El futuro en ingles es bien facil aprender. Añada “will” antes del verbo básico y ya.

Formula:  subject + will + verb (basic)


I will study. Estudiaré.

He will eat dinner. Cenará.

They will be happy. Estarán felizes.

We will go to Florida. Irémos a Florida.

Todos ejemplos significan que la acción pasará en el futuro.


Complete las oraciones con el futuro.

1. He (go) to the theatre tonight.

2. We (read) a book together later.

3. She (come) to my house tomorrow.

4. The man (ride) the horse in the race next year.

5. The circus (begin) at 10:00pm.

6. The children (finish) playing and come to dinner.

7. Kyle (learn) a new language next month.

8. The program (start) in September.

9. I don’t want to go, but if you attend the meeting, I (attend), too.

10. Thomas (write) a new book when his boss gives him permission.

11. The jacket (cost) more than the pants.

12. Looking at the sun for a long time (hurt) your eyes!

13. Giving me a bad look (make) me unhappy.

14. Learning a new language (be) beneficial for you.

15. Taking back the gift you gave Darrell (upset) him.

16. The price of computers (drop) in twenty years.

17. Equal rights for all humans (happen) more and more each year.

18. Happiness (feel) amazing for the man who has been sick.

19. Grading all the papers tonight (create) more free time tomorrow.

20. Taking this test (help) you improve your English skills!

1. = "will go";
2. = "will read";
3. = "will come";
4. = "will ride";
5. = "will begin";
6. = "will finish";
7. = "will learn";
8. = "will start";
9. = "will attend";
10. = "will write";
11. = "will cost";
12. = "will hurt";
13. = "will make";
14. = "will be";
15. = "will upset";
16. = "will drop";
17. = "will happen";
18. = "will feel";
19. = "will create";
20. = "will help";