie4鮮 xian1诼 zhuo2
笰 fei4頎 ken3纤 qian4/xian1纖 xian1鷟 zhuo2
蕡 fei4肻 ken3枪 qiang1縿 xian1諑 zhuo2
鐨 fei4龈 ken3/yin2腔 qiang1韱 xian1鐲 zhuo2
髴 fei4裉 ken4羌 qiang1鱻 xian1蠗 zhuo2
芾 fei4/fu2坑 keng1锵 qiang1鲜 xian1/xian3拙 zhuo2/zhuo1
砩 fei4/fu2铿 keng1戕 qiang1闲 xian2资 zi1
怫 fei4/fu2硁 keng1鎗 qiang1嫌 xian2兹 zi1
纷 fen1崆 kong1蜣 qiang1贤 xian2姿 zi1
芬 fen1箜 kong1戗 qiang1弦 xian2滋 zi1
氛 fen1躻 kong1锖 qiang1衔 xian2咨 zi1
吩 fen1鵼 kong1錆 qiang1咸 xian2吱 zi1
酚 fen1倥 kong1/kong3鏘 qiang1舷 xian2孜 zi1
雰 fen1空 kong1/kong4蹌 qiang1娴 xian2淄 zi1
紛 fen1恐 kong3篬 qiang1涎 xian2辎 zi1
翂 fen1孔 kong3蹡 qiang1痫 xian2谘 zi1
鈖 fen1控 kong4鸧 qiang1鹇 xian2龇 zi1
玢 fen1/bin1鞚 kong4抢 qiang1/qiang3賢 xian2髭 zi1
分 fen1/fen4抠 kou1镪 qiang1/qiang3鷳 xian2孳 zi1
坟 fen2芤 kou1跄 qiang1/qiang4蚿 xian2缁 zi1
焚 fen2眍 kou1呛 qiang1/qiang4鷼 xian2粢 zi1
汾 fen2口 kou3强 qiang2銜 xian2赀 zi1
棼 fen2扣 kou4墙 qiang2閑 xian2锱 zi1
鼢 fen2寇 kou4蔷 qiang2鷴 xian2嵫 zi1
羵 fen2叩 kou4樯 qiang2显 xian3資 zi1
鼖 fen2蔻 kou4嫱 qiang2险 xian3趑 zi1
魵 fen2筘 kou4薔 qiang2藓 xian3鲻 zi1
蚡 fen2蔲 kou4艢 qiang2蚬 xian3茲 zi1
粉 fen3鷇 kou4襁 qiang3跣 xian3鯔 zi1
瞓 fen3釦 kou4羟 qiang3冼 xian3菑 zi1
黺 fen3哭 ku1炝 qiang4燹 xian3趦 zi1
份 fen4枯 ku1敲 qiao1顯 xian3茊 zi1
奋 fen4窟 ku1跷 qiao1險 xian3薋 zi1
愤 fen4骷 ku1橇 qiao1筅 xian3葘 zi1
粪 fen4堀 ku1锹 qiao1猃 xian3秶 zi1
忿 fen4矻 ku1硗 qiao1蜆 xian3諮 zi1
偾 fen4刳 ku1劁 qiao1顕 xian3镃 zi1
糞 fen4跍 ku1鍬 qiao1铣 xian3/xi3貲 zi1
膹 fen4窋 ku1碻 qiao1现 xian4禌 zi1
鲼 fen4郀 ku1缲 qiao1线 xian4鄑 zi1
风 feng1苦 ku3鐰 qiao1限 xian4齜 zi1
封 feng1库 ku4鄡 qiao1县 xian4訾 zi1/zi3
丰 feng1酷 ku4趬 qiao1献 xian4仔 zi1/zi3/zai3
峰 feng1裤 ku4雀 qiao1/qiao3/que4陷 xian4觜 zi1/zui3
疯 feng1绔 ku4桥 qiao2宪 xian4紫 zi3
锋 feng1喾 ku4乔 qiao2腺 xian4姊 zi3
蜂 feng1袴 ku4瞧 qiao2羡 xian4籽 zi3
枫 feng1齁 ku4侨 qiao2馅 xian4梓 zi3
烽 feng1褲 ku4樵 qiao2霰 xian4滓 zi3
沣 feng1秙 ku4憔 qiao2苋 xian4笫 zi3
酆 feng1夸 kua1荞 qiao2岘 xian4秭 zi3
風 feng1誇 kua1菬 qiao2線 xian4子 zi3/zi
葑 feng1垮 kua3鞒 qiao2粯 xian4自 zi4
砜 feng1侉 kua3硚 qiao2軐 xian4字 zi4
豐 feng1顝 kua3睄 qiao2県 xian4渍 zi4
鄷 feng1銙 kua3礄 qiao2睍 xian4恣 zi4
盽 feng1跨 kua4藮 qiao2縣 xian4眦 zi4
碸 feng1挎 kua4翘 qiao2/qiao4香 xiang1眥 zi4
鋒 feng1胯 kua4谯 qiao2/qiao4乡 xiang1胔 zi4
豊 feng1骻 kua4巧 qiao3箱 xiang1胾 zi4
冯 feng2块 kuai1/kuai4愀 qiao3湘 xiang1宗 zong1
逢 feng2蒯 kuai3磽 qiao3厢 xiang1综 zong1
縫 feng2快 kuai4悄 qiao3/qiao1镶 xiang1踪 zong1
馮 feng2筷 kuai4俏 qiao4襄 xiang1棕 zong1
艂 feng2脍 kuai4峭 qiao4骧 xiang1鬃 zong1
缝 feng2/feng4侩 kuai4窍 qiao4芗 xiang1綜 zong1
唪 feng3狯 kuai4鞘 qiao4缃 xiang1鯮 zong1
奉 feng4哙 kuai4撬 qiao4鄉 xiang1蹤 zong1
凤 feng4鲙 kuai4诮 qiao4葙 xiang1腙 zong1
俸 feng4郐 kuai4竅 qiao4纕 xiang1磫 zong1
赗 feng4鄶 kuai4翹 qiao4蘘 xiang1踨 zong1
鳳 feng4駃 kuai4陗 qiao4緗 xiang1鬉 zong1
讽 feng4/feng3浍 kuai4/hui4踃 qiao4鑲 xiang1騣 zong1
覅 fiao宽 kuan1切 qie1/qie4相 xiang1/xiang4緵 zong1
佛 fo2/fu2髋 kuan1茄 qie2详 xiang2骔 zong1
缶 fou3款 kuan3聺 qie2祥 xiang2纵 zong1/zong4
缻 fou3窾 kuan3伽 qie2/ga1翔 xiang2总 zong3
否 fou3/pi3匡 kuang1且 qie3庠 xiang2偬 zong3
夫 fu1筐 kuang1窃 qie4詳 xiang2總 zong3
肤 fu1诓 kuang1怯 qie4想 xiang3蓯 zong3
敷 fu1哐 kuang1妾 qie4响 xiang3縂 zong3
孵 fu1邼 kuang1惬 qie4享 xiang3蓗 zong3
趺 fu1狂 kuang2锲 qie4饷 xiang3粽 zong4
呋 fu1诳 kuang2挈 qie4飨 xiang3縱 zong4
跗 fu1軠 kuang2箧 qie4響 xiang3糉 zong4
麸 fu1鵟 kuang2郤 qie4鲞 xiang3邹 zou1
膚 fu1夼 kuang3郄 qie4餉 xiang3诹 zou1
稃 fu1况 kuang4詧 qie4饟 xiang3鲰 zou1
鄜 fu1矿 kuang4踥 qie4鯗 xiang3驺 zou1
鈇 fu1框 kuang4稧 qie4向 xiang4鄹 zou1
豧 fu1旷 kuang4鐑 qie4像 xiang4陬 zou1
綒 fu1眶 kuang4鍥 qie4象 xiang4菆 zou1
麩 fu1邝 kuang4侵 qin1项 xiang4齺 zou1
服 fu2圹 kuang4钦 qin1巷 xiang4緅 zou1
福 fu2纩 kuang4衾 qin1橡 xiang4诌 zou1/zhou1
符 fu2贶 kuang4骎 qin1項 xiang4走 zou3
弗 fu2礦 kuang4駸 qin1蟓 xiang4鯐 zou3
伏 fu2鑛 kuang4親 qin1鱌 xiang4奏 zou4
幅 fu2眖 kuang4鮼 qin1消 xiao1揍 zou4
浮 fu2黋 kuang4綅 qin1销 xiao1租 zu1
扶 fu2鄺 kuang4菳 qin1萧 xiao1菹 zu1
俘 fu2亏 kui1亲 qin1/qing4哮 xiao1足 zu2
辐 fu2窥 kui1秦 qin2嚣 xiao1族 zu2
拂 fu2盔 kui1勤 qin2硝 xiao1镞 zu2
芙 fu2岿 kui1琴 qin2霄 xiao1紣 zu2
蝠 fu2虧 kui1禽 qin2宵 xiao1箤 zu2
袱 fu2聧 kui1擒 qin2潇 xiao1稡 zu2
孚 fu2闚 kui1芹 qin2逍 xiao1组 zu3
氟 fu2悝 kui1/li3噙 qin2箫 xiao1祖 zu3
匐 fu2魁 kui2芩 qin2枭 xiao1阻 zu3
苻 fu2奎 kui2嗪 qin2骁 xiao1诅 zu3
茯 fu2葵 kui2檎 qin2魈 xiao1俎 zu3
蚨 fu2逵 kui2螓 qin2枵 xiao1組 zu3
郛 fu2睽 kui2矝 qin2绡 xiao1詛 zu3
凫 fu2夔 kui2蠄 qin2哓 xiao1躜 zuan1
涪 fu2揆 kui2鈙 qin2鸮 xiao1躦 zuan1
菔 fu2馗 kui2菦 qin2翛 xiao1钻 zuan1/zuan4
罘 fu2暌 kui2鈂 qin2膮 xiao1纂 zuan3
蜉 fu2喹 kui2寝 qin3銷 xiao1缵 zuan3
桴 fu2蝰 kui2锓 qin3箾 xiao1纘 zuan3
绂 fu2骙 kui2笉 qin3虈 xiao1繤 zuan3
祓 fu2跬 kui3沁 qin4硣 xiao1纉 zuan3
黻 fu2頍 kui3揿 qin4簫 xiao1攥 zuan4
複 fu2蹞 kui3吣 qin4簘 xiao1鑽 zuan4
幞 fu2溃 kui4菣 qin4蟂 xiao1賺 zuan4
绋 fu2愧 kui4清 qing1鴵 xiao1纗 zui1
鮄 fu2馈 kui4轻 qing1鵁 xiao1嘴 zui3
葍 fu2匮 kui4青 qing1颵 xiao1最 zui4
綍 fu2喟 kui4倾 qing1鴞 xiao1罪 zui4
艴 fu2篑 kui4卿 qing1削 xiao1/xue1醉 zui4
虙 fu2聩 kui4氢 qing1淆 xiao2蕞 zui4
韨 fu2愦 kui4蜻 qing1小 xiao3尊 zun1
韍 fu2聭 kui4輕 qing1晓 xiao3遵 zun1
輻 fu2饋 kui4鲭 qing1筱 xiao3樽 zun1
缚 fu2/fu4蒉 kui4鶄 qing1篠 xiao3鳟 zun1
莩 fu2/piao3籄 kui4圊 qing1笹 xiao3鶎 zun1
府 fu3聵 kui4鯖 qing1謏 xiao3鐏 zun1
腐 fu3餽 kui4情 qing2笑 xiao4鷷 zun1
抚 fu3昆 kun1晴 qing2效 xiao4罇 zun1
辅 fu3坤 kun1擎 qing2孝 xiao4繜 zun1
甫 fu3琨 kun1氰 qing2啸 xiao4撙 zun3
俯 fu3锟 kun1檠 qing2詨 xiao4銌 zun4
斧 fu3髡 kun1黥 qing2肖 xiao4/xiao1昨 zuo2
腑 fu3鲲 kun1请 qing3些 xie1稓 zuo2
釜 fu3醌 kun1顷 qing3歇 xie1筰 zuo2
拊 fu3裈 kun1請 qing3楔 xie1左 zuo3
黼 fu3鹍 kun1頃 qing3蝎 xie1佐 zuo3
輔 fu3髠 kun1謦 qing3蠍 xie1作 zuo4
滏 fu3裩 kun1苘 qing3协 xie2做 zuo4
郙 fu3褌 kun1庆 qing4胁 xie2坐 zuo4
釡 fu3蜫 kun1罄 qing4邪 xie2座 zuo4
簠 fu3臗 kun1磬 qing4鞋 xie2唑 zuo4
呒 fu3/mu2捆 kun3箐 qing4斜 xie2酢 zuo4
脯 fu3/pu2阃 kun3碃 qing4携 xie2祚 zuo4
复 fu4悃 kun3藭 qiong谐 xie2胙 zuo4
父 fu4硱 kun3銎 qiong1/qiong2撷 xie2怍 zuo4
负 fu4稛 kun3穷 qiong2缬 xie2阼 zuo4
富 fu4綑 kun3琼 qiong2勰 xie2蓙 zuo4
柞 zuo4/zha4

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