Audio Samples and Questions - Out for a Meal

Audio Samples and Questions

Out for a Meal

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


Think of some meals which you like a lot and put your ideas into sentences.

- I like.....because.....

Think of others which you do not like and make sentences to include them.

- I don't like.....because.....

Here are some ideas:-
salmon, steak, pasta, chicken, ice-cream, eggs, lamb, courgettes, pizza, cheese, aubergines, prawns.

2. Script

James: Where have you been?

Ella: I'm sorry I'm late. There were a lot of customers in the store.

James: It's okay. I booked the table for seven o'clock but they have kept one back for us.

Ella: I didn't have much time to change.

James: You always look good.

Ella: (laughing) I wouldn't say that.

James: Well, let's eat, I'm starving.

Ella: Here's the waiter. I hope you asked for non-smoking.

James: Of course I did. I want to make this a special occasion.

Ella: And why would that be?

James: Because you've done so well in your exams.

Ella: I couldn't believe it when I saw all those A's.

James: Well, you deserved it. You worked hard. Now, have a look at the menu. Would you like a starter?

Ella: No, I think I'll just have a main course and dessert. I won't be able to eat it all otherwise.

James: So will I. What would you like to order?

Ella: Well, I do like fish and the salmon
looks great.

James: I think I'll have a steak. I never have that at home.

Ella: Sounds great.

James: What would you like to drink?

Ella: I'll have a still mineral water, please.

James: And I'll have a cola, I think.

Ella: It's busy here tonight.

James: Yes, this is a popular place. And it is the weekend.

Ella: It's a good job you booked the table.

James: Well, especially when it's busy it saves time later.

Ella: You're right. Well, here's to the future, and good luck with everything you do.

James: And well done in getting those wonderful grades!

Ella: Oh, look, here comes the waiter now! Let's order!


1) Why was Ella late?
a) Because she took a long time to change her clothes.
b) Because she was busy.
c) Because there were a lot of customers in the store.

2) Why is the meal a special occasion?
a) Because Ella has done well in her exams.
b) Because she looks so nice.
c) Because she works hard.

3) Why does Ella not have a starter?
a) Because she wants a dessert and a starter will be too much.
b) Because she does not like starters.
c) Because it will be too expensive.

4) Why was it a good idea to book a table?
a) Because it's cheaper.
b) Because they want to order quickly.
c) Because it is the weekend and the restaurant is popular.

5) What does Ella order?
a) Steak.
b) Salmon.
c) Burger and fries.

1. = "C";
2. = "A";
3. = "A";
4. = "C";
5. = "B";

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of special meals you have had. Why did you have them?
Describe a special occasion which you celebrated with a meal, eg: an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding reception, winning a prize or doing something well.