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Audio Samples and Questions

Book World

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


Which kinds of books do you like to read? Choose from the following:

- novels, history books, travel books, religion, philosophy, crafts, cookery, poetry, biography, autobiography, gardening, do-it-yourself.

Are there others you like?

2. Script

2. Script

Jack: What's that you are reading?

Mieko: It's a novel but it's not very good.

Jack: I can't read on a train. I can't concentrate.

Mieko: I like to read a lot.

Jack: So do I, when I am not travelling.

Mieko: So what kind of books do you enjoy?

Jack: I like non-fiction best, books about travels or science.

Mieko: I like fiction, and non-fiction too. There is a good library where I live.

Jack: My library is small but they will order books for me. I am studying twentieth century history at the moment.

Mieko: I am studying to be a doctor. The books are very expensive.

Jack: Yes, even on the Internet books aren't cheap.

Mieko: No, but you have to buy them or you can't learn the work. What do you study?

Jack: History and philosophy. Not much good for a job but very interesting. But I like to read popular books about science, and especially about astronomy.

Mieko: Is that your hobby?

Jack: Yes, a bit. But my main hobby is climbing mountains.

Mieko: Is that why you like books about travel?

Jack: Yes, I like to know about strange places.

Mieko: I don't think I would want to climb mountains but I would like to read about them.

Jack: I like to read biographies too and autobiographies about people's lives.

Mieko: Does that help your history and philosophy?

Jack: Yes, it does. Reading about other people helps you to understand their mistakes. You can learn a lot from other people.

Mieko: I like to read the classic novels, Charles Dickens, Tolstoy, and more modern ones like John Steinbeck. They knew about life.

Jack: I agree. Perhaps I'll see you in the college library sometime. I'll probably be in the history section.

Mieko: And I'll probably be in the medical one. Here's our stop. See you soon!


1) Why does Jack not read on a train?
a) He likes to enjoy travelling.
b) He cannot concentrate.
c) He does not like reading.

2) What kind of books does Mieko like?
a) Non-fiction and fiction.
b) Medical books.
c) Novels.

3) Why does Mieko have to buy books?
a) Because she does not like the Internet.
b) Because she finds it hard to study.
c) Because she needs them to learn how to be a doctor.

4) What is Jack's main hobby?
a) Astronomy.
b) Travel.
c) Mountaineering.

5) Why is reading about people's lives useful?
a) It helps you to understand their mistakes.
b) They know about life.
c) You can learn about strange places.

1. = "B";
2. = "A";
3. = "C";
4. = "C";
5. = "A";

Post-Listening Exercise

Think about the last book you read or are reading. What is it about? Do you like it or not? Why are you reading it? Answer in short sentences.