Audio Samples and Questions - A Home of One's Own

Audio Samples and Questions

A Home of One's Own

1. Pre-Listening Exercise

How would you find a room, flat or house to rent or buy?
Make sentences using one of the following verbs:

visit, read, look at, search

a) I would ___ the newspaper.
b) I would ___ an estate agent.
c) I would ___ the Internet.
d) I would ___ the cards in the news agent's window.

2. Script

Agent: I'm sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long?

Customer: No, I've only just arrived.

Agent: Oh, good. Now, here are the keys. Let's go in.
There are two apartments. The one for rent is upstairs.

Customer: Is there a garden?

Agent: Yes, you'll share the garden at the back.

Customer: That's fine.

Agent: Do come in.

Customer: Thank you. I like the carpet.

Agent: The colors are nice, aren't they? This apartment is in good condition. Here is your lounge.

Customer: Where would we eat?

Agent: There is this corner here or you can use your kitchen. Come and see.

Customer: The kitchen is quite small.

Agent: Yes, but it has everything, cooker, fridge, washing-machine, even a dishwasher.

Customer: And there are lots of cupboards.

Agent: Let me show you the bedrooms. This is the smaller one.

Customer: It's a good size though. Is all the furniture included?

Agent: Only what is fixed. You will have to provide tables, chairs and beds.

Customer: That's a lot.

Agent: You can buy things cheaply from second-hand shops or at auction.

Customer: What's an auction?

Agent: It's where the person who offers the highest price buys the article.

Customer: Is that a crack in the ceiling there?

Agent: Yes, I'm afraid it is but it can easily be repaired. I will see to that. Come into the other bedroom. You can see the bathroom too.

Customer: Yes, it is very nice but I will have to ask my friend first and we will come together. I understand it is eight hundred dollars a month.

Agent: Yes. But a few blocks downtown would be much more expensive.

Customer: Well, thank you. I will be in touch.


1) Is the customer happy about the garden?
a) No, she does not want to share.
b) Yes, she likes the flowers.
c) Yes, she is happy to share.

2) Why does the agent think the carpet is attractive?
a) It has nice colors.
b) It is in good condition.
c) It is easy to clean.

3) What does the customer notice first about the kitchen?
a) It is a good place to have meals.
b) It is quite small.
c) It has lots of furnishings.

4) What is included with the apartment?
a) All the furnishings and a shared garden.
b) Only the furnishings which are fixed and a shared garden.
c) The garden but no furnishings.

5) Is the apartment expensive?
a) No, it is cheaper than downtown.
b) Yes, because it has only a few furnishings.
c) The customer will have to compare prices in the district.

1. = "C";
2. = "A";
3. = "B";
4. = "B";
5. = "A";

Post-Listening Exercise

Make sentences for all the reasons you would like the apartment.
Then make sentences for all the reasons you would not like it. Decide whether you would take it or not.