Unit 2 - Verb "to be" Present Simple

Verb "to be" Present Simple

Unit 2 Dialogues - Occupations

Sylvia, are you a teacher?

No, I'm not. I'm a doctor.

That's great!

So Tyler, what do you do?

I'm a businessman. How about you?

I'm a singer.

Wow, that's great!

What does your friend look like, Sylvia?

Oh, he's tall, handsome, and he has brown hair.

Is he kind?

Yes, he's very kind. He's really nice!

Hi, my name is Tyler. I'm tall, I'm funny, and I'm really happy. I'm a teacher and web designer. My friend's name is Sylvia, she's very cute, tall, and kind. She's a teacher, too. She's also really smart. It's nice to meet you!


Key Vocabulary

look like

web designer

Unit 2 Grammar

Present Simple negatives and questions using the verb "to be"are formed differently from other questions. To make negatives you simply insert "not" before the verb "to be".

- Statement: You are a doctor.
- Negative: You are not a doctor.
- Statement: They are cats.
- Negative: They are not cats.

Here is the negative form of the verb "to be" in the Simple Present:


I am not

You are not

He is not

She is not

It is not


We are not

You are not

They are not

2. Present Simple Questions

To make questions you simply invert the subject and the verb.

- Statement: You are a doctor.
- Question: Are you a doctor?
- Statement: They are cats.
- Question: Are they cats?

Simple Present Question verbs are as follows:


Am I (a teacher) ?

Are you ...?

Is he ...?

Is she ...?

Is it ...?


Are we ...?

Are you ...?

Are they ...?

3. Short Answers

We can often answer these questions with a short answer using the verb "to be". For example:
- Are you a teacher?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not.

- Is he a student?
- Yes, he is. / No, he is not.

Note that in spoken English we usually use contractions with the negative form. For example:
- No, I am not = No, I'm not.
These contractions will be studied in a later Unit.

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1

Make negative sentences.

Example: I am not a baby.

1. You an animal.

2. John a girl.

3. Mike and Emily sick.

4. She sixteen.

5. We from Japan.

6. I sad.

1. = "are not";
2. = "is not";
3. = "are not";
4. = "is not";
5. = "are not";
6. = "am not";

Exercise 2

Make questions from the following sentences.

Example: You are a doctor. - Are you a doctor?

7. I am a student.

8. It is a bird.

9. It is a plane.

10. We are friends.

11. They are farmers.

12. Jenny and Simon are from America.

1. = "Am I a student?";
2. = "Is it a bird?";
3. = "Is it a plane?";
4. = "Are we friends?";
5. = "Are they farmers?";
6. = "Are Jenny and Simon from America?";

Exercise 3

Make questions using the verb "to be".

Example: Are you happy?

1. you happy today?

2. she a secretary?

3. David smart and handsome?

4. they from Italy?

5. I dreaming?

6. we good students?

1. = "Are";
2. = "Is";
3. = "Is";
4. = "Are";
5. = "Am";
6. = "Are";

Exercise 4

Make questions from the following sentences.

Example: she is doctor a - Is she a doctor?

7. Korea from is he? -

8. it is sunny

9. you how are

10. meet to is you it nice

11. David Peter good friends and are

12. they are married

1. = "Is he from Korea?";
2. = "Is it sunny?";
3. = "How are you?";
4. = "Is it nice to meet you?";
5. = "Are David and Peter good friends?";
6. = "Are they married?";