Japanese Male Names

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Japanese Male Names
Akio 昭夫, 昭男, 昭雄 meaning 昭 [aki] (bright) + 夫 [o] (husband, man), 男 [o] (male) or 雄 [o] (hero, manly).
Akira 昭, 明, 亮 meaning 昭 (bright), 明 (bright) or 亮 (clear).
Aoi 葵, 碧 meaning 葵 (hollyhock, althea) or 碧 (blue).
Arata 新 meaning meaning (fresh, new).
Ayumu 歩夢 meaning 歩 [ayu] (walk) + 夢 [mu] (dream, vision).
Daichi 大地, 大智 meaning 大 [dai] (large, great) + 地 [chi] (earth, land) or 智 [chi] (wisdom, intellect).
Daiki 大輝, 大樹, 大貴 meaning 大 [dai] (large, great) + 輝 [ki] (radiance), 樹 [ki] (tree) or 貴 [ki] (valuable, noble).
Daisuke 大輔 meaning 大 [dai] (large, great) + 輔 [suke] (help).
Goro transcription of gorou
Gorou 五郎 meaning 五 [go] (five) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Hachiro transcription of hachirou
Hachirou 八郎 meaning 八 [hachi] (eight) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Haru 陽, 春, 晴 meaning 陽 (sun, sunlight), 春 (spring) or 晴 (clear up).
Haruki 晴輝, 陽生 meaning 晴 [haru] (clear up) or 陽 [haru] (sun, sunlight) + 輝 [ki] (radiance, shine) or 生 [ki] (life).
Haruto 陽斗, 遥斗, 陽翔, 晴斗 meaning 陽 [haru] (sun, sunlight), 遥 [haru] (distant) or 晴 [haru] (clear up) + 斗 [to], which refers to the constellation ursa major, or 翔 [to] (soar, fly).
Hayate 颯 meaning (smooth).
Hayato 隼人 means隼 [haya] (falcon) + 人 [to] (person).
Hibiki 響 meaning (echo, sound).
Hideaki 英明 meaning 英 [hide] (excellent) + 明 [aki] (bright).
Hideki 秀樹, 英樹 meaning 秀 [hide] (esteem, excellence) or 英 [hide] (excellent) + 樹 [ki] (tree).
Hideyoshi 秀良, 秀吉 meaning 秀 [hide] (esteem, excellence) + 良 [yoshi] (good) or 吉 [yoshi] (good luck)
Hikaru 光, 輝 meaning 光 (light) or 輝 (radiance).
Hinata 向日葵, 陽向 meaning 向日葵 (sunflower) or 陽向 (facing the sun)
Hiraku 拓 meaning (expand, open, pioneer).
Hiroshi 寛, 浩 meaning 寛 (tolerant, generous) or 浩 (prosperous).
Hiroto 大翔, 博斗 meaning 大 [hiro] (large, great) or 博 [hiro] (command, esteem) + 翔 [to] (soar, fly) or 斗 [to], which refers to the constellation ursa major.
Hotaka 穂高 meaning 穂 [ho] (grain) + 高 [taka] (tall)
Ichiro transcription of ichirou
Ichirou 一郎 meaning 一 [ichi] (one) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Isamu 勇 meaning (courage, bravery).
Itsuki 樹 meaning (tree)
Jiro variant transcription of jirou
Jirou 二郎 meaning 二 [ji] (two) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Juro transcription of jurou
Jurou 十郎 meaning 十 [ju] (ten) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Kaede 楓 meaning (maple).
Kaito 海斗, 海翔 meaning 海 [kai] (sea, ocean) + 斗 [to], which refers to the constellation ursa major, or 翔 [to] (soar, fly).
Kaoru 薫 meaning (fragrance).
Katashi 堅 meaning (firm, hard).
Katsu 勝 meaning (victory).
Katsuo 勝雄 勝 meaning [katsu] (victory) + 雄 [o] (hero, manly).
Katsuro transcription of katsurou
Katsurou 勝郎 meaning 勝 [katsu] (victory) + 郎 [rou] (son).
Kazuki 一輝, 和希 meaning 一 [kazu] (one) or 和 [kazu] (harmony) + 輝 [ki] (radiance, shine) or 希 [ki] (hope).
Kazuo 一男, 和夫 meaning 一 [kazu] (one) or 和 [kazu] (harmony) + 男 [o] (male) or 夫 [o] (husband, man).
Ken 健 meaning (healthy, strong).
Ken'ichi 健一, 研一 meaning 健 [ken] (healthy, strong) or 研 [ken] (study) + 一 [ichi] (one).
Kenji 研二 meaning 研 [ken] (study) + 二 [ji] (two).
Kenshin 謙信 meaning 謙 [ken] (modest) + 信 [shin] (truth).
Kenta 健太 meaning 健 [ken] (healthy, strong) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Kichiro variant transcription of kichirou
Kichirou 吉郎 meaning 吉 [kichi] (good luck) + 郎 [rou] (son).
Kiyoshi 淳 meaning (pure).
Kohaku 琥珀 meaning (amber).
Kouki 光希, 幸輝 meaning 光 [kou] (light) or 幸 [kou] (happiness) + 希 [ki] (hope) or 輝 [ki] (radiance, shine).
Kouta 康太 meaning 康 [kou] (peace) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Kuro variant transcription of kurou
Kurou 九郎 meaning 九 [ku] (nine) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Kyo variant transcription of kyou
Kyou 協, 京, 郷, 杏 meaning 協 (cooperation), 協 (capital), 郷 (village) or 杏 (apricot).
Makoto 誠 meaning (sincerity).
Masaru 勝 meaning (victory).
Michi 道 meaning (path).
Minoru 実 meaning (truth).
Naoki 直樹 meaning 直 [nao] (honest, straight) + 樹 [ki] (tree).
Noboru 翔 meaning (rise, ascend).
Nobu 延 meaning (prolong, stretch).
Noburu 伸 meaning (expand).
Nobuyuki 信幸 meaning 信 [nobu] (truth) + 幸 [yuki] (happiness).
Nori 儀 meaning (rule, ceremony).
Osamu 修 meaning (discipline, study).
Ren 蓮, 恋 meaning 蓮 (lotus) or 恋 (romance, love).
Riku 陸 meaning (land).
Rikuto 陸斗, 陸人 meaning 陸 [riku] (land) + 斗 [to], which refers to the constellation ursa major, or 人 [to] (person).
Rokuro variant transcription of rokurou
Rokurou 六郎 meaning 六 [roku] (six) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Ryo variant transcription of ryou
Ryoichi variant transcription of ryouichi
Ryota variant transcription of ryouta
Ryou 涼, 遼, 諒 meaning 涼 (cool, refreshing), 遼 (distant) or 諒 (reality).
Ryouichi 良一, 亮一 meaning 良 [ryou] (good) or 亮 [ryou] (clear) + 一 [ichi] (one).
Ryouta 涼太, 亮太, 良太 meaning 涼 [ryou] (cool, refreshing), 亮 [ryou] (clear) or 良 [ryou] (good) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Ryuu 龍, 竜 meaning 龍 or 竜 which both mean (dragon).
Ryuunosuke 龍之介, 隆之介 meaning 龍 [ryuu] (dragon) or 隆 [ryuu] (noble, prosperous) + 之 [no] (of) + 介 [suke] (forerunner, herald).
Saburo variant transcription of saburou
Saburou 三郎 meaning 三 [sabu] (three) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Shichiro variant transcription of shichirou
Shichirou 七郎 meaning 七 [shichi] (seven) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Shin 真 meaning (real, true).
Shinobu 忍 meaning (endurance).
Shiro variant transcription of the shirou
Shirou 四郎 meaning 四 [shi] (four) + 郎 [rou] (son)
Sho variant transcription of shou
Shou 翔 meaning (soar, fly).
Shouta 翔太 meaning 翔 [shou] (soar, fly) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Sora 空, 昊 meaning 空 or 昊 which both mean (sky).
Souta 颯太 meaning 颯 [sou] (suddenly, smoothly) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Susumu 進 meaning (advance, proceed).
Taichi 太一 meaning 太 [ta] (thick, big) + 一 [ichi] (one).
Taiki 大輝 meaning 大 [tai] (large, great) + 輝 [ki] (radiance, shine).
Takahiro 貴大, 孝浩 meaning 貴 [taka] (valuable, noble) or 孝 [taka] (filial piety) + 大 [hiro] (large, great) or 浩 [hiro] (prosperous).
Takashi 孝, 隆, 崇 meaning 孝 (filial piety), 隆 (noble, prosperous) or 崇 (reverence).
Takehiko 武彦, 竹彦 meaning 武 [take] (military) or 竹 [take] (bamboo) + 彦 [hiko] (boy, prince).
Takeshi 武 meaning (military, warrior).
Takuma 拓真 meaning 拓 [taku] (expand, open, pioneer) + 真 [ma] (real, true).
Takumi 匠, 巧, 拓海, 拓実 meaning 匠 (artisan) or 巧 (skilled)
Taro variant transcription of tarou
Tarou 太郎 meaning 太 [ta] (thick, big) + 郎 [rou] (son).
Tsubasa 翼 meaning (wing).
Yamato 大和 meaning refers to the ancient yamato period history, which lasted into the 8th century
Yasu 安, 康, 坦 meaning 安 (peaceful), 康 (peace) or 坦 (level).
Yori 頼 meaning (trust).
Yoshi 吉, 義, 良 meaning 吉 (good luck), 義 (righteous), or 良 (good).
Yoshiro variant transcription of yoshirou
Yoshirou 義郎 meaning 義 [yoshi] (righteous) + 郎 [rou] (son).
Youta 陽太 meaning 陽 [you] (sun, sunlight) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Yuu 優, 悠 meaning 優 (gentleness, superiority) or 悠 (distant, leisurely).
Yuudai 雄大 meaning 雄 [yuu] (hero, manly) + 大 [dai] (large, great).
Yuuki 優希, 悠希, 優輝, 悠生 meaning 優 [yuu] (gentleness, superiority) or 悠 [yuu] (distant, leisurely) + 希 [ki] (hope), 輝 [ki] (radiance) or 生 [ki] (life).
Yuuma 悠真, 優真 meaning 悠 [yuu] (distant, leisurely) or 優 [yuu] (gentleness, superiority) + 真 [ma] (real, true).
Yuuta 優太, 悠太, 勇太 meaning 優 [yuu] (gentleness, superiority), 悠 [yuu] (distant, leisurely) or 勇 [yuu] (brave) + 太 [ta] (thick, big).
Yuuto 優斗, 悠斗, 悠人, 悠翔, 優翔 meaning 優 [yuu] (gentleness, superiority) or 悠 [yuu] (distant, leisurely) + 斗 [to], which refers to the constellation ursa major, or 人 [to] (person) or 翔 [to] (soar, fly).

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