Verb Tenses Exercises - Future Perfect Progressive

Verb Tenses Exercises

Future Perfect Progressive

By the time the mother and father arrive home, the babysitter 1. a story to the children before they go to sleep. The children 2. all night and the babysitter 3. very tired. The dog 4 all night and the cat 5. the dog making the barking worse. Visitors 6. on the door and the phone 7. a lot while the mother and father were gone. The babysitter 8. the dishes and 9. care of the children for several hours before the mother and father get home. However, they 10. relaxed all night before coming home to see their wild children again. They 11. a quiet dinner and 12. a romantic movie. The children, however, probably 13. a scary movie and will have bad dreams all night.

1. = "will have been reading";
2. = "will have been playing";
3. = "will have been feeling";
4. = "will have been barking";
5. = "will have been annoying";
6. = "will have been knocking";
7. = "will have been ringing";
8. = "will have been cleaning";
9. = "will have been taking";
10. = "will have been feeling";
11. = "will have been enjoying";
12. = "will have been watching";
13. = "will have been watching";