Audio Samples and Questions - On The Boat

Audio Samples and Questions

On The Boat

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


Have you ever been to an island? How did you travel there?
Did you enjoy the trip? What method of travel do you like best?

2. Script

2. Script

Fatima: It's a beautiful day but so hot!

Navid: It will be cooler on the water.

Fatima: Yes, I can feel the breeze now. This was a lovely idea.

Navid: I'm so glad you like boats.

Fatima: I've never been on a boat like this before. How far is it to the island?

Navid: It takes about an hour. It is a clear day so you will see it soon.

Fatima: Does anyone live there?

Navid: Only in the summer when visitors go to see the castle and the houses where people lived a long time ago. In the winter I suppose people might go sometimes but not to stay.

Fatima: I expect the weather can be very stormy in the winter.

Navid: Yes, and the journey can be dangerous.

Fatima: The boat is rocking a bit now.

Navid: Do you feel okay?

Fatima: Oh yes, I won't be sick.

Navid: Later on, the guide will tell us about the island on the loudspeaker.

Fatima: And perhaps we can buy souvenirs when we get there.

Navid: Yes, there's a little shop. You can buy things on the boat too. Would you like a drink?

Fatima: Oh, yes please. Can you get me a Pepsi?

Navid: Sure. I'll see what they have. You stay here.

Fatima: Hang on for a moment. Look at those beautiful birds. We are in the middle of the water now. You can see the coast on both sides.

Navid: The birds make such a noise.

Fatima: No more than the children! There are a lot of families here, aren't there?

Navid: Yea, it's a nice trip for them but they'll need to be careful when they get there. There are lots of narrow steps.

Fatima: I found stepping on to the boat quite difficult. The gangway moves about so much. Then we had to climb up here on to the deck.

Navid: I like it up here best though, don't you? The engine makes a noise downstairs and it's too warm.

Fatima: I'd be happy to stay here for hours.

Navid: I'll go and get the drinks now. Afterwards we can walk around a little.

Fatima: I just can't wait to get there!


1) Why will they soon be able to see the island?
a) Because it is very near.
b) Because it is a clear day.
c) Because it is so large.

2) Why do visitors go to the island?
a) Because it is an easy journey.
b) To see the people who live there.
c) To visit the old castle and houses.

3) Why does Navid ask Fatima if she is okay?
a) Because the boat is rocking, which can make people sick.
b) Because she is feeling ill.
c) Because the weather is stormy.

4) Where can you buy things?
a) Only on the island.
b) Only on the boat.
c) On the boat and on the island.

5) Why will families with children have to be careful?
a) Because the old buildings can be frightening.
b) Because there are lots of stairs on the boat.
c) Because there are lots of narrow steps on the island.

1. = "B";
2. = "C";
3. = "A";
4. = "C";
5. = "C";

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of a trip you have made on a boat or any other kind of transport. Try to describe it. Why was it special?