Typing Test

In this page you will take a free Typing Test to determine your speed, if you type 55 wpm (words per minute) or faster, then you're above average. If you type less than 55 wpm then you're not fast (yet). After you take the test and know your score go back to this page to Learn to Type faster with some very useful tips.
The Average Typing Speed

  • Slow Typing: 30 wpm and lower.
  • Moderate Typing: 31 to 54 wpm.
  • Fast Typing: 55 and up.
Note that some position may require higher speeds such as with dispatchers (80 to 95 wpm).

Typing Test

(Thanks to State University Civil Service System)


Typing Test (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why can't I correct a word after I have advanced beyond it? A: The purpose of the typing test is to not only test speed, but to test accuracy as well. The program behind the exam has been built to afford immediate real-time grading, so once a word is typed, it measures the speed and grades the word immediately after the applicant advances beyond it. The program is not built to re-measure speed and allow for a re-grading of words, as would be required if you were allowed to go back.

Q: Why do I have to type the blue-underlined word? Why can't the entire line be underlined, or not underline anything at all. A: Even though the typing program can be customized to some degree, this is one feature that cannot be changed. As mentioned above, the program behind the exam has been built to afford real-time grading, which means that it measures the speed and grades the word immediately after the applicant advances beyond it. The blue-underlined word indicates one of the units of measurement utilized in calculating the speed as you progress through the exam.

About Typing Tests

In one study of average computer users, the average rate for transcription was 33 words per minute, and only 19 words per minute for composition. In the same study, when the group was divided into "fast", "moderate" and "slow" groups, the average speeds were 40 wpm, 35 wpm, and 23 wpm respectively. An average professional typist reaches 50 to 70 wpm, while some positions can require 80 to 95 (usually the minimum required for dispatch positions and other typing jobs), and some advanced typists work at speeds above 120.
Two-finger typists, sometimes also referred to as "hunt and peck" typists, commonly reach sustained speeds of about 37 wpm for memorized text, and 27 wpm when copying text but in bursts may be able to reach up to 60 to 70 wpm.
A less common form of finding the speed of a typist, the initialism CPM is used to identify the number of characters typed per minute. This is a common measurement for typing programs, or typing tutors, as it can give a more accurate measure of a person's typing speed without having to type for a prolonged period of time. Also used occasionally for associating the speed of a reader with the amount they have read.


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