Audio Samples and Questions - Making Friends

Audio Samples and Questions

Making Friends

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


'May I introduce you to...?'
'This is my friend...'
'How do you do?'

Practise leaving someone:-
'See you soon.'
'It was lovely to meet you.'

2. Script

2. Script

(Sound of knock on the door)

Mrs Foster: Come in.

(Door opens, footsteps)

Mrs Foster: Do sit down, Mr Fuentos.

Mr Fuentos: Thank you.

Mrs Foster: I understand you want to see me about Alita.

Mr Fuentos: Yes. I want her to be happy.

Mrs Foster: We all do, Mr Fuentos. Alita has only been in the school a little while.
She is a good pupil.

Mr Fuentos: But she does not have friends. I try to help her but my English is not very good.

Mrs Foster: We want to help her all we can. She is shy but the other children seem to like her.

Mr Fuentos: I would like to invite them to our home. We have a nice house.

Mrs Foster: Well, that sounds a great idea
for the future. But first she needs to make
friends. Does Alita have a hobby?

Mr Fuentos: She likes to dance.

Mrs Foster: Well, some of the children take dance classes. Soon we'll have a parents' evening. I will introduce you to someone who might be able to help.

Mr Fuentos: That would be great.

Mrs Foster: The children will also soon be learning about different cultures in their class. We do not have many children like Alita. They would love to hear about her customs.

Mr Fuentos: She is afraid they will laugh at her.

Mrs Foster: But they won't laugh at you. Could you come and tell them about the special things you do?

Mr Fuentos: I think my English is not good.

Mrs Foster: Then bring pictures, objects. The children will ask questions. Think about it. It will help Alita to be one of our community.

Mr Fuentos: I think about it. If it is for Alita I will try.

Mrs Foster: Well done. And meanwhile I will see that the children include her in their games. It takes time but she will be fine.

Mr Fuentos: I look forward to the parents' evening. That will be good.

Mrs Foster: Alita is a clever girl. We will help her all we can.


1) Why has Mr Fuentos come to see Mrs Foster?
a) Because he wants his daughter to make friends at school.
b) Because he is worried about Alita's English.
c) Because he wants to study English.

2) What does Mrs Foster think is the first thing to be done?
a) To invite children to Alita's home.
b) To stop Alita being shy.
c) To encourage Alita to do dance and make friends.

3) How will Mrs Foster help Mr Fuentos?
a) By inviting him to speak in the classroom.
b) By telling the children not to laugh at Adila.
c) By telling the children to ask Adila questions.

4) Why does Mr Fuentos want to try to speak to the class?
a) Because it will help him to speak better English.
b) Because it will help Alita.
c) Because he will be able to meet the other children.

5) How will Alita become one of the school community?
a) The other children will learn about the way she lives.
b) The other children can ask Alita to play with them.
c) Alita should learn better English.

1. = "A";
2. = "C";
3. = "C";
4. = "B";
5. = "A";

Post-Listening Exercise

Think about your friends. How are they different from you? How much do you know about the way they live and what they think? Do the differences make your friendship more interesting?