Audio Samples and Questions - Buildings and Landmarks

Audio Samples and Questions

Buildings and Landmarks

A: Excuse me, ma'am?

B: Yes, sir. How can I help you?

A: I'm a guest here; I'm in Room 514. I have some free time this afternoon, so I want to go see a park, a landmark, something. What would you suggest?

B: Uh . . . Wrigley Field on a sunny day like today is nice.

A: Wrigley Field . . . ? Don't the Cubs play baseball there?

B: That's right. In fact, they have a game there at 4:00. You want to see a building with history? I think Wrigley Field is THE Chicago landmark to see.

A: Great, how do I get there?

B: Go north one block and take the El.

A: The "El"?

B: Oh, that's short for "elevated train." Nothing gets you in or out of Wrigley faster.

A: Well, the game starts in one hour, so I'd better go now. Thanks for your help!

B: No problem; have a good time!


1. What is the woman's most likely occupation?
A Hotel clerk
B Park ranger
C Museum guide
D Baseball player

2. What is the weather like?
A It is clear.
B It is rainy.
C It is windy.
D It is overcast.

3. What does the man decide to visit?
A A gym
B A farm
C A stadium
D A museum

4. What is the "E1"?
A a train line
B an elevator
C a baseball team
D an historic building

5. What time does the man leave?
A 1:00
B 2:00
C 3:00
D 4:00

1. = "A";
2. = "A";
3. = "C";
4. = "A";
5. = "C";