List of Adjectives With Audio

This page contains a table with a list of adjectives in English as well as three other languages (Spanish, French and Japanese), so that if English is not your first language you can still understand the meaning of those prepositions.

Try to memorize them because they're very important in communication, and might be very helpful to convey your most important expressions.

If this page is not what you're looking for then here is a more detailed page on English Adjectives. Make sure to check our Learn English page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process.

What is an Adjective?

In English, an adjective is a word whose main role is to modify a noun or pronoun, giving more information about the noun or pronoun's definition.

Some examples are:

  • That is a green tree
  • That is a tall building
  • I met a very old man
  • The old red building is here
  • That's a very nice dress

List of Adjectives Spanish French Japanese
ColorsColores Couleurs
BlackNegro Noir
BlueAzul Bleu
BrownMarrón Marron 茶色
GrayGris Gray 灰色
GreenVerde Vert
OrangeNaranja Orange オレンジ
PurplePúrpura Purple 紫色
RedRojo Rouge
WhiteBlanco Blanc
YellowAmarillo Jaune 黄色
SizesTallas Tailles サイズ
BigGrande Grand 大きい
DeepProfundo Profond 深い
LongLargo Long 長い
NarrowEstrecho Étroit 絞る
Short (in height)Corto (de altura) Short (en hauteur) 短期の高さ( )
Short (in length)Corto (de longitud) Court (de longueur) 短い長さ( )
Small, littlePequeño, poco Petit, petit 小さな、小さな
TallAlto Grand 背が高い
ThickDenso Épais 厚い
ThinDelgado Fin 薄い
WideAncho Large 幅広い
ShapesFormas Shapes 図形
RoundRonda Round ラウンド
StraightRecto Droit 真っ直ぐな
SquareCuadrado Carré 広場
TriangularTriangular Triangular 三角
TastesSabores Saveurs
BitterAmargo Bitter 苦い
FreshFresco Fresh 新鮮な
SaltySalado Salty 塩辛い
SourSour Sour 酸っぱい
SpicyPicante Spicy スパイシー
SweetDulce Sucré 甘い
QualitiesCalidades Qualités 資質
BadMalo Mauvais 悪い
CleanLimpio Propre 汚れのない
DarkOscuro Sombre 暗い
DifficultDifícil Difficile 困難
DirtySucio Sale 汚い
DrySeco Sécher 乾く
EasyFácil Simple 簡単な
EmptyVacío Vide 空の
ExpensiveCaro Cher 高価な
FastRápido Rapidement 速い
ForeignRelaciones Exteriores Étrangères 外国人
FullLleno Complet 満腹
GoodBueno Bien 良い
Hard (firm)Duro (firme) Hard (entreprise) ハード(会社)
HeavyPesado Lourd 重い
InexpensiveBarato Economique 安価な
Light (weight)La luz (el peso) Light (poids) 光(重量)
LocalLocal Local ローカル
NewNuevo Nouveau 新しい
NoisyRuidoso Noisy ノアジー
Old (about things)De edad (las cosas) Ancien (de choses) 昔(のこと)について
Old (about people)De edad (las personas) Vieux (à propos de personnes) 昔の人( )について
PowerfulPotente Puissant 強力な
Quiet (person)Silencio (personas) Quiet (personne) 静かな(人)
Right / CorrectDerecha / Correcto Droit / Corriger 右/修正
SlowLento Lent ゆっくりした
SoftSuave Soft ソフト
VeryMuy Très とても
WeakDébil Faible 弱い
WetHúmedo Mouillé 湿った
Wrong / IncorrectEquivocado / incorrecto Wrong / Incorrect 間違った/間違い
YoungJoven Jeune 若い
QuantitiesCantidades Quantités 数量
Few / LittlePocos / Pequeña Peu / Little 数/リトル
Many / MuchMuchos / Mucho Beaucoup / Beaucoup 多く/多く
PartParte Partie 一部
Some / A fewAlgunos / A pocos Certains / A quelques いくつかの/数