Audio Samples and Questions - At The Seaside

Audio Samples and Questions

At The Seaside

1. Pre-Listening Exercise


Going to the seaside is still very popular in the United Kingdom. Think of something which is popular in your country, especially for children.

Complete the following sentences:

In my country we enjoy ___.
Children like to ___ and the adults take pleasure in ___.
It is a ___ day out for everyone.

2. Script

2. Script

Dad: This is a nice place here.

Mum: Yes, it's not too crowded. This is a lovely beach.

Dad: It's nicer when there's lots of sand and not pebbles.

Mum: Are the children safe?

Dad: Yes, there's someone looking after them at the pool. You can see them over there.

Mum: It's good that they have that little pool for children.

Dad: Later on we'll take them to the amusement park.

Mum: They are not going on the big wheel!

Dad: No, they're too small for that. But they can go on the merry-go-round.

Mum: I know, you just want to go on it yourself!

Dad: I love the merry-go-rounds, and the bumper cars are good too.

Mum: Me too. There's a great adventure playground for them as well.

Dad: And when they've had their time in the pool with the instructor I'll take them down to the sea and they can paddle.

Mum: Let's have our picnic first.

Dad: That's a good idea. They they can have burgers and fries for their dinner.

Mum: There is so much to do here!

Dad: Thank heavens it's a lovely day.

Mum: If it had rained we wouldn't have come.

Dad: No, we might have gone to the cinema. Now they'll go home so tired they'll fall asleep and we'll have a good night's rest.

Mum: I wouldn't be so sure!


1) Why are the children safe?
a) Because they are wearing inflatable armbands.
b) Because there is someone looking after them.
c) Because they are old enough to look after themselves.

2) Why can the children not go on the Big Wheel?
a) Because they are too small.
b) Because it looks poorly constructed.
c) Because dad wants to go on it.

3) What will the children have for dinner?
a) Pizza.
b) Chicken.
c) Burgers and fries.

4) When will the children paddle in the sea?
a) Before they have their picnic.
b) After their swimming lesson.
c) After they go on the bumper cars.

5) What might they have done if it had rained?
a) They might have stayed at home.
b) They might have gone to the cinema.
c) They might have had a good rest.

1. = "B";
2. = "A";
3. = "C";
4. = "B";
5. = "A";

Post-Listening Exercise

Make a list of all the things the children were able to do. Can you think of more things they might have done? Choose which you would like best if you were a child.