Audio Samples and Questions - What Do You Do?

Audio Samples and Questions

What Do You Do?

A: That box looks heavy, Serena. Can I help you carry it up to your apartment?

B: Thanks. This chair was on sale, but I wasn't thinking about the stairs. I wish we had an elevator in this building!

A: I've got this side. Hey, Serena, I was wondering; what do you do during the day?

B: Well, on weekdays I usually get up at ten. I get on the Internet or read the paper for two hours. Then I eat lunch around noon. If I have time, I'll go catch a matinee at the theater over at the mall.

A: When do you go to work?

B: I catch a bus at three-thirty, and I get to the office about forty-five minutes later. Wait; let me unlock the door.

A: And what time do you come back?

B: Here in the corner is fine, thanks. Uh, I get home pretty late, usually after one in the morning.

A: Really? What exactly is your job?

B: Oh, I thought you knew. I'm a TV announcer. I do WNTV's entertainment reports! Haven't you seen me before?

A: Gee, I'm sorry. I never watch TV.


1. Who are the speakers?
A Neighbors
B Passengers
C Co-workers
D Close friends

2. What do the speakers do with the box?
A They take it on the bus.
B They bring it to the office.
C They carry it up the stairs.
D They put it in the elevator.

3. What does the woman do after lunch if she has time?
A She sees a show at the theatre.
B She gets on the Internet.
C She reads the newspaper.
D She goes shopping at the mall.

4. At what time does the woman usually arrive at work?
A 12:00 pm
B 2:45 pm
C 3:30 pm
D 4:15 pm

5. What is the woman's profession?
A Usher
B Reporter
C Radio DJ
D Salesperson

1. = "A";
2. = "C";
3. = "A";
4. = "D";
5. = "B";