Audio Samples and Questions - Hello McDonalds

Audio Samples and Questions

Hello McDonalds

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


What is your favourite McDonald's meal? Can you say why? How many names of things in your local McDonald's restaurant can you remember?

2. Script

2. Script

James: I'm starving.

Cody: So am I. But we don't have much money.

James: We have enough for McDonald's.

Cody: That would be great. I could eat a Big Mac set.

James: Sounds good. Are we going, then?

Cody: Sure. I know what I'm going to have.

James: What's that?

Cody: A Fillet-o-Fish set. It's not quite so fatty
as a Big Mac.

James: Well if you want low-fat food you'd best go someplace else. High calories, low nutrition, that's McDonalds.

Cody: Yea, well they taste pretty good, don't they?

James: The unhealthy stuff usualy does. Hey, I think we'll have to go upstairs, there's no space here.

Cody: OK. There's plenty of room up here, and
it's no smoking in McDonald's.

James: You stay here, and I'll go order.

Cody: Take your time! I'm hungry but I'm tired as well.

James (returns): OK. Fish for you, Big Mac for me. That's what you wanted, right?

Cody: That's great. They do a lot of different things now, don't they? There are pasta salads, Mexican burgers, all sorts of things. I remember that in Japan you could buy teriyaki burgers and everything.

James: Yes, I expect there are variations in other countries, things like noodles and even curry perhaps. Anyway, I'm going to have an apple pie or McFlurry afterwards.

Cody: Well, if you do, I will too. That will keep us going for a while.

James: Yup, McDonald's sure helps when your short on time and money.

Cody: And it's a great place to meet your friends too. Hey, look over there! - It's Karen!


1) Why do James and Margi choose to go to McDonald's?
a) Because it is healthy.
b) Because they are not very hungry.
c) Because they are hungry and do not have much money.

2) Why do they sit upstairs?
a) Because there is plenty of space.
b) Because it is more exciting.
c) Because their friends are there.

3) Why do McDonald's offer so many different meals?
a) Because they are afraid they will lose customers.
b) Because they like to offer different prices.
c) Because they try to follow the local customs.

4) Why do James and Cody like going to McDonald's?
a) Because they think the seats are comfortable.
b) Because they are cheap, quick and taste good.
c) Because they are friends with the manager.

5) What does James order?
a) A Big Mac set.
b) A Fillet-o-Fish set.
c) A Chicken Sandwich set.

1. = "C";
2. = "A";
3. = "C";
4. = "B";
5. = "A";

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of the countries which you know most about. Can you invent McDonald's meals which would be special for those countries, for example, where would a McDonald's McCurry be popular?!