Encrypt Emails and Messages

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How to encrypt an e-mail or a message:
1- Write or paste your message in the text area below.
2- Choose a number (up to 6 digits) that you and the receiver know, then put it in the Password area.
3- Press "Encrypt (Scramble) Message" and you will have a completely different message.

Try to protect and remember the Password, because without it you won’t be able to decipher the original message and it will be lost forever.

You can use this to send messages you don’t want someone else to see, or write your private diaries with a total privacy without friends and family peaking at it. This is a cool tool for beginner cryptographers as well.



How to decipher an e-mail or a message you already encrypted:
1- Paste the encrypted (scrambled) message in the text box above.
2- Put the correct password, that your friend gave you, or the one you choose before.
3- Press "Decipher (Solver) Message" and you will have the original message. Voila!

Some information about cryptography:
Cryptography is the science of secret writing or simply the conversion of data into a secret code for transmission over a public network. The original text, or "plaintext," is converted into a coded equivalent called "ciphertext" via an encryption algorithm. The ciphertext is decoded (decrypted) at the receiving end and turned back into plaintext.

The encryption algorithm uses a "Password" which is a binary number that is typically from 40 to 256 bits in length. The greater the number of bits in the key (cipher strength), the more possible key combinations and the longer it would take to break the code. The data are encrypted, or "locked," by combining the bits in the key mathematically with the data bits. At the receiving end, the key is used to "unlock" the code and restore the original data.

Definition of Cryptology

The study of cryptanalysis or cryptography, or simply the science of developing secret codes and/or the use of those codes in encryption systems.
Encode: The term is sometimes erroneously used for "encrypt." However, encoded data are not secretly scrambled and can be decoded more easily than encrypted data.
Decode: to convert coded data back into its original form. Contrast with encode. Again a decrypted message is harder to encrypt than encoding a decoded message.

I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that it helped you have some fun with encrypting emails and messages. Make sure to check out our Learning Games for more fun resources.