Find a Language Tutor

We hope you have enjoyed the free content available here at Linguanaut. Hopefully it has provided you with some useful information to help you learn one or more new languages.

If you are serious about learning a new language, then why not consider a private language tutor? Just like any new activity or situation, trying to learn on your own is all well and good, and sure you can achieve some good results, but having private lessons will really catapult your learning into the next level.

A private language tutor can assist you in the specific areas that you need the most help with. Not only that, but hearing a person speak the words, rather than simply reading them off of a screen, will enable you to pronounce the words as they should be, which will make it much easier for you to be understood when speaking the language.

No matter how many hours of study you undertake in learning verbs, expressions, adjectives etc, if you cannot pronounce them so that the person you are speaking to can understand what you are saying, then it will count for very little in terms of being about to have a conversation with someone.

At Linguanaut, we have partnered with italki to help you find foreign language tutors. With over 10,000 tutors and over 5,000,000 learners, you will be able to find a private tutor to teach and assist you in learning pretty much any language on the planet!

One of the main advantages of italki is that you can see a lot of information about each language tutor including an intro, a video and their hourly rate (many of the tutors also have a trial rate at a reduced cost, enabling you to discover their teaching style and rapport with you before committing to the full price of a lesson or lessons. The tutor’s availability can easily be seen on their calendar, and you can book a time slot for your lesson easily online where they have space in their calendar.

Not only is the italki site visually impressive, but it is very easy to use and has a powerful search function, which makes it quick and easy for you to find the language tutor for your budget. Unlike other online language learning sites that charge a monthly subscription or force you to pay for a series of lessons, with italki you only book and pay per lesson. So even if you don’t opt for a trial with a tutor, there is very little to lose by committing to that first lesson and seeing how you get on.

To visit the site and see all of the available language tutors, please click here.