Audio Samples and Questions - Restaurant Reservation

Audio Samples and Questions

Restaurant Reservation

A: Great Lakes Fish and Lobster. How may I help you?

B: Yes, when I ate lunch there yesterday, I saw that you accept reservations.

A: Yes, we do.

B: Well, then I'd like to reserve a table for 6:00 tonight if that's possible.

A: Certainly, may I have your name, sir?

B: My name is Tyler.

A: And let me confirm the time you said--you want a table at 6 pm, is that correct?

B: Yes, it is.

B: How large is your party, sir?

A: Uh . . . including myself, there will be ten of us altogether.

B: And do you have a preference, sir?

A: Huh . . . excuse me?

B: Is there any place you would prefer to sit? We do have a smoking section out on the terrace.

A: Oh, I see! Um, would it be possible to reserve a table next to the window? You have a good view of the city.

B: Yes, we can arrange that.

A: Thank you very much.

B: No problem. We'll see you at six.


1.) Is this the first time the man has eaten at this restaurant?
a) no
b) yes

2.) What time does he want a table?
a) 7:00pm
b) 5:00pm
c) 6:00pm

3.) Why does the man want to sit near the window?
a) he likes the view of the city
b) he wants some fresh air
c) he needs some light

4. What kind of establishment does the man call?
A A pizza parlor
B A steak house
C A Chinese buffet
D A seafood restaurant

5. When does the man say he ate at the restaurant?
A The day before
B Earlier that day
C The previous week
D A few months ago

6. What does the woman confirm?
A The man's name
B The time of the reservation
C The man's seating preference
D The number of people coming

7. How many people are in the man's party?
A 6
B 8
C 10
D 12

1. = "A";
2. = "C";
3. = "A";
4. = "D";
5. = "A";
6. = "B";
7. = "C";