Audio Samples and Questions - Leaving a Message/Voicemail

Audio Samples and Questions

Leaving a Message/Voicemail

A: Hank Kern's office, Sally speaking.

B: Hi, this is Jack Mason calling. Could I speak to Harry, please?

A: Can you hold on one moment, please. I'll see if he's here.

B: Sure.

A: Mr. Mason, Harry walked over to the diner for lunch. He should be back soon. Would you like to leave a message for him?

B: Yes, could you ask him to call me at 708-429-1850. I need to talk to him about the blueprints I drew up for the Peterson building.

A: I'm sorry; could you repeat your number please?

B: Yes, it's 708-429-1850, and my name is Jack Mason. I'll be here at my office until 6:30 tonight.

A: Thank you Mr. Mason. I'll tell Harry to call you as soon as he gets back.

B: Thank you, bye.

A: Bye.


1.) Who does the man want to talk to?
a) Jack
b) Henry
c) Harry

2.) What is the man’s phone #?
a) 708-429-1850
b) 780-492-1580
c) 708-492-1580

3.) Until when will the man be in his office?
a) 5:30
b) 6:30
c) 6:20

4. What is the man's most likely profession?
A Janitor
B Teacher
C Architect
D Gardener

5. Why can't Harry come to the phone?
A He is sick.
B He left for a short time.
C He asked not to be disturbed.
D He doesn't work there anymore.

6. What does the woman ask the man to repeat?
A His name
B His location
C His message
D His phone number

7. How did Harry go to the diner?
A On foot
B In a taxi
C In his car
D On a bike

8. When will the woman probably give Harry the message?
A After lunch
B In two hours
C On Saturday
D The next week

1. = "C";
2. = "A";
3. = "B";
4. = "C";
5. = "B";
6. = "D";
7. = "A";
8. = "A";