English Grammar - Prepositions

English Grammar - Prepositions

This page contains a table with a List of Prepositions and linking expressions in English as well as 3 other languages (Spanish, French and Japanese), so that if English is not your first language you can still understand the meaning of those prepositions. Try to memorize them because they're very important in communication, and might be very helpful to convey your most important expressions. Make sure to check our Learn English page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process.

In English, a preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. A preposition usually indicates the temporal, spatial or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence as in the example in the table below. Prepositions usually come before the noun and its article:

  • The keyboard is on the desk
  • The carpet is under the table
  • The tree is in front of the building
  • The child is hiding behind his mother

  • List of Prepositions Spanish French Japanese

    a bordo à bord 搭乗
    aboutsobre à propos de 〜について
    abovepor encima de au-dessus 上に
    acrossa través de parmi 交差して
    afterdespués de après 〜の後で
    againstcontra contre 〜に対して
    alonga lo largo de le long de 〜に沿って
    alongsidejunto aux côtés de 一緒に
    amiden medio de au milieu
    amidsten medio de au milieu
    amongentre parmi 〜の間に
    amongstentre parmi
    aroundalrededor autour 〜の周りに
    asya que comme 〜のように
    asidede lado de côté
    astridea horcajadas à cheval またがって
    aten à 〜で
    athwartathwart travers athwart
    atopencima sommet 頂上に
    barringrestricción sauf なけれ
    beforeantes de avant 〜の前に
    behinddetrás de derrière 〜の後ろに
    belowpor debajo de en dessous 〜の下に
    beneathdebajo de sous
    besideal lado à côté de
    besidesademás de de plus 加えて
    betweenentre entre 〜の間に
    beyondmás allá de au-delà 〜を超えて
    butpero mais しかし
    bypor par 〜によって
    circacirca circa
    concerningrelativa concernant に関する
    despitea pesar de malgré 〜にもかかわらず
    downabajo vers le bas 下に
    duringdurante pendant 〜の間
    exceptexcepto sauf 除いて
    failingno défaut 失敗
    followingsiguiente suivant 支持者
    forpara pour 〜のために
    fromdesde à partir de 〜から
    givendado donné 与えられた
    inen dans 〜で
    insideinterior à l'intérieur 内部
    intodentro de dans 〜の中へ
    likegustar comme 好き
    minusmenos moins マイナス
    nearcerca de près de 〜の近くに
    nextsiguiente suivant 次の
    notwithstandinga pesar de nonobstant にもかかわらず
    ofde de
    offapagado hors tension 切れて
    onencendido sur 〜の上に
    ontoen sur
    oppositecontrario face 反対
    outfuera dehors はずれて
    outsideexterior à l'extérieur 外側
    overpor encima de par-dessus 〜を超えて
    paceritmo rythme ペース
    pastpasado passé 過去
    perpor par 1
    plusmás plus プラス
    regardingcon respecto a concernant 〜に関して
    roundronda ronde ラウンド
    savesalvar sauver 保存する
    sincedesde que depuis それ以来
    thanque que 〜よりも
    throughpor via 経て
    throughouttotalmente partout dans 〜の至るところに
    tillhasta jusqu'à まで
    timesveces fois
    topara à 〜へ
    towardhacia vers 〜の方へ
    towardshacia vers 〜の方へ
    underdebajo de sous 〜の下に
    underneathdebajo de sous
    unlikea diferencia de contrairement à とは違って
    untilhasta jusqu'à ce que 〜まで
    uparriba vers le haut 上へ
    uponsobre sur 〜の上に
    versusfrente a versus
    viaa través de via 経由
    withcon avec 〜とともに
    withindentro de au sein de 〜以内で
    withoutsin sans 〜なしで
    worthvalevaleur 価値

    Two words
    Dos palabras Deux mots 2つの言葉
    according tode acuerdo con selon によると
    ahead ofpor delante de avant 先の
    aside fromaparte de en dehors de 脇から
    because ofa causa de en raison de のために
    close tocerca de près de に近い
    due todebido a en raison de ために
    except fora excepción de sauf pour les を除いて
    far fromlejos de loin de 遠くから
    in to (or into)en (o en) à (ou dans) に(またはに)
    inside ofdentro de l'intérieur de 内部の
    instead ofen lugar de au lieu de 代わりに
    near tocerca de près de に近い
    next tojunto a à côté de の横に
    on to (or onto)a (o sobre) à (ou sur) 上(または上)
    out froma partir de à partir de 外出先から
    out ofde de のうち
    outside offuera de en dehors de
    owing todebido a en raison de のため
    prior toantes de avant 前に
    pursuant tode conformidad con el conformément à la の規定により
    regardless ofindependientemente de indépendamment de 関係なく
    subsequent tocon posterioridad a à la suite de 以降
    that ofque de celui de その

    Three words
    Tres palabras Trois mots 3つの単語を
    as far asen la medida de lo autant que 限り
    as well asasí como ainsi que だけでなく、
    by means ofpor medio de par le biais de 〜によって
    in accordance withde conformidad con conformément à la 合わせて
    in addition toademás de en plus de 加えて
    in case ofen caso de en cas de 例で
    in front ofdelante de en face de 目の前に
    in lieu ofen lugar de en lieu et place de 代わりに
    in place ofen lugar de en lieu et place de 代わりに
    in spite ofa pesar de en dépit de そぞろに
    on account ofen razón de sur le compte de アカウントの
    on behalf ofen nombre de au nom de 代わって
    on top ofen la parte superior de sur le dessus de の上に
    with regard tocon respecto aen ce qui concerne関して

    More Examples

    I am thinking about my girlfriend.

    Some people argue against their friends, but I prefer to have a calm evening.

    Among all the boys in blue shirts, my friend stood in a red shirt.

    Were you at the party on Saturday?

    Beneath the bridge you can find a beautiful river flowing rapidly.

    If you look between the desks, you will see your pencil.

    To arrive here, I took a plane but my brother traveled by bus.

    Despite our differences, we get along fine.

    I am from Italy and you are from Spain.

    Please put the cup into the cupboard.

    The market is near my house.

    Take off your shoes before you enter the house.

    I saw a famous person on TV.

    Over there is where I left my wallet.

    Since you don’t have anything to do, you can help me with my work.

    Are you going to the party tonight?

    My friend was with me yesterday in the park.

    Without a good recommendation, you cannot get the job.

    According to science, we evolved into humans after millions of years.

    Instead of going to the concert, they went to the mall.

    I want to get this song out of my head!

    Prior to his arrest, he had never done anything wrong.

    I want to buy three steaks as well as some chicken.

    In case of an emergency, call the number listed here.

    In spite of our differences, we have a great relationship.

    With regard to our money, we don’t have much left.

    I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you learned some words from the Prepositions List ..., try to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation. Make sure to check our Learn English page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process.