Verb Tenses Exercises - Past Perfect

Verb Tenses Exercises

Past Perfect

I do not enjoy my job and I am not happy in my life now. Before I started my job last year, I 1. for an interesting company that 2. me a lot about business. I 3. in a different city that I enjoyed more than I enjoy this city. I 4. many friends and we 5. a lot of time together. I 6. some amazing people in that other city. I 7. yoga classes and 8. to continue those classes. I 9. around the beautiful woods and 10. some incredible wildlife. I 11. into an apartment near the forest and I 12. that it was the best possible place to live in that city. I 13. so happy. Now, I do not live there anymore and I do not feel happy like I used to.

1. = "had worked";
2. = "had taught";
3. = "had lived";
4. = "had had";
5. = "had spent";
6. = "had met";
7. = "had taken";
8. = "had wanted";
9. = "had hiked";
10. = "had seen";
11. = "had moved";
12. = "had heard";
13. = "had never felt";