Audio Samples and Questions - Friends in Common

Audio Samples and Questions

Friends in Common

A: Hey, Tyler! Long time, no see.

B: Sylvia! I haven't seen you here at the gym for ages.

A: Yeah, I've just been too busy to work out.

B: How's school going?

A: Everything's okay except for an 8:00 math class I have.

B: That is early! Say, it isn't Math 204, is it?

A: Yes, it is. Why?

B: Oh, a friend of mine is in that class.

A: Really? What's his name?

B: Zack Peterson. Do you know him?

A: I think so. What color is his hair?

B: He's a carrot-top.

A: Yeah, that's him. He likes the morning math class as much as I do.


1. What are the speakers doing?
A Walking to school
B Working in an office
C Sitting in a classroom
D Exercising in a gymnasium

2. What is true about the speakers?
A They have been seeing other people.
B They have seen one another a lot recently.
C They both have had problems with their eyes.
D They haven't seen each other for a while.

3. The man says, "For ages." What does he mean?
A For adults only
B For a long period
C For not enough time
D For both young and old

4. What does the woman say about school?
A School has been terrible.
B Everything has been perfect.
C School has been great except for math class.
D Everything but her math class has been bad.

5. What color is Zack Peterson's hair?
A Red
B Gray
C Brown
D Yellow

1. = "D";
2. = "D";
3. = "B";
4. = "C";
5. = "A";