Audio Samples and Questions - What Languages Do You Speak?

Audio Samples and Questions

What Languages Do You Speak?

A: Sylvia, what languages do you speak?

B: As you know, Korean is my first language. I also speak English and some Chinese. How about you; what languages do you speak?

A: English, German, and French. While I was studying in Europe, I used French and German all the time. Now my French is rusty, but I do keep my German up.

B: How do you practice your German?

A: Oh, the man who lives next door--I call him Heinz--is from Berlin. He and I are always talking about Germany.

B: Well, all you need now is a neighbor from Paris!


1. What is the woman's native language?
A French
B Korean
C English
D Chinese

2. What languages does the man speak?
A English, French, and Chinese
B English, Chinese, and Korean
C English, German, and French
D English, Korean, and German

3. The man says his "French is rusty." What does he mean?
A He studied French in the countryside.
B He thinks he is too old to learn French.
C He doesn't speak French very often now and will have forgotten some.
D He never learned French grammar very well.

4. How does the man practice his German?
A In Berlin
B With a neighbor
C On the telephone
D At a language school

5. Why does the woman say the man needs a neighbor who's from Paris?
A The man's native language is French.
B The man's just started taking French classes.
C The man wants to study abroad at a French school.
D The man needs to maintain his ability to speak French.

1. = "B";
2. = "C";
3. = "C";
4. = "B";
5. = "D";