Audio Samples and Questions - Choosing a Topic

Audio Samples and Questions

Choosing a Topic

A: Excuse me, Dr Chandler, do you have a moment?

B: Of course, what can I do for you, Sienna?

A: I want to change the topic of my paper. You know I was writing about Apollo 11, but now I want to write about something else.

B: I'm surprised. On Monday, you were showing me all the pictures of the moon landing you'd found on the Internet.

A: Well, yesterday my friend introduced me to her uncle, who was an astronaut at NASA up until a year ago. I'd like to write about him if that's okay.

B: Yes, that sounds like it'll be a fascinating paper. Make sure you include some historical facts, though; this gentleman's job must have been very interesting, but don't forget the historical context or background.

A: I've got some books about the American space program.

B: That sounds like a good start. You could talk a little about the European and Russian space programs, too.

A: I'll do that. I'll see you next week, Dr. Chandler. Thank you!

B: Bye, Sienna. I look forward to reading your paper.


1.) What was the girl writing about?
a) a space mission
c) planets

2. Why does the woman want to see the man?
A She wants to type up a biography about her uncle.
B She would like to find an interesting job working at NASA.
C She would like to introduce him to a recently retired astronaut.
D She wants to write about a man who was in the U.S. space program.

3.) What does the professor want her to include?
a) the astronaut’s name
b) the astronaut’s background
c) historical facts and context

4. What does the man recommend that the woman do?
A Mention other space programs.
B Incorporate pictures into the paper.
C Keep working on the original subject.
D Search for information on the Internet.

5. Which is NOT mentioned in the conversation?
A The Russian space program
B The Chinese space program
C The European space program
D The American space program

6. In which class would you most likely hear this conversation?
A Paleobotany
B Astrophysics
C Physiopsychology
D Chronophotography

1. = "A";
2. = "D";
3. = "C";
4. = "A";
5. = "B";
6. = "B";