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Our goal is to provide our visitors with text to read, as well as videos to watch, so we decided to ask to for help to add videos in your native language, that way, others will be able not only to see how a word is written but also to hear it, and that's the best way to learn a new language, if you're interested in volunteering, below you will find simple instructions, it will not take you more than 5 min of your time, the video itself is only 2.49 min and contains 33 common phrases and expressions.

How to Volunteer

To volunteer is very easy, only 4 simple steps:

  1. Click on the Sample Video Below and watch it one time.
  2. Open a Voice Recording System that you have on your PC.
  3. Start saying the translation of the words on the video while the video is playing.
  4. E-mail us the audio to this e-mail: admin@linguanaut.com with a subject "Audio Submission"
After receiving your audio we will then process it and merge it with the video below, and then list it on our "Videos" page.

We will explain now the steps above in more details to make it easy to submit your audio, in case you're not familiar with the process.
First play the video below to have an idea what words you will need to say in your language later when you start recording

Once you fully played the video, open a Voice Recording System, if you don't have one, you can download "Audacity", which is a good program, you can also use "Sound Recorder" which already exists in almost every PC, but only allow 1 min of recording at a time, so you will have to press "Stop" and press "Play" when the one min is almost over, to avoid the one min limit, to open the "Sound Recorder" go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Entertainment and choose Sound Recorder. or you can use any other voice recording program.

After you have the voice recording program and microphone ready, Press "Play" on the sample video below, and press "Play" to record your voice. Once you see a word in English, try to say it in your own language, preferably twice, for example: Hi! a person would say "Hola! pause a seceond and then say Hola! again. Once the video is over, stop recording, and save the file you recorded as "language_audio" for example "chinese_audio". and e-mail it to us to this e-mail address: admin@linguanaut.com, you can also send your name so that we can put it at the end as a credit to you. You will see the video listed within 24 hours on our website.

If you have questions you can e-mail us here:

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