Audio Samples and Questions - Say It With Flowers

Audio Samples and Questions

Say It With Flowers

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


If you had a garden which flowers would you grow? Try to say the name of the flower, the colour and the season in which it blooms. Think of plants which are beautiful in the winter too.

2. Script

2. Script

Joshua: I'm sorry about your Grandpa.

Alice: It's okay. We knew he was very ill.

Joshua: But he's not in the hospital.

Alice: That's because they can't help him. It's nicer for him to be at home.

Joshua: I'm sorry. I didn't know what to bring.

Alice: You didn't need to bring anything.

Joshua: I thought he wouldn't want things to eat.

Alice: No, he can't eat much now. He has to try to drink a lot.

Joshua: I feel awful. I don't know what to say or do. It's such a lovely day, I guess we should try and be happy.

Alice: Grandpa isn't sad. He loves the sunshine. In fact, he's in the garden now.

Joshua: He loves his garden so much, doesn't he?

Alice: Yes, he does. And there are so many flowers in bloom now, and the trees are beginning to blossom too.

Joshua: I know what we could do.

Alice: What?

Joshua: Does he like flowers in his room?

Alice: Yes, he does.

Joshua: Well, we could pick some of the nicest and put them in a vase for him.

Alice: Yes, we could. He likes to see them grow in the garden, but these days he can't stay outside for long. It would be nice for him to have flowers by his bed.

Joshua: Let's ask him which ones he would like.

Alice: He'll want roses when they flower. But there are lots of daffodils and tulips. The tulips don't last very long but the daffodils will tell him it's spring.

Joshua: Perhaps this is the best time of year.

Alice: Perhaps it is. Snowdrops, violets, bluebells, crocuses, they all speak new life. Let's get the flowers and go and see him.

Joshua: Shall I find a vase?

Alice: Yes, and we can cut them in the kitchen.

Joshua: Come on then. The sun will be going down soon.

Alice: Then now is the best time of day. Let's go see your Grandpa.


1) Why is Alice's grandfather not in hospital?
a) Because he is not very ill.
b) Because he is too ill to be helped.
c) Because he has gone to the shops.

2) Why does Joshua feel bad?
a) He doesn't know what to say.
b) Because he hasn't brought anything to eat.
c) Because his favorite sports team lost.

3) Why will Alice's grandfather like to have flowers next to his bed?
a) Because he loves the garden but can't go outside much.
b) Because he likes the smell of flowers.
c) Because he's bored.

4) What season is it likely to be in the story?
a) It is spring.
b) It is winter.
c) It is autumn.

5) What kind of flower is not mentioned?
a) Daffodil.
b) Bluebells.
c) Daisies.

1. = "B";
2. = "A";
3. = "A";
4. = "A";
5. = "C";

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of other sad and happy occasions on which it is suitable to give flowers, eg. a birthday, to someone who has made a speech, or actors on the stage. Make sentences to describe each occasion, eg. These are for you (for being a wonderful mother, to congratulate you on...)